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  1. We going to fix the panthera? It the 2ed or 3ed ttime it base punch though gone that was endless though enemy but bounc off Surface's. An my 3 riven are ruined. It wont even work if you put mods on to geet it back. It still bounc off enemys plz fixs. I want to injoy my gun again.
  2. yeah it was a bit of a pain but I was able to find 3 an do 3 races with the starter K-drive so it not true that you need one made. I had to visit ech area looking. but it done.
  3. that dont add up I still have the starter K-drive. an dont want to make until I finished to get the parts I want. thay showed befor. so I dont understand unless a update changed that I used to do them. but never had a reason yet to do them an stop but cant do evin mission if it wont show. it shows for 1 sec when I load in from fortuna. but than just go away.
  4. im salty that the panthera keep getting the punch through bug back for the 3ed time now. I felt the same for panthera an Akjagara I wanted a skin for both an finally got one for the panthera but evin than can't injoy it atm as it bugged an can be fun evin with my 2 god rolls. the punch through bug hurt it too much. tho I do belive the miter should get a skin. would think it be harder to make a good one. maybe a infected skin for it would be a creative idea as than it can have more ideas. but being a grineer weapon idk if it look right with out it own original design.
  5. it meant to have infinite punch thay just keep getting the bug back in from old version were thay work on big update an end up putting it back in. not 1.0 punchthrough but endless through enemy only. so the bounce can be used more effectly. I see this get fixed 2 time now an we are on the 3ed time. now an people dont seem to know this an im worried that it will be given a 1.0 punch or lose it. witch will ruin so may of my hard work an favorite gun that none meta to most.
  6. yes some one how know this bug has come an gone like 3 time now. thay keep updating the game with the bug still remaining in past version were it was not fixed so every time ti fix next big update it broken again my G-roll are useless with out the punch through. it may see bad with out much critical chance an crit dmg an ok status chance but it has the highest base dmg out of all auto. so fire rate an multishot solves it crit game an status chance. my g-roll with multishot an dmg an fire rate make it good for that punch through. with enough fire rate an multi shot you can get orange crit from it. not often but often enough but broken if it bounce off enemys. the bouncing only work right if it go through them an hit a wall behind them. not the other way around. an evin putting punch through back on with mods dont fix it. at least for me on xbox. I need it fixed
  7. I mean I found it super adorable diffent an loved it with a smile...…..than I see the amount of pearl I needed that ruined it for me. 1000 for a scene an 5-6 ball's 3 of witch are 500? an one that 400 an than 300. than it got sigiles an such. thank god I got the mods. but my god that too much of the same mode to burn you out fast. cant bring cat to boost or anything so 50 the most I seen you can get. going from having fun to being annoyed of the work it became.
  8. the title say it all I want to use Nekros inmortal skin with his prime but not with the prime details I want to make a carnage design. can ps can we fid panther for the 3ed time an give back it punch tho. evin putting on mod dont fix it. it meant to have default punch tho. than bounc off walls. evin my god tier build is crap with out that punch tho. plz dev piz this for me. im on xbox by the way but I dont think it matters, I would thin pc an ps4 got the same trouble
  9. this bug seem to keep comeing back this I feel like is the 3ed time. an right now atm evin forcing with putting punch tho in it prime shred it still not working it meant to have defult punch tho an it keep comeing on an off. an nerfing it not enough it seem with a riven dispo change. but got to keep useing a update version that got this bug. with out base punch tho it just done not work. base punch tho meant to only work on enemy but not wall so it can bounc for a chance to hit again making up for poor dps an or crit game. so evin my 5 god tier riven dont make it look good with out that inportent punch tho. come on.
  10. moment like this is why I'm happy I dont like meta weapon. love finding new one that no one used an was happy to find some were my fravorite from the start Akjagara Panthera.an more suffered trying to show people how good thay were evin befor some buff's an still no buyer or seller for that perfect riven so I had to do it my self only good side it was cheap riven but 10 pathera riven latter so close but still so far. from the one I want. the trade chat was oway the same mete riven. people how hear it was strong but never really tested it past lv 155. my pathera build destroy a god tier acraplasmor riven. an so one. people should try more vs going on what the trade chat think is good. the Acra plasmor was trash really to true end game. it had to much weakness. slow fire rate low dps one damage type slow moveing ranged shot. it damage fool so many how do base pve game but it fall fast evin with the perfect riven. I found my self needing Zephyr to give it great range to not wast a weapon slot. no matter what build you went for it had to have at least one weakness. people over pay for it. fun weapon sure great weapon sure. but it did not have much with out diffent every build you could make with it
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