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  1. well technically i own a business. just haven't done anything about it since im actually working and working on getting equipment ... so your half right. i dont do paperwork stuff thats what people who do business courses are for. i build and design S#&$. and honestly Changing the Procs to things that would actually work and also incorporate existing mods in game Into builds so they have a use, also NOT going to affect their income. nothing here was\is or would be considered a Nerf. current puncture proc does #*!% all. heat proc.. more CC then anything else. an so on an so forth. IF a status Proc required some mechanics it wouldn't hurt the game. it wouldn't affect the income of the game at all. this wouldn't affect platinum purchase or anything. you may know business stuff. thats great. i am pretty capable in this game (bout the only thing i dont do is tridolons because i dont have people to do it with.).but the Damage system needs a tune up. it needs work. Viral corrosive and slash all great status Procs. impact, puncture, magnetic, electric, heat, cold. all crap. might be good sub lvl20. but thats it. they Procs need to change. make some procs have mechanics so you can get more dmg (if u have even a slight amount of skill) Or combo things. Mechanics are not a bad thing, this game just lacks them. and it wouldn't affect those who like to run an gun either. about the only thing it do is make IPS mods more appealing to some people and they might want to buy them if they dont have them. Or source rivens with an IPS damage. so at the least it make some money. currently only really decent rivens that most people are chacing are: Status, CC, CD, DMG and MS. with Neg zoom typically. wouldn't it be nice to have things changed up. and use more of the dmg types we have. more of the options we have. rather then things falling into a Cookie cutter build format ? more choice. more options. of builds and gameplay is ONLY a good thing.
  2. Mass Effect... Vanguard! im Biocharging across the map constantly. (also when it comes to ME3, i have play enough to know what im talking about, you have characters like ash in it. N7 character in Multiplayer) yes mobility is a issue. but again.. ME3 vanguard. didn't stop banshees from punching Holes thru my gut!. or catching a missile to the face. Also when do we have cover... Endurance runners, Defence missions, excavations. some sabotage missions. arbitration defence!, things like that. there are enough instants where we will sit for a bit. the thing is, enemies even when alerted run till they are close most the time before shooting, rather then shooting at you when ur in the same room when in an alerted stat. half them are blind, i have ran thru maps and half the people u run past don't see you unless ur walking. the AI needs alot of work, its trash. which only makes our damage stronger. if they werent such lemmins and more like ME3 it would be different. you can have small simple things to make it more challenging. like Shielders being immune to projectile\melee like like Abilities Like Guardians. but having something like Mags Pull disarm them of their shield (works like that in ME3. Also they dont drop their guard, but walk and shoot a Hard hitting weapons. slow but strong. seriously check out what some of the ME3 units are like. they are seriously sooo much better. yeah different game but point stands. WF AI trash in comparison. also lancers constantly take cover on the side of things im on... look the other way... and just do nothing about me for like 10 seconds before they realise" ... oh S#&$ thats a warframe next to me... what were my orders again... buy a toy duck... shoot a game of pool... NO shoot clay pigeons... it had something to do with shooting.. OH THATS RIGHT IM A GRINEER SOLDIER!!! I SHOOT TENNO SCOOM! ah #*!% he killed me!" im not saying ME3 is perfect. but its a whole hell of alot better with AI then warframe... also Those turrents they have in ME3.. will track my ass thru biocharge and put so much led in my ass that tweaked my stomach acid and put an electrode in each ass check im sure i could become a battery!
  3. so your the one who spends money, considers themselves the majority and then objects to change.... sounds like a medieval christian calling heresy at the scientists. BOO CHANGE AN IDEAS HERESY!!! the changes i suggested work across the board. you could still run an gun as u currently do or you could take advantage of the mechanics. this also has #*!%ing nothing at all to do with the money spent on the god damn game. believe it or not, but bullet are #*!%ing free in this game. so are mods. you can choose to by some mods if you will thou. also i wouldn't call min\maxers the elites. because after that, you have those who also dont care about the effective costs of mods and can and will simple Max everything to make things as strong as possible. min\maxers are how much endo, forma and time do i have to spend before diminishing returns kicks in. there are far more then 3 types of people in this game. but there is largely 3 types of people who debate stuff in this game. the stubborn ones who consider themselves the majority, make comments such as yours, believe that they are the ones that are right, shout about it. say others are going to get things nerfed and largely will reject ideas of change made by other members of the community. you have the people who are just here to talk then you have those with ideas, see ways things could change and how it could work. typically these people also like to do the hardest content this game has to offer. endurance runs. i like both the short game play and the endurance. i have a new account im playing on. i have an account with just about everything there is to craft\research in this game on it. i know the endurance\high level content an what its like. i know what the normal missions are like. none of those changes would hurt the game. adding mechanics to the game wouldn't hurt it. an if it did. then clearly the game Wasn't good enough to begin with. this game is massive, its big enough to house all players of all types in it. just the people who like the free easy non challenging ride want to complain about any challenge and any change that may or may not make things slightly harder for them or something they cant actually do. even thou they have the majority of the game. Arbitration's anyone. you know the Endgame that isn't endgame. i want something that works for everyone. but if you cant actually make a argument that doesn't stink of the typical casual complaint comment then dont make one. its not constructive, its just the same drum beat i have heard beaten over an over again on so many topics....
  4. no. no it is not, it is comparable to bloody Lemmins from 1995. the AI in warframe is garbage. single file lines fo people running at you, no flanking tactics. no actual Grenades. no mobs that try an flush you from cover. nothing like that. its all bog standard Original Doom AI. i have made this statement so many times. Mass Effect 3 had Far far better AI. the mobs were so much better. they had mechanics. some tactics. they presented a decent challenge. as far as i could care, DE should just basically Copy paste that into the game. Shielders more like Guardians, have seekers and eviscerators pop smoke. have butchers and scorpions actually do something... not take a swing at you from 10m away. get ride of 80% of the Grab-me-Gotcha mechanics and knock downs. put something else in. flash bangs, stun grenades, scramblers, EMPs, flanking units, stealth units, slower heavy units that u need mechanics to take down. (the nox is the closest normal unit to require mechanics to kill). scrap the Hitscan weapons, only have projectile based weapons (on mobs at least), this would make things alot more interesting, giving you a chance to dodge, rather then being 1shot by a lvl 130 CHG mid bullet jump across a room. the AI in this game is god damn appalling. now i know the engine has limitations, i hope the new engine can handle far more superior AI. having units that dash and dodge. flankers, stealth, heavies, berserkers, snipers, demo units. a full proper and functioning work up. Butchers and scorps should be more berserkers, lancers should be what they are, cannon fodder gunmen, seekers and eviscerators should be flankers... with Proper grenades. bombards should have NON seeking missiles but faster moving missiles, Napalmers should also have more functions. on corpus side, the should have units that deploy sentries. put Capture nets on doors or in areas, use stun and EMP grenades, ospreys should be more like Bombers that can carpet bomb u with frag grenades. that dont hang around for 20 seconds. but blow up quickly. kamikaze ospreys (not what oxium does, but ones that target players from the off). there are ALOT of things that they SHOULD be doing, but the AI is so god damn basic and crap that we are Overpowered even more due to this. if they were smarter, had more range to thier units. more tactical abilities and units. a larger range of unit abilities. then we would have more of a challenge. i have done hrs of solo play. the AI is still S#&$, the only thing that changes is they gain accuracy by levels and alone side HP an armour. this is part of the power creep issue this game has. the Mobs have the laziest implementation of any shooter EVER. no large game that i could think of in the last 10 yrs has had sucky lazy AI and scaling like warframe (and as for that aliens game that bombed... that was a proof reading issue with the coding. tethr (or something to this effect) instead of Tether is the entire reason that game bombed. apparently its pretty great once you correct that line of code) this is largely off topic. but point stands. AI in WF suck. Dmg status procs need a fix. they should be revamping 1 weapon per week (they have enough for 2 yrs... by then time to revamp again). scaling needs a PROPER TLC rework, not this lazy BS % that creeps out of control.
  5. mine quartakk dont... neg ROF riven.. its a big oof lol well then they could put that into the options. either alt fire(s) are seperate buttons or a toggle. that suit me just fine. im not saying make the weapons only crit or only status on fire rate. just allow slower weapons to have better Crit. not make them only that. but like i said DE needs to revamp alot of weapons, they should be doing 1 a week. that would keep things fresh and interesting. small tweaks. by the time they have finished the should be going about it again. there are enough weapons to do a tweak a week. about 2yrs worth.
  6. gas in some cases is ineffective. other times its not. it depends what you are fighting and what you are using. Torid, one of my fav guns. makes it work well. but hey look toxic ancient... worthless weapon now. or high levels of armour. or you get stupid resistances (fortuna mobs! and their power creep). i do agree with the JPRG. like a Dark souls Status Bars for poison, bleed Etc. Yes something like that would be good. making both slow an fast weapons sit on the same page would be good. i do agree. some of my slower weapons thou (quartak) manage just fine with slower fire rate. in all honesty thou DE should be fixing up a weapon every week, as things like the Hind need to be fixed. a alt fire that is on a seperate button rather than switching fire mod... shouldn't be a thing any more, should be switch mods and done. most guns in this game do need a Ammo pool and ROF increase. hell the grinlok has a better gire rate then some semi autos. so yes i see what you are saying. but that could be fixed if DE went back and done a little tuning. fix up the fire rates a little. ammo pools... fix the ferrox from its game breaking state!. ROF is a issue. but it could be fixed. what i suggest would mean weapons would need a over haul and thats probably a good thing, as alot of older weapons need a touch up. some weapons will by nature be left behind on status fronts. just skew them to crit then DE. or fix thier raw dmg. give them a place to play. bullet hoses do status well. but no one takes a braton p into a 3hr endurance run. you take a Zarr or Torid. something like that.
  7. im mostly talking about the Proc, the Elec proc deals some dmg. yeah but its not that great. make them better. thats all i want. give them a little something more allowing them to have appeal to use as a solo element is the goal, with all the mods and damage types we shouldnt be going "this one that one an this... done" so easily. we should be looking at the gun an what it pairs well with. we arent as spoiled for choice as we could or should be. gas is terrible, i use it alot, but it is terrible largely. simply because how it interacts with armour. faction mods make it better, but its very weak for something that takes up 2+ slots (most the time). can you kill armoured lvl 100s.. Yes.... is there a better way to do ... hell yes!. i just stated dropping the resistance on it a little and giving it a damage Negation would make it far better. as a combo element. its the 2nd weakest. blast gives hard CC. corrosive is strong as hell. virals great with slash (personally i use this on infested with a corrosive backup). rads got also hard CC. decent dmg. magnetic is just why does it exist ?. gas swings hard between doing nothing and killing everything. less resistances against it + dmg negation. it would be Amazingly good to use. yeah radiation.. i use it alot, but its proc is kinda Meh, but because the damage is good, its fine, it balances out. thou affected targets should recieve mods incoming dmg... radiation sickness is kinda a big deal. as for bullet hoses. i think i addressed for some status's the time increase. Also this would also push for status Duration mods to be used. you are thinking about the current set up. not the potential. we have plenty of unused mods. use them accordingly. if your thinking "this wont work with current build!" you are correct... if you are thinking "this wont work" then you are wrong. its just you are forgetting about other mods that could be used. an how you would uses them with what combo. not every gun is or should it be 1 size fits all. horses for courses. you dont get a NASCAR and try competing in F1 or Rally. pick accordingly. id love to only ever have to use my Exergis, braton p or Corinth... but i can't. certain weapons would work better with somethings over others. something like the Veldt night not be a bullet hose.. but its got decent stats an accuracy. with some modding gear it to puncture and hybrid it be able to utilise the puncture proc i suggested (weakspot idea).
  8. i thought of that with magnetic. it was my original thought :D. im still partial to it... yeah impact does that, its a weak argument... we all make it though lol. though ty for reminding me in a very odd way. i was going to make a post about DMR's should be able to use Sniper Mods. like the Veldt using Sharpshooter or Depleted Reload. No reason for these weapons NOT to be using them. they function close to a sniper.... just with none of the perks
  9. i like this. but what about from a mechanics stand point. combo elements after the fact for a different affect. then you typically would get. i had the same thoughts as this (or similar) but i think atm the gun play is just point an click. lacking in mechanics. might sounds complicated or different, but changing it up would be a nice change of pace. as a simple overhaul Yes i totally agree with this. this would work. (as for viral... can it PLEASE actually indicate that targets are on %x HP and not show a full bar... a visual on it other then a tiny icon would be nice to freaken see -_-) magnetic bullet attractor would be good, that the problem is then Anyone can be Mag. on a short blast this works. on a endurace\high level runs its gonna suffer the same issues as the current system. I do defiantly agree entirely on Impact (i said this a while ago on a WF FB page n got linched fo that idea) you would have to set the Proc thou to take away from total armour not base. my sobek would then take out a CHG armour in 1 shot if it was base. only takes a few shots with corrosive as it is. so 2 armour per proc so it doesn't over take corrosive. but teams well with corrosive. Heat Yes i agree. it SHOULD deal extra dmg to metal\armour as thats kinda how heat works with metal. it would cook the bugger alive. but just think how would u make it scale so everyone wins. 5 minute - 5hr game play. i set mine up as is so when you consider rivens, getting puncture could skew your gun with a new primary IPS dmg, something to consider. what other mods and weapons it would affect. my idea yes lot more complex and harder to implement, as a easy fix i totally agree with yours and im perfectly fine with it. just im trying to consider all mods, weapons, players. open up the building to a new life. you could still build as you do now, or you could change mods, have a ramp up kit. things like that. i came to warframe after playing Mass Effect 3, an the combo elemental system in that was awesome. some weapons might be weak... till you change a few things, then its as good as anything else. more mechanics would be good cos it open up new options. an look at all the mods we dont use, open the mechanics up to incorporate that and you could see some weapons shine cos they take a different approach.
  10. are you using just 1 weapon? the magnetic proc i suggested would still handle that fine. you wouldn't really want to take Magnetic against grineer. but some corpus mobs have Armour. so allowing it some dmg to armoured targets would help it along. weaker than corrosive, closer to puncture, but being able to scale up. also look at Electric. how i configured its Proc. 1 weapon running elec and one magnetic. you could combo the status effects to deal a decent amount of dmg. its not about the 1 element, its about mechanics and combos. thinking outside of the status quo of the current game. what weapons are would change. depending on how they are modded. this is largely about my suggested changes and how they would effect the game. it wouldn't be just add some status crit n dmg. you would have to adjust ROF, status durations, accuracy, weapon swapping, IPS mods. what weapon. frame. where to shoot. what to shoot.
  11. yeah i see what you are saying. puncture procs are ass. at level 80 they hit you for 100.. u proc them... they are gonna hit you for 85. it still hurts. thats why i changed it up. allowing it to do a guaranteed amount of dmg. but with a catch. you get a high status fast fire rate puncture rifle, an you might only need 1 60/60 mod and good aim to keep it going for a decent amount of time. impacts.. yeah. well crippling them i think would help it. i mean that dmg types.. its a thing -_- ... but a lasting effect could help. Toxin is great, i like Cold of Electric thou (alloy armour. cheap effective mod), Elec then heat. slash always wins, and the combo elements are stupidly unbalanced. Blast needs to deal more dmg in AOE. magnetic .. i addressed its issue. corrosive is good, virals good. rags Good damage, eh proc. i think things need a shake up, but put in some mechanics that allow for greater dmg from a proc. it adds to the game play, allows some weapons a new lease on life. less cookie cutter builds. more use of unused mods (perpetual agony anyone!)
  12. Proc. -50% max shield to shielded Targets+ magnetic Attraction: increases Velocity of incoming Fire. Removes fall off Damage.consecutive Procs Increase the Magnetic damage dealt by 20% to armoured\ shielded and machine\robotic targets and 10% to Health based targets (flesh isn't very magnetic). duration 3 seconds. resets on following proc. yes some do. but this is more power creep in design. it might start of as the weakest damage type, but has the strongest potential. say a target takes 4 magnetic Procs. an the base dmg and first procs 1000. second is 1200. the 3rd is 1440. 4th 1728. and so on. others do stack yes. but this at the least allows it to continually grow in damage. so it could be useful for weaker guns with decent status for newbies. its a different approach to increasing damage
  13. thats why i addressed its status proc. allowing it to infinitely scale its damage with a Ramp up time. remember status procs when reproced resets its timer. so it can just hit harder an harder on each proc
  14. thanks 😄 it maybe large in scope. but it is do-able. ME3 had things like this. different game yeah but it is do-able. and it would make things largly more fun. hell even a kraken could then do something other than suck XD
  15. yeah but its AOE. im not sure how you can really fix blast... besides let it deal more Dmg with its AOE proc. these were just thoughts on a few of the elements.
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