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  1. https://twitter.com/acesofathens/status/1385837732858142723?s=19 Just logged into Warframe (first time playing since the newest update) and I immediately experienced this bug. It's somewhat difficult to see at first, but at the end it's clearly obvious. As a non-epileptic person, this started making my eyes ache pretty mildly. Now I don't know if it CAN be seizure inducing as I don't know much about the condition, but it very well COULD be. I thought that I should immediately bring it to your attention either way. (And sorry for the bad quality, it's directly from a PS4 sha
  2. I suggested Taxon more because I know Helios has that Simaris skin. It's more of a premium skin because of those holo projections and symbols. And while I love Oxylus, Taxon again just feels better with it IMO.
  3. Yeah they are. It's confirmed on the Wiki page. They're the Corpus counterpart to the Carabus drones, deployed from Articifers.
  4. S#&$ yeah, you're right. I wasn't thinking of that. I'd personally prefer it to stay as an ability and not as a passive because it'd work way better.
  5. (By Deluxe skin I mean the skins for Sentinels that completely change the shape and look, for example Para Carrier, Sprite Shade, Gazal Djin, etc.) For those of you that don't know, the Carabus is a Grineer Sentinel-like enemy that can be deployed by some enemies. What's awesome is that we can have our very own Carabus in a way through Dethcube's "deluxe" skin, which makes it look like a Carabus. Well the Corpus have their version as well called the Nemes: [https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/9/95/Nemes.png/revision/latest?cb=20160128232812](https://static.wikia.nocoo
  6. I agree with it making Mesa too powerful if implemented. However your Passive idea would just be annoying and tedious to use. I'd suggest that Mesa's passive stores the amount of damage dealt from both your Primary and Secondary up until a cap, which when filled will apply that damage to whatever your next shot is.
  7. We basically already have Corpus K-Drives, and we have an Infested K-Drive. But what about Grineer or Tenno K-Drives? Also, it would be cool if the Infested K-Drive's Jets had a custom exhaust or something, like maybe Toxic clouds, similar to the Mutalist Quanta's ability. Right now it feels weird having the typical jet beams coming out of an Infested K-Drive. As for the Grineer K-Drive it's easy: smoky exhaust. And maybe, just maybe... give each Jet a custom exhaust. Like for example one can output energy disks, similar to the Nukor's "projectiles". Just an idea.
  8. Now that's a great idea. And give the shot infinite Punch Through as well, like the Fluctus. Or if it's that much of an issue (it shouldn't be) just make it body Punch Through (like with the Ignis). But I don't think a single projectile having infinite Punch Through is a problem as they're fine with the Fluctus having it, and it's projectiles are MASSIVE compared to a single, small bullet.
  9. This ability is actually pretty great with numbers and performance, but it has a MAJOR flaw that ruins it: the casting animation. I suggest making it have no casting animation at all, and let us activate it while aiming. These 2 simple changes would drastically improve this ability, and it would make players use it as a regular part of Mesa's kit, as it should be.
  10. In the Arsenal there are a variety of sorting methods, being Name, Rank, Forma Count, Usage, and Focus Lens. But there isn't a custom method, which would be an extreme quality of life improvement. For example, I have kind of a "holy trinity" of Secondary weapons being my Pandero, Lex Prime, and my Pathblaster (Tombfinger Kitgun, Fall Of Cybertron reference). However because of how messed up the "percent used" mechanic in this game is, there's no way I can have them as my top 3 options. But if we could customize our Arsenal then everyone could put their favorite frames at the top, alo
  11. On both Predasites and Vulpaphylas the Regalia is messed up (Emblems and Sekharas). On Predasites equipping an Emblem or Sekhara on one shoulder will result in that same Emblem or Sekhara being put on the other shoulder albiet in a different position. On Vulpaphylas one on the shoulder it'll also have a second one deeper and further back into the shoulder. It's normally hidden, but during some animations (like stretching) you can see it pretty clearly. I'd recommend using the Invati Sekhara, Ki'Teer Sekhara, or the Vitus Emblem to see what I mean. I'm just guessing that it may b
  12. I've been grinding Conclave for the cosmetics. It's actually fun when you get a full lobby.
  13. Yeah those aren't bad ideas. I like the Corrosive one a lot. You know the little effect that Viral leaves behind on bullet impacts and melee attacks? Maybe that could be used.
  14. That's what I was thinking. I'm not entirely sure what some of the other elements could have as Ephemeras, but they could probably come up with something. Gas could obviously just be a toxic cloud, which yeah it's simple but it would be great to have.
  15. I personally have always been okay with Archwing until Railjack came out. Now I kinda love Archwing. It's super fun to me and I can't wait for more Archwing stuff in the future.
  16. Yeah I think that it would be a great idea. You'd feel like a mobile artillery platform, which is what the Elytron is supposed to be from what I can tell.
  17. Have any of you seen the amazing particle effect that happens when you use your Omni to teleport back to the Railjack? I had it glitch one time where it never went away, and I was running around the entire mission with this absolutely godlike visual effect. That's when I thought "What if this is an Ephemera?". It'd be easy to implement as the effect is already in the game, so just make it an Ephemera. My second idea is a Blast Ephemera. This one would add mini-explosions (and maybe some smoke from the explosions too) that would look like the Elytron's Thumper ability, except it's around y
  18. I was thinking that the 1 could act like Ash's Bladestorm where you tap to target up to _ enemies, and you hold to launch a missle at each of them. The missiles would be high damage with a very high velocity, and they'd be heat seeking missles that could easily turn and change directions quickly. The offset would be that the radius of the explosion would be insanely low (like less than 10m). This way they'd be more for single target damage. As for the 3 and 4, just make their range far larger. That's it. These changes would further cement it's place as the offensive role Archwin
  19. It's all RNG. That's what the Smeeta Kavat is meant for. You can calculate averages all you want but it won't give a realistic representation of what buffs you'll get and how often you'll get them. It's impossible to really put on paper when it's literally meant to be randomized.
  20. I don't think it needs to be buffed at all. It's meant to provide damage resistance in longer endurance missions, and it isnt mandatory. That's how it should remain IMO. It's in a perfect spot.
  21. Hey we shouldn't be suprised. Ivara's skirt was ruined when Fortuna came out and stayed that way on PS4 until a couple of months ago. It took multiple years for them to fix it.
  22. Awesome line up! I've been planning on buying all of the resource decorations for a while, and I need a pet toy. And more Articula are always nice. I love the Corpus ones.
  23. I agree. It would be an extremely easy change that would make EVERYONE happy. The thing about Blast is that it wasn't ever annoying as you'd have to put it on a weapon yourself. Very few weapons have innate Blast, and those that do are mostly AOE weapons that don't always need headshots. However it had so many uses and opened up a ton of build possibilities. Impact however is on almost everything. And it makes sense in terms of proc for them to lose accuracy. You'd totally lose accuracy if you're knocked back by something.
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