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  1. spectral scream is just out right terrible. yes he has 1 amazing ability (vex). another decent ability(ward), a super mediocre ability (effigy) and a out right crap ability (spectral lightly exhale at people and tickle their balls ....scream). how to fix Chroma. Spectral Scream revamp. range: 5/7/10/12.5 strength: 150/250/350/500. misc: Status chance. 45/50/55/65% Make Spectral scream augment afterburn Innate to this ability. let the dmg cap scale with Strength. change Projectile dmg from 25/50/75/100 damage per second active to 75/110/145/180 and total dmg from 200/300/400/500 t
  2. made this point in my review above. DE double dipping energy. i gave a Fix idea to allow him to scale!. to where double dipping energy and duration WOULD be a far balance. but his WHOLE KIT has NO synergy. and his 3rds a nightmare to navigate in the thick of it
  3. please Enthralls way better. for 1 you cast it once and it spreads. plus u can cast it for free. 2 there isn't a chance you go to cast enthrall and end up with another ability. 3 enthral meet reave = dead enemy with pillar of pain left in place does nice tick dmg. its a weak chaos. average thrall, better then mind control. but yes you are right, his damage is god awful. i think he already needs a rework. too weak too slow too energy hungry. only good ability he has is the armor strip. thats it.
  4. OK lets break this down. Quality Triangle. all frames are in here a bit. Duration, Range and Power. BUT Xaku is a Quality Square. because Efficiency is NOT on his side at all. you can have 2 of these things. and suffer the other 2. most frames eff is normally decent. others can tank eff, some just need a little. ok lets start from ground up. Passive. 25% to dodge bullets. sure thats nice. hit or miss. not a reliable passive. might wanna throw in something extra like "when he dodges a bullet he regains shield" Xatas Whisper. due to void dmg being kinda crap and has a really
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