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  1. No, it's doing significantly lower damage post patch, compared to 10 minutes before the patch. I can read patch notes, I know how it's been changed. Go try it out for yourself.
  2. Something in regards to pax seeker broke with this patch. It's doing significantly lower damage now. Also, framerates in orb vallis are dropping like a lead balloon again. EDIT: looks like the headshot tracking on pax seeker is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than prior to this patch. That's why it's doing so much less damage.
  3. Are we going to get any tweaks to Garuda? She's so close to being perfect. Edit: can we also get the profanity filter to respect our settings please? I'd like to be able to name my zaws and kitguns whatever I like and just have people that have their profanity filter enabled display it as "Zaw" or something.
  4. Is melee 3.0 expected to drop before or after fortuna? Are bows ever going to get looked at/buffed to be more viable, similar to how sniper rifles were? Can we get a zaw/kitgun skin system at some point? Are we going to get any new lore items, similar to the kuria, but for the lotus/ballas?
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