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  1. Another update, still no mention of the chaotic economy of helminth. But we have new cosmetics and an even better MfD, so I guess that's a win, right?
  2. Actually yes, and do you see them releasing new plants?
  3. Man people are getting hung up on your D2 remark they skipped everything else. I agree with you, this update was a major red flag (throw it in the pile) and tone deaf. They somehow made open world, the piece of content most agree theyre tired of, and made it ten times worse by making the most hated activity, conservation, mandatory, grindier and less rewarding for the few that did enjoy it. That and the bile blunder, scintillat and onslaught of bugs (good luck leveling your mech) I'm surprised this update didn't get more backlash.
  4. Awesome idea. Also what we were told was going to be the system before it ever came. Not going to happen. You're thr 1000th person to ask for this, and while this would make sense and would be an amazing qol change, DE is hell bent on us wasting forma and time
  5. Okay, nevermind. You're clearly joking or deranged.
  6. Man the DEfenders are out here in droves again. It's obvious some of these costs are unbalanced and most likely a mistake. Look at the cost of sludge or mutagen compared to cryotic or railjack resources. One is very fair and the other is ludicrous. Either they didnt have enough stats to make the costs balanced or they threw in an extra zero by accident. If veteran players with 2000 hours of gameplay are telling you the costs are too high, then you should listen. Stop being an elitist tool, we're here to have fun not work a second job
  7. Fortuna: We've introduced conservation! Look at out floofs! Players: We hate it. Fortuna: Thats okay, its optional! Deimos: We've brought back conservation, on crack! Players: We REALLY hate it. Deimos: Too bad!
  8. I'm convinced DE has a big ass red button that just says RNG on it that gives them an orgasm when they press it. I cant think of a single system in this game that doesn't have RNG tied to it. Deimos is just thay but on crack.
  9. Or delete son. Idc about the lore inconsistencies I just want him gone.
  10. That would work if every capture wasn't bad due to how insanely aggressive infested are towards the animals and how they just spawn wherever you are.
  11. Like most things the token system is one step forward three huge leaps back. Moms tokens are perfect. Her family however is insane. I see why she hates them. Son is way overturned, dude wants you to pick the island clean for a bundle, not to mention with the overtly aggressive infested and the new flying enemies that just spawn wherever you are, conservation is a nightmare and rage inducing. Father wants 3-8 of the rarest item in this expansion that can only come from bounties or very rarely vault runs. Daughter isn't terrible after vault runs but wildly inconsistent.
  12. The son tokens were bad enough, that dude EXTREMELY overvalues the worth of his tokens, but the specific tags I had to get for rank 3 has made me quit this update
  13. Just wait till you find out the specific tags you need to rank up. Im done with this update already
  14. So it seems like they deleted my post off of feedback and moved it to a bug megathread. Lmao. So maybe that's confirmation its a bug.
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