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  1. seem to longer be any problem. got mine back yesterday.just bearly in time was about to start crafting it again. only lost 10.000 standing for rebuying the blueprints
  2. my gun is missing. an im not sure if just a bug or something went wrong. i know i finished farming it some time yesterday an started crafting it an went to bed when it had about less than 3 hour on it. got on about mid day i think. an i pretty sure i redeamed it but did not plan on takeing a look at it just yet want to craft an get other thing ready too have a fun time with it. but than after ranking up to the final rank in Necrloid i changed my mind an wanted to take a quick look at the gun. but could not find in it my arsenal. so i kept checking my foundry. no signs of it. than i looked to s
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