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  1. Ok so... I've run into a rather odd visual bug when using Octavia. This happened once the update for Gauss dropped and is just a minor nuisance at worst. What happens is whenever I try to view her skins, whether it be Tennogen or her deluxe, the skin doesn't show whatsoever. With her Tennogen, all it shows is her helmet for that skin and that's it. When viewing her deluxe skin it only shows the feather-like pieces that hang around her waist and along her head. On top of that whenever I try to look at her alt helm it clips through her default helmet in an odd fashion. I'm not sure if this is just a problem I have on my set up but it is a little irksome. Especially if someone wants to customize her and give her a new appearance. Edit: Ok, this seems be something that's afflicting my other frames as well. I was looking at some skins for Wukong and they persistently glitch out beneath his default skin, refusing to display properly.
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