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  1. That’s just a ridiculous comparison. First of all the tridolon mission is available from Cetus. Second of all you don’t start another mission to get access to those, you simply activate the next stage. Those are not the same thing, not even remotely. Look, I get it. You are offended because I pointed out a flaw in the design which would be easy to fix and could be done in multiple ways and because DE did not do that the failed. It’s ok. You can be offended. You just should accept the fact that almost nobody cares. I have given my money to these people and while I certainly can’t issu
  2. Twitch drops are bust again. Yes, I have done all the necessary steps, reversed them all and redid them all and no drops despite watching over 3 hours of streams this week.
  3. As far as I know I have never before been forced to go to an open world to access missions that can’t be accessed from that open world’s ”staging area”. At least not when there are relevant drops like weapon parts and such.
  4. Oh ffs. DE is 100% incompetent. thanks for the answer though.
  5. I know. This was not the question. The question is what are the exact hoops that I am forced to jump through to get access to the missions that are the goal here. It starts with an isolation vault. Then what? Killing the necramechs is not the correct answer and neither is opening the vault doors. There’s something else that I’m missing.
  6. I am aware. The question is how do I get even one of them to give the mission every single time without exception.
  7. Yes. My bad. Should have been more specific. I meant isolation vaults. I know how to access those. To me they are pointless and a waste of time on their own. Those things have no role beyond frustrating people trying to farm necramech parts that have actual drop rates lower than winning the lottery has. what I am looking for is the access to House Cleaning mission that comes after you complete the vault. If they open up you’ll find those by going to ”mother” while in cambion drift. It’s just that merely completing the vault does not give you access to those following missions and
  8. Edit: THE ANSWER HAS BEEN FOUND. Thanks everyone. So, DE just refuses to give me this information so I’m asking you. How do you access the new deimos missions and the drops they are supposedly yieldibg? So far the 2 answers I have gotten are ”do the vault and it opens up” and ”do the vault and Loyd and it opens up”. Both are simply put bs. If those were the answers it would work every time (which it does not) instead of every 5th or so time (which it actually does). Doing the vault seems to be a part of the answer but as a fact is not all of it. As said befor
  9. Not gonna lie, having the mission behind things that take 30 mins or so to complete, having a timed condition built in it for it to even work and having to go through those dozens of times to get the weapons featured there built is likely the dumbest mission design decision I have seen during my 3300+ hours of playing this game. Imagine playing literally 2 days straight, no breaks at all, doing nothing but these missions, not getting the drops AND not even being unlucky at that point. That’s just not reasonable. Besides the design being dumb there are couple of points. You can’t do t
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