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    GUNGNIR is an ancient clan that has been around for 6+ years. We are a mysterious and secretive, but powerful organization that has a unique method of selecting and recruiting its members, which is why you have not heard of us until now. Many founders, leaders, and core members of the most powerful and elite clans have all originated and splintered from GUNGNIR. There are no rules in this clan but there is a system which promotes supporting others to move up the hierarchy. Anyone can join as we're helping new players. We also allow discussion of normally taboo topics, such as politics and other controversial topics, in our discord so long as it is in the right section. We are lenient but this freedom is not to be abused. We offer absolute freedom under an ancient and wise red tyrant. We provide knowledge and secrets which will empower you. We are also one of the major moon clans in Gilded Phoenix Alliance. And now we open our doors to outsiders. Join us if you desire ultimate power. https://discord.gg/EPbSjSV

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