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  1. I've been meaning to inform devs of this issue a long time ago but the Murkray bait does NOT work during the daytime like its description indicates. I have over 3k hours been fishing them oceans for a while and when I use Murkray during the daytime they don't spawn, however as soon as its nightfall and I toss it out there they spawn. I suggest fixing the tool tip or fixing the spawn.
  2. I might also add that I wasn't getting overshields until my Kubrow died, that's weird too. Hope there's not a bug with Kubrow, they're squishy but I use it to scavenge.
  3. Using Mag Prime, Isolation Vault tier 1, using kitgun with Gaze and using Tenet Diplos, using Kubrow for pet, ok that's covered, so I get to the necromech and threw a bubble on it, started to shoot it with the Tenet Diplos and noticed that only on weapon was firing. Swapped weapons several times and every time I used the Tenet Diplos it was still firing one weapon. It was like this the entire mission so after opening the vault I went to another planet ran a random mission and they were working properly. Might be something to look into.
  4. All the random stuff that is gathered on Deimos you could make Scintillant craftable using wurm residue and some other stuff. Something along the lines of the Exceptional Sentient Core Conversion. That's it, a suggestion, sounds good doesn't it!?
  5. Tried using Garuda noble animation on some frames and the frame just freezes on my monitor, so I loaded Garuda and tried it and IT froze as well, as far as I can tell its the only animation that does this.
  6. Thank you! That solved the problem, I was robbing those hidden derelicts and wasn't getting whatever was found, but I do now thanks alot!!
  7. Hound use the disarm trick in mission while fighting sister, my weapon got stuck under the floor, couldn't get it, please fix something
  8. Not sure how to get YouTube to work for a video I apologize, just not that computer savvy but the melody instruments I used were all of them but I want to use gamma instruments. I can hear the melody in my orbiter but when I go into a mission all I hear is the bass and percussion...everything still dies so no problem with the mechanics its just I know what the melody should sound like and I don't hear it.
  9. Real quick, the new hounds from the Sisters of Parvos insta-kill kuva larvlings. I ran 2 exterminate on saturn and right when the larvling went down to one knee the hound was in its clone form of threes and killed it, ran it again to make sure it was just coincidence and it happened again using a Parvos hound. So, I switched out the hound with medjay predasite and it even did its finisher move on the larvling but there was no insta-kill. Just thought you should know and look into it.
  10. Checked my audio settings and everything related to sound is turned on, ally mandachord down to 50%. I use Druk percussion and Bombast bass, the melody is what I cannot hear in any missions. I have all the sound sets and swapped ALL of them in and out and run missions only to never hear the melody.
  11. Real short and sweet...can you make the enemies in void relic missions not have that "getting juiced with void energy" thing? I'm usually on a roll through the mission then, bam they're getting juiced and invincible for a few seconds, makes me have to reload or stand there and wait. That's it just QoL thing. We could still have the sound and/or void animation without the enemies being invincible right?
  12. Spawned lich, got mod order/reveal, killed on galleon, after vanquishing everything went poof and I was in my archwing out in space...went to my ship and the mission update said skirmish complete, however, maybe I am not leaving the final fight correctly but there is no option to return to dojo like regular railjack missions just abort...so I abort...get mission failed but I get all the stolen goods and weapons etc. Tell me what I'm doing wrong or is this a QOL change that could be coded in.
  13. Agreeable, I did a mercy kill on a sister and she fell off a pipe she had run up just on the edge of the mission map, out there where their jetpack guys always try to pick you off, after I stabbed her she fell off and despawned. Yes Jupiter nodes are not agreeable with parvos killing/capturing.
  14. Just forget it, I flipped mods around had the first one right and sister spawned, after beating her down she ran up a big pipe on the outer edge of the tileset and after I smashed her she fell off and despawned, i'm going to give liches and sisters a break for a while after this one.
  15. Nevermind, I see Oull mimics, just disregard all of this, although...why? Wait, if it mimics a mod shouldn't it still work? I used it once on the first sister I tried and didn't have this issue. I'm confused, can someone help me out with understanding Oull?
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