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  1. its not unfair. YOu can take umbra when ever you want by your own. Also its not AFK farming. You have to take a look on not dying as Operator aswell as keeping Umbra in position. Also once Umbra took a certain amount of DMG he goes into T-Pose and do nothing. so if the term "AFK" didnt changed in the last 10 minutes you have no idea what you are talking about. btw. crying in Forum for DE banning something literally very other player enjoys or uses because its just an easy and efficient way to farm credits, just because YOU dont like it sounds to me like "mimimi". Would like to use some other describing terms but im sure some Mods wouldnt like that. even when its the truth oh and about the Macro thing.. Who tells us you dont use a point pickup macro? I suggest a title change.... "Ban all Frames from Index for AFK / Macro potential". Would fit your logic i guess
  2. You missed Equinox / Ivara Fokus rush. Unless they change the Focus economy drastically, anything bigger then a Greater focus lens is just a wast of time / plat
  3. But how many weapons do you use with punch through? And the easest way in my opinion to either shrink the size of Nulli bubbles down in generall or the not lazy way, get it adapting the room hight right.
  4. the problem with this would be the fact that its much more work to implement. Since DE never heard out the community, i started to keep my Ideas for changes and optimisation as simple as possible. With all your ideas [most of them are pretty good] you will never achieve anything if its to complex to do. and with to complex im talking about anything that takes more then 2 workdays. Take Universal Vacuum or Fetch. It took DE like what, 4 years? For work time worth maybe 1h for 2 people.... If you really wanna change something keep it as simple as possible to maximize the chances they will think about it.
  5. I personally have thought many times about Nulli changes. Most of the time cursing them and wishing they would be just deleted. But ifyou think about it a bit deeper they are kinda intelligent. An unite that is able to shield there allies is pretty good. But I really dont like the way they used this idea. First they have Far to less counterplay. In many tilestes the drones get lost Out of Bounds in the ceiling or even worse they get hidden inside another Nulli bubble. 1. They also spawn in far to big Numbers. They should me handled like Nox. as a specialised rare and strong unit. 2. The drones should be better to destroy 3. Nullifier shouldnt disable you abilities. Instead they should work like arbitration drones. Preventing everything inside the bubble from taking DMG by abilities. They also should stop you from using abilities inside the bubble. 4.The shield emitting drone should not be static in front of the Nulli but orbit it right in front. Like this you would prevent it from getting lost in the ceiling. Also you would implement some Skill needed to take them down because you have to actually aim for the drone.
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