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  1. Noticed this after the new Lavos hotfix on 22.12.2020, but when I spawn a necramech in a mission, sometimes it just appears for less than half a second and dissapears triggering the 10 sec spawn cooldown, and its really annoying. I cannot provide screenshots since the thing spawns for less than half a second and i cannot capture it in-action. Please fix this, thank you.
  2. After the new Necramech customisation patch (Lavos patch) I noticed the helmet of my old Voidrig Necramech is not showing up like how it used to before this patch, when we got it on the Halloween Daughter event shop. Its probably a bug so Ill just report it here. Please fix this, thank you.
  3. Like the title says, i just noticed this now myself, but railjack mission have a weird collision bug where u keep hitting invisible walls and half the map is unplayable, cant pickup anything. Thankfully you can still kill things and use abilities but movement is just hitting invisible walls, didnt test Earth and Saturn Proxima, but Veil Proxima has this collision issue. Please fix this, thank you
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