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  1. yep started in 2017. an i do, problem is you are suffering from HIAS and DEWKS. this game has stuff constantly added but never finished nor polished. an during the time i have been playing Prime frames went from being a thing you could farm with ease to a real chore due to how they have dropped the drop rates and moved the rotations. DE is lazy and starting to be greedy, anyone who likes to say other wise is either lying to themselves unknowingly OR adamant that DE can do no wrong and would drink what ever poison kool aid they tell them to. i understand the need to make money, but if you are making money off your player base you should be delivering a product to the best of your abilities AND finishes a project, Polish would be appreciated. these are things DE doesn't do. Warframes a fun game, but its a POS that has been fall ass backwards into success since i started playing.
  2. a SWTOR style market place would be largely beneficial for the majority of players, yet somewhat inconvenient for you. so its bad. but when people who do endurance runs ask for scaling rewards, thats bad. because they arent with the majority. here is the issue with this community, the people on the market are largely overly greedy, asking for stupid amounts for plat. personally i think the market and the greedy twats could stand to lose some market space. and if DE was to stick to macking a good game, they would finish a #*!%ing project for once. an not half ass it and then abandon it shortly after release
  3. so you blame Bioware for something EA and their marketing team done. and a project leader who done nothing but cause issues... thats the Biowares Devs fault.. and you are mistaking a Yr to announce with A Yr to decide on. Bioware done exactly the smartest thing they could, sit down shut up and work. little talk as to not hype people up and put themselves in the position that they were put in to start with. they might not be the ME2 team that was once Bioware. but they are far from bad devs. you might want to look into all the issues Bioware had from back at MEA thru to Anthem. DE's idea of content is grab existing things. ad 1 or 2 newish things (normally a boss or somthing) and call it new. Rail Jack was new to an extent. but largely everything else Warframe has dropped has been the same thing in new wrapping paper. and often Unfinished and buggy. SWTOR has a system that WF should have, the trade market. its a system thats far better than warframes. DE might have some grounds to stand on with MTX. but you are blind if you haven't noticed how they have been slowly pushing people to buy more an more Prime access's over Farming. which i think is rather Wrong. a while back, Mesa Prime was the last i remember having a Bounty drop rate of 33%, most of the relics somewhere had a 33% drop chance in a mission on A or B rotation and bounties. the last Lot of primes have been on B or C rotations with a 14.5% or lower drop chance and No bounty missions either. this is a pure money making thing, pressuring players to buy Primes over farming. remember the Mod chance booster...i dont believe for a moment that they werent going to put that on the market as something to buy, it seemed more like a saving face thing when they talked about it. DE isn't the DE people once knew, they sold most of their company to china. so expect more rushed content and money making pushes.
  4. about 6months. How long has it taken DE to finish fortuna ? or conclave. or ESO. or Lunaro. Scaling rewards. armour scaling... etc. we could say how long has it taken DE to finish a project that they have released in the past 3 Yrs. so far Biowares doing a better Job. Anthems not a perfect game, its no longer a hot mess like it was at launch. they have heads down mouths shut fixing the game, which has been the best approach. DE on the other hands, talked up alot of stuff. released things to mediocre acclaim. not to mention buggy an broken stats. both company's should be held to the same standard. Bioware gets shade thrown at them for any tiny mistake. DE can drop a turd and people are highly Tolerant of it, If Bioware wasn't attached to EA they might have a few shreds of leniency but still nothing like DE gets. so really 6 months for an overhaul conclusion against DEs relentless pursuit to never finish or polish a product an stick to their ways of throwing spaghetti at the wall.... yeah im siding with Bioware on this one. DE already has enough people championing them for ....like i said, falling ass backwards into success
  5. other companies might drop the ball. but in the case of Anthem and Destiny Both the devs for them have gone back an fixed things, worked hard to finish an polish a product, DE doesn't do this. they might be nice people and have a good rapport with the community, but as Devs, they are mediocre and lazy. the do alot of Half assing. thing is they could be better, but they dont bother. the only thing they have shown consistent attentive care to has been excal. everything else nope. as people they are nice, as devs doing their jobs, they half ass the living S#&$ out of that. its all flash no substance
  6. what about the many many things DE does wrong ?? an yet they get away with it because people have this illusion they are "great devs" just because they are nice on stream ... Warframe is a game that by all accounts has fallen ass backwards into success
  7. so here is the thing, The relays are server based. no one in particular hosts these. that is on a server. SOOOO why are we not aloud to have something like SWTORs Trading posts at hubs\relays ?? simple, because DE wants to Rack up those "players online\player hrs" for steam. more time you have to wait around for a trade the better DE looks to its investors. and Warframe is objectively worse then many games in many ways. for starters its the only game i have come across where XP is constantly in a state of Decay, lvl 1 (57) butcher needs a level 81(114) to double the XP from lvl 1 butcher. and a lvl 630(228xp) to double the XP of a level 81 ... so basically DE doesn't know how XP works. Stealth mechanics are non existent. a unaware enemy doesn't give stealth bonus is shot with a silenced gun. but using melee to prompt kill does... or sleeping them does. sorry but if i one shot bob the butcher thru the Goramn head HE AINT GOING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED DE!.. so basically DE doesn't know how stealth works. DE constantly puts knock downs\ups\staggers on every unit they possibly can and call it a Mechanic and Difficulty. making every unit do the same thing over an over is Lazy as hell. so basically DE doesn't know how to do mechanics OR difficulty. Warframe defensive stats vs Enemy Defensive stats we flat out are perma stuck at a predetermined amount of HP that for many frames is useless past lvl50. others lvl 100. yet the enemy HP scales wildly out of control because they set a Percentage scaling system. basically DE doesn't want to put in the work. DE is Lazy. Warframe has 13 damage types in normal missions. yet only 5 are really good. they rest just arent really worth it. no damage type scales. very few are worth building for. most of them suffer massively from resistances. because DE doesn't know how to do Damage models OR Defence stats. Warframe has most of its projects abandoned shortly after release. most things are never finished, they are just patched into a barely functional state, never finished, never polished. basically DE IS BLOODY LAZY! then to the OP. trading. Warframes hubs were suppose to be the Relays where all players could meet up and launch missions from, buy from vendors etc. DE abandoned this idea because DE is too bloody lazy, to cheap, to greedy with our time and DE will always take the shortest or easiest route to "complete" something. there is this Myth that DE is some small indie company ran by Angels who only ever do the right thing. problem is they are a decent size company with a good amount of money and a good amount of talent. Yet they have Eyes bigger than their stomachs. they do grand plans an poor execution. nothing they have released in Yrs has been a overwhelmingly amazing content Drop. its all been super mediocre and thats all DE wants to do, Mediocre for as much of our time and money as they possibly can. just last Yr Anthem went from a wreck to a functioning game with a team dedicated to making it better and fixing an polishing things in that game.... Warframe released and rushed some content. none of it amazing. most of it was rehashing content with a small twist. yet the only thing that was sort of finished was Night wave (but seriously how long is this intermission OR did they forget to put on the next reel ??). Railjack was new to an extent. but it wasn't this amazing thing we were lead to believe. in 1 yr DE dropped some content and broke things. made Melee mostly good, but nerfed glaives into the dirt. (melee 2.9999 was the best thing they done, then liches were decent). same time span, anthem broken game BSODing PCs killing Playstations and being all round unplayable to a very playable game, good mechanics, fixed dmg and scaling models. some content drops, all while they are also rebuilding alot of the game from ground up. Anthem in 1yr done more then warframe. and its done it job better (not saying the games better. saying the finished product was in a better state). i dont know much about fallout 76, but i have heard some thing an they are fixing it an its getting some QOL stuff. DE believes that content is all that matters. an fixing S#&$s a waste of time. so they keep throwing spaghetti at the wall. DE is a lazy company, they never finish what they start. its gone from passion project and community focused to pleasing the chinese overlords with our time an money for minimal efforts for maximum profits... OR what Activision does. just on a smaller scale.
  8. so Revs Reave not working on space grineer and normal Nox's still not fixed. Ferrox healing ancient healers or being unable to target nullies (when bubble is up) and friends still not fixed (also the complete BS that is its altfire still not having 50% status. 4% cc and the fact using its altfire runs counter to a normal build for it. also buffs from warframes not wroking). catchmoon not working with mirage buff.. still not fixed.. Glaives still dealing self damage on reactivation Still exists when you said you removed it. 1. fix revs reave. 2. rework Altfire ferrox so 1: its not healing enemies! WTF how do you Screw up this badly!. 2: so that altfire can use multishot mods and give it CC so it can use the same build. Synergy not dysergy. 3:increase attack rate from that crap 1 attack every 2 seconds to 1 attack every 1.5 seconds. 15-25% CC and leave the status at 33% then. buff base dmg up to 250. (if my 860%+ chroma buff can only get 7k dmg on a weapon. you screwed up its design!). 4: fix it so other frames can buff it. 3. again... more oversights you seem to never fix... Allow mirage to buff the damn catchmoon. 4. Buff all glavies base Dmg. remove charge shot when dual welding, make that a heavy attack. fix tracking on glaives to match the Phahd Or Wolf Sledge. fix issue where glaives cant go thru open doors!, remove self damage from glaives (who in the ever living hell thought putting C4 on a melee weapon was a good idea... sack that moron..) Melee weapons shouldn't be dealing self dmg. remove self dmg on Wolf sledge as well! an let it use glaive mods!. due to Condition overload nerf all glaives are weak now. they need a crit buff an dmg buff to be viable. otherwise you are better off taking a Dual\ak pistol setup with a wolfsledge and switch between them because its faster and stronger then using a single pistol and a weapon you have to charge up to deal piss all dmg. My falcor use to 1 shot lvl 100 units. it now takes 10 Heavy attacks. (so i dont even get to use the pistol with it if i want some dmg). yet the Big wolf sledge of YEET can either kill them out right OR banish them to the shadow realm. Fix the Glaives! remove charge shot. all throws should be heavy attacks. (the thing is if you throw it, you are down a weapon that can take its time returning to you. an its not always dealing dmg. and atm its more punishing to take a glaive due to its out dated mechanics and condition overload nerf that kept them viable.) ... and again.. i can not stress this enough.. REMOVE THE DAMN SELF DAMAGE.
  9. ok where do i even start. ok well Self damage on Glaives still exists. this was suppose to be removed back in 26.0 and yet it still persists to deal self damage. (also wolf sledge deals self damage as well). the Ferrox still only has 33% status on Alt Fire NOT the 50% that was stated back in 25.0. Revnant Still can not use Reave on Nox or any of the space grineer. Right so here is my Rant. Glaives are not only still exploding and killing people. but they are also massively underpowered now. condition overload kept them alive back in the day. but now its more than useless when dual welding Heavy attack mods do nothing and the glaive itself is weak when thrown. SO you have to charge an attach when dual welding to throw a weak Frisbee at people. more over the target tracking isn't what it was before the melee rework. most the time you cant throw them thru a door way now because it acts like it collides with them. Fix recommendation when dual wielding with the glaive allow for Heavy attacks. because as it stands its better to have a dual pistol setup and a wolf sledge, the switching between pistol to sledge and throwing sledge (which has the best target tracking of all thrown weapons as well!) is not only far stronger but faster as well. give the Glaives damage as well. both normal attack and thrown on the glaives is underwhelming in the light of the update. seeing all new melee is about crit and there is only 1 good crit glaive. id suggest a revisit and buff them accordingly. an again.. can not stress this enough. remove the charge throw from dual wielding and just make it a heavy attack. once we throw the glaive, we are down a weapon for any length of time because..... reasons i will explain shortly. Glaive tracking. somehow this went from being good on the falcor to ... well some days it will blow me up, hook wildly left and hit nothing OR when im aiming it at bob the butcher... it will veer to the right and hit larry the lancer... who is just going to laugh because ^^^ crap dmg an no Condition overload. an the falcors the best for target tracking. meanwhile the glaive prime just flys out there.. hits someone once, goes for a lunch break.. an then comes back half an hr later (told you id explain why. an this is the only reason i can think of as to why it takes so long to come back some times... an then blow up an kill me). the Tracking on all glaives should fall between the Phahd scaffold shot and the wolf sledge. and they also they should be able to be throw thru an open door!, if i can throw a chair thru a normal bedroom door, a glaive can fly thru a door big enough for a car to pass thru!. now the Ferrox. ok this one still triggers me. if you say "increase to 50% status" in a patch, i better be getting 50% NOT 33%. 33% isnt an increase.. thats a did not change!. ALSO how the bloody hell did you botch this weapon so badly. a weapon that Heals ancient healers and can not attack people inside a nully bubble is bad design OR just complete lack of Quality Control at the patch office. who tested this and went "yep, dis here patch will fix all its problems". the simple fact only chroma an rhino can buff this is a joke. mirages an any other dmg buff has no affect on it at all. harrow an wisp can increase the speed thou here is how you fix the ferrox. forget the 50% status. buff the god damn Crit chance to 24-33% on the Alt fire. make Multishot just work as a Damage multiplier, because its a dead mod on altfire. increase the Firing rate to 1 tick ever 1.4 seconds not this 1 ever 2 seconds. increase base dmg on altfire to 200 (OR if you dont fix multishot, 550!). why do i say do this, well let me regale you with a story. "once upon a time a chroma with 869% weapon bonus dmg was only able to deal 2668 Corrosive damage to a level 50 heavy gunner with the Alt throw on a ferrow, in order for the chroma to use the Ferroxs Altfire mod he had to build it in a rather useless manner. the mods he used were 4 60/60 mods (corrosive an blast) so he could get the 100% status, heavy cal and serration as well, then vile acceleration and Speed trigger, just so it would deal damage. but when the chroma tried to use it as a normal weapon he found he couldn't hit anything because heavy cal with -45% accuracy somehow reduced the accuracy from 16.7 to 5.7 (because warframe math!), this meant that the chroma would often shoot his own foot and not the heavy gunner 3m away. not having a crit build on the ferrox hurt the chromas mission, not being able to shoot anyone infront of him was annoying the chroma, an the chroma is not the hulk, he does not get stronger when he is angry. the most upsetting thing was when the chroma did hit his target and only dealing 3500 crit damage to his target. the chroma finally made it to the end of the mission an wondered what he had done to upset the devs so much" (yes this is a true story!) make both functions use the same build NOT 2 separate builds (you talk about synergy an yet .. this exists! an embodiment of dysergy) . fix the accuracy issue with heavy cal, make it deal damage to ancient healers. make it target nullies, i want it to kill them, their friend their families and their kubrow, i want it to target an kill them all! fix this weapon that you somehow broke!. and finally Revanats reave. why can he not reave space grineer and Nox IDK!. fix this. its annoying. its clearly a bug or oversight. dont know dont care. as the only rev main apparently in existence, this clearly only affects me. but hey if you could kindly put your pencils down and stop drawing excals 600th skin... or giving him another buff or what ever (seriously stop it, pay some attention to one of the other 40+ other frames for 5 seconds) and fix this bug, its not fun to have some units completely immune to abilities for nor reason other then "all of the spaghetti code belong to us" also Rev could use some skins and Helms. if you ever stopped to think "why do people not play our other frames but people play excal all the time" might have to do with you paying all the attention to excal an not enough to the rest. people wont use what you dont care about, no skins, no love, no players. that simple. (for those who somehow find this offensive or rude. please feel free to email me at icoldknot@careless.com)
  10. it was always intended to be released into the game. so those who are complaining about it losing its value...sucked in! thats what you get for being a greedy wankpheasants
  11. hey DE... here is a bloody Grand idea. when we are doing Lich missions and say we are doing a defence mission.. on earth.. against level 120s.. how about you SCALE THE DEFENCE BLOODY POINTS HP! And Fix my god damn ferrox! i bug reported this and its steal healing ancient healers, can not be buffed and can not target nullifiers when they stand on top of it.
  12. @[DE]Rebecca give the Eximus units the same treatment as thralls. when they are "killed" they go into a downed state. parazon them in the head and they have a say 5-10% chance to drop a Relic (a random lith, meso, neo or axi). makes them a bit more special rather then a somewhat tankier unit. something small an simple yet rewarding.
  13. give the Eximus units the same treatment as thralls. when they are "killed" they go into a downed state. parazon them in the head and they have a say 5-10% chance to drop a Relic (a random lith, meso, neo or axi). makes them a bit more special rather then a somewhat tankier unit. something small an simple yet rewarding.
  14. have you fixed the Speed on the railjacks yet because Engine speed isn't what you are really getting. say 300m/s engine isn't moving you 300meters a second... it was moving you at 75m a second. so engines were crap. OR stat were wrong, either way, needs a fix. futher more, liches still back breaking 1 shot BUT now you get to be a ragdolled corpse that cant move but shoot! so thats ... thats #*!%ing S#&$. also WHY does switch teleport knock us down... its a switch teleport. STOP TACKING KNOCKDOWNS TO EVERYTHING!
  15. look they have a mod called "fracturing wind" .... what do you think that means
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