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  1. 4 hours ago, (PS4)Madurai-Prime said:

    I'm just curious because I wasn't here when it launched, but did you guys do the same amount of complaining when Titania was released and you had to scan plants? "I wanna be a space ninja not a botanist!"


    Actually yes, and do you see them releasing new plants?

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  2. Man people are getting hung up on your D2 remark they skipped everything else. I agree with you, this update was a major red flag (throw it in the pile) and tone deaf. They somehow made open world, the piece of content most agree theyre tired of, and made it ten times worse by making the most hated activity, conservation, mandatory, grindier and less rewarding for the few that did enjoy it.


    That and the bile blunder, scintillat and onslaught of bugs (good luck leveling your mech) I'm surprised this update didn't get more backlash.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Traubenzuckr said:

    gathering them efficiently is a little difficult. there are strategies around it. did you know DE envisaged these strategies, and they grew out from what the community wanted as well? that's why we have Nekros, pilf Khora and Hydroid and various squad comps designed around farming resources. 

    mastering this involves some difficulty. difficulty in the sense of something requiring focus and perseverance and not just following the path of least resistance (some people even mentioned in this context how they play solo... well that won't do obviously).

    the rewards are widely known to everyone. everyone knows some players have more resources of various kinds than others, and it's not some mystery why it is so. 

    now these players have received recognition for their focus and perseverance in using these strategies to their intended full effect.

    if that has been tedious to you all along, and you weren't the one to have been lured by the riddle of how to get more faster, for months and years prior, then you are not the prime candidate for having the breadth of the helminth system at your disposal after a relatively brief ranking period, like the people who have already reached high ranks of helminth. for you it should rather be a more gradual process. the most important thing is to never lose hope. 

    Okay, nevermind. You're clearly joking or deranged.

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  4. Man the DEfenders are out here in droves again. It's obvious some of these costs are unbalanced and most likely a mistake. Look at the cost of sludge or mutagen compared to cryotic or railjack resources. One is very fair and the other is ludicrous. Either they didnt have enough stats to make the costs balanced or they threw in an extra zero by accident. 

    If veteran players with 2000 hours of gameplay are telling you the costs are too high, then you should listen. Stop being an elitist tool, we're here to have fun not work a second job

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  5. I'm convinced DE has a big ass red button that just says RNG on it that gives them an orgasm when they press it. I cant think of a single system in this game that doesn't have RNG tied to it. Deimos is just thay but on crack.

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  6. Like most things the token system is one step forward three huge leaps back.

    Moms tokens are perfect. Her family however is insane. I see why she hates them.

    Son is way overturned, dude wants you to pick the island clean for a bundle, not to mention with the overtly aggressive infested and the new flying enemies that just spawn wherever you are, conservation is a nightmare and rage inducing. 

    Father wants 3-8 of the rarest item in this expansion that can only come from bounties or very rarely vault runs. 

    Daughter isn't terrible after vault runs but wildly inconsistent.

    The structure needs a major nerf, and the tokens needs to be consistent for this to be a step forward. Instead of the roll of the dice for what the family wants, just make it "10 of this gets you one token and this rare capture gets you this bundle" instead of this debt bond 2.0 nonsense.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Tesseract7777 said:

    So it sounds like we have one for sure bug, which is the parts you do get are not showing up on the rewards screen when you cut them at the fish person.  

    The second one is a question of whether it is a bug or intended that not all fish are even giving parts now. Hopefully it's not intended because that's just uncool and we should definitely raise some serious concerns about it until they change it if it is intended. 

    I am willing to do fishing even though I don't care much for it as I have accepted it as a part of the game, but if I can't even guarantee some parts from fishing rare fish, I really don't want to do it. 

    So it seems like they deleted my post off of feedback and moved it to a bug megathread. Lmao. So maybe that's confirmation its a bug.

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  8. Just now, Tesseract7777 said:

    Someone in another thread said the game wasn't showing they got anything, and they were not getting stuff from every fish (it seems its bugged so some fish get nothing). But it sounded like he still got something after some fishing, the game UI just wasn't displaying it on the cutting screen. Have you checked your inventory? 

    This still needs major fixes of course. 


    I cut 9 of the fish you need to rank up, only got 2 spines. I only know that because of the rank up screen. After talking to chat they said its rng if you get the parts or not.

    I hope that's not true and it's a bug.

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  9. 22 minutes ago, killerJoke66 said:

    to rep up my previous comment ; if DE wants to keep the braindead ai then at least give us meaningful rewards or they can choose the ai overhaul .. or even both but ehh .. i personally wouldnt bet on that possibility to even occur knowing the track record.

    Oh but you haven't heard, we're not supposed to want rewards. /s

    The thing is DE nailed rewards before with the sortie drop table that rotates and raids when they existed, but they steered away from it and went into factions that you just grind until you have no reason to come back. I think they're scared if they don't pump more grind into the game people will leave, and now its a literal numbers game but they don't seem to realize that they're just piling onto the wall for new players to get over and its just daunting. Just stop and think for a moment what all a new player would have to grind to get to where their veteran friends are.

    I think if they walked away from the number grinding a bit and embraced better sortie-like drop tables that you can just click on the nission tab and do once a day (like other popular mmos) people would have a better reason to come back.

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  10. 2 hours ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    Once again proving that people asking for endgame do not care about endgame and only want more rewards to be added to the game, and so will never be satisfied. 

    This is what I mean. Don't read post, throw in generic repeated response. Go to any other online game with "endgame" raids or dungeons or dailies/weeklies. They all have rewards, be it gear or extra xp or some in game token system. 

    You cant have endgame activities without rewards. Period. That's why no one plays exploiter. That's why no one bothers with anthems harder modes. If you don't understand that you don't understand game design.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Ethorin said:

    WTF even is this "endgame" people speak of? The thing that means you need to actually use the tools you are given effectively? Eidolons, Orb Mothers, Sorties, Steel Path, Arbi's. All test your gear and your ability to move and negate damage in different ways. Heck, before you can do those reliably even lower level content in this game is often going to test your mettle. Warframe might not have WoW style Raids, but it ALSO doesn't have WoW style dungeons that you sleep through for 90% of the game. And frankly, I'll take having fun before level cap over some people having more fun after level cap. For that matter, I'll take having fun always over only having fun once a week and the rest of the time is snorefest farming.


    "Thing only the elite of the game who have excesses of time can do" Why the fething hells would you even WANT this? But if you insist, Conclave is right over there. It'll test your aim and movement capability to the extreme!


    Warframe HAS endgame. It's a fairly solved endgame for the most part but IMO, that's fine.

    The problem is either those things have existed for so long they've been burned through or just aren't worth doing, like steel path with their current rewards. 

    I think the issue is people think adding one thing and leaving it alone will solve the issue, but that simply won't work for an online game. 

    The last boss we got that could be considered close to an endgame boss is exploiter orb, and unless I'm mistaken that thing came out 2 years ago. Not to mention it shares a reward pool with profit taker, which was already farmed out and can be done much faster, so theres no reason to do the fight. Don't get me wrong, I love that fight, its very well done for a FPS game, but as it stands there's no reason to do it other than for a laugh, which won't keep players coming back.

    Honestly the sortie reward structure is fantastic and meets the standards for endgame, the only problem is it hasn't been touched in years. If DE would just take that loot table (with different rewards like arcanes) and daily limit and add that to the farmable bosses like orb mothers, then a lot of people would be satisfied and play a lot more.

    People keep complaining that the community doesn't know what we want for endgame, but we keep offering clear cut ideas and just keep getting shot down and then told a day later we don't know what we want 😅 Its aggravating.

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  12. On 2020-08-06 at 9:30 AM, Ikyr0 said:

    So the REALLY interesting bit is that the game WAS dying, or put differently, retention was very poor as demonstrated by Steam stats...until DE started balancing the game and adding endgame-type activities. I distinctly remember Scott and Rebecca scoffing at "bitter vets" until one day, the players suddenly started getting large balance changes and endgame activities. This was during a big lull after Fortuna, when the numbers kept dropping, and many players had nothing left to do.

    Players started coming back with the large balance rework earlier in the year, RJ rework, and to an extent liches. People came back for Steel Path. Whether these activities deliver as "endgame" or not remains to be seen...but without these types of activities as well as balancing, retention will be very poor.

    Look at what people are most excited about with Deimos. It's the Helminth system, which is an endgame-type activity. If DE chose not to listen to vets, and the stats over the last 2 yrs, WF would have continued to go downhill, as it has been for a number of years. You are quite ignorant to think that the crowd begging for endgame activities had no role to play in the game you are enjoying now.

    Wait did DE actually scoff at "bitter vets?"

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  13. 55 minutes ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    Let's try that bolded part again: Online games can't just cater to one audience.  

    Yes, ignoring everything I typed and repeating yourself will make it true. 

    Once again, I'm not asking for one or the other, both can exist in unison. This isn't gigabrained. Every other online game hasn't figured this out, I trust DE has the resource to do it themselves. 

    The problem is DE wants to treat this like several single players games instead of one cohesive online service. 

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  14. 10 minutes ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    Let's emphasize that bolded part, shall we? Because that's exactly what you proceeded to ask for. 

    And here is the rub, vets, especially the "I grind hard and rush all new content" vets, are a minority of the minority. 

    And guess what? They're also the ones who love to complain about not having new content, or not having endgame content, or not wanting to play unless they are given more and more and more rewards. The newbs look at the game and many probably think "wtf just getting through some of the game takes years and they're always adding new stuff, how the heck am I ever going to catch up". 

    Also, just for the record, I live on an island. There are still parts that I have never seen. 

    Adding raids is not going to shift the focus. You can have both. Shocking, I know, but you can make content for vets without leaving the casuals behind. There already exists a plethora of content for them that adding one bit of content for the veteran audience won't break the game.

    But no, anytime the idea is brought up the same tired old complaints come up. "I dont want to feel obligated to do this. That looks too hard. The rewards should be easier. If I can't do it, then it shouldn't exist." 

    And you've already brought up the impending problem with this game, it has such a hard time attracting new players with the wall of grind ahead of them that if this game doesn't start showing veteran players some love the playerbase will erode.

    Veterans are perfectly happy to exist alongside casuals i don't understand why the reverse can't be true.

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