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  1. that's great and all but why can't i cut vor in half with a water gun?
  2. ayyyyyyyyyyyy soma buff. literally only reason i bought a soma riven last time.
  3. ooooooo next prime reveal is probably soon then
  4. i have a friend who just started playing. he needs nitain. this is a welcome change. it doesn't need to be viable for endgame content, all it needs to do is allow us to continue to get alert only resources. thanks DE.
  5. i love you guys. you see a problem and you make it your absolute job to fix it, no matter how tedious. most devs from other studios would just say "nah requires too much work" of "nah this isn't impossible". keep it up!
  6. is wall running coming next week? that and melee 3.0 are the two things i've been most hyped for
  7. rip the coolest item in the game. you will be missed until next year. if only i could permanently have it cough cough like DE does with christmas cough cough cough
  8. please remove the timer on them. these missions shouldn't be locked behind a one use system with a 1 hour timer. what if i failed and wanted to try again? nope i have to wait for that.
  9. im very happy that the soma is finally getting proper riven treatment. ive been wanting this for a while. the lato, being my favorite secondary, im kinda disappointed with. as its not really broken. but i guess as long as i can still do decent enough damage ill be fine. just dont nerf that too much please.
  10. i love this change. is it possible to make going into spoiler mode the same?
  11. The Unum's Eye description: This mask represents the always watching Unum, guiding and protecting us. And with animal scales for that Nakak touch! inspirations: my own deep thought and contemplation... gl everyone!
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