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  1. anemo2


    i did not notice that at all, it does some dmg but at what cost just have to aim on a enemy then charge it then use it, this is just boring af, i played amber since shes released so dont even talk to me like that, 1ability needs rework not the rest of the abilities, its my opinion this rework sucks 0cc, armor strip with your 3rd ability lowering your heat level is soo cool definitely needed kapp 4ability is just waste of time they probably wanted to show us how awesome are particle effects that literally all, 2givin you some kind of armor-shield feeling but thats all on higher level survivals youre still gonna be os for enemy
  2. anemo2


    0 cc, to be usefull you just spam 2 abilities, 3rd one is just useless 1st one is useless as it was before. why didnt they just rework her useless 1st ability instead of keeping it and reworking remaining 3abilities like wheres the logic in that wtf
  3. anemo2


    can u guys revert ember back, no offens but this rework kinda sucks ngl
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