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  1. Dear Devs , Dear fellow Tenno .

    As someone who has anxiety disorder the way MR is now make me freeze and mess up MR 8 for MONTHS ...

    I even left the game for some months but i cant ignore my love for this game , i buy pack to pass the MR , MR is a challenge for most but its a brick wall for me .

    Serious i love this game i would even PAY to skip MR !!!! but i rather ask for some change as DE is not EA and friends ,EA and friends would love me doing that ...

    Instead off playing the victim card (I REFUSE) i ask for some changes that would not hurt the challenge but make the game a little more accessible for non godlike gamers .

    A. Unlimited training , no more 3 fails out , this provokes self doubt ..and its not helping you practice at all 

    B. no more 24 hours death clock , i cant even finish the training , it gives me cold sweat and what is the use ??? skilled players will steam trough first time any way ....it feels more like punish the less skilled to me .Yes i know its stupid but it even gives me nightmares ..not being able to finish is not the worst it feels like i have to walk away unable to do what i love ..play Warframe .

    Personal i think the more PRACTICE the better one can master ,some need more training than others but giving people more chances to grow would only benefit the game imho 

    If any off you have better suggestions please share them , if you have similar problems add them  DE is always listening if there are more than me with this issue they will help us .

    Thank you for your time reading this 😍

  2. On 2-1-2018 at 4:18 PM, DatDarkOne said:

    That's a tad bit over dramatic there Tenno.  Just practice the Test at the Relay for free without any drawbacks.  Just go to a Relay, then fast travel to Cephalon Simaris.  Once there turn to the right which will lead to the Mastery Test hallway.  There you can practice any test up to one above your current rank as much as you want.  

    I understand people think you can learn something by practice , i agree if my brain did work as it was suppose to do ...

    I tried but i can not even make a constant bullet jump ...its the combinations that make me pull out my hair if i had any left .

    Pass and feel great , fail and feel miserable for 24 hours ...no need to be a rocket scientist to understand this is playing with fire .

    While iam stuck iam denied to enjoy parts off the game as iam restricted to a lot by the MR gating system .

    Why should i spend more cash on a game the does not let me have fun if i don't play how it wants me to ? 

    No worries i have my fun for now and will leave without anyone hear the door close behind me .

  3. Sad but happy i am not the only one who feels neglected because off a system that is the new Berlin Wall .

    I can still have fun when i can not do the RSI provoking parcours , but i looks like it our way or the high way :(

    I stick around run missions but iam not gonna provoke my anxiety and than have to suffer 24 hours setting my self up for failure and depression ....

    Blows my mind how restrictive a game can be , even while i may suck a jumps i could still be useful and have fun but i cant even visit that dude with the ducates !!!

    Need MR 8 so FU is my name.

    How the hell should i tell my self its ok to spend cash on a game that basic flips me off for being unable to fit their standards ???

    (feeling sad did not want to be negative but it hurts because i love the game but it does not seem to love me back ..)

  4. Did another one ...

    One i knew for sure i did this some hours ago ...

    Again no standing guess i stop doing bounties until it get fixed :sadcry:

  5. I did a lot off quests for Konzu but i seems i am not getting any Standing .

    Thought this was changed so you could run for rep unlimited ?

    Need rep but after running a lot off bounties i am still stuck at 15K ....

    If this is not changed yet could you please fix that you can see what bounty you have done because for some reason it is gone when you leave and come back .

    They are fun but i need rep ,if its not changed np i could do things that benefit me more :cool:

  6. 3 minutes ago, Terrornaut said:

    As someone who also has it, believe me, once you really dig into wf and all its systems and build up muscle memory,  and find some contentedness and patience, you will love what this game can offer. Except the wait times lol

    Try playing a low armor, fast frame that forces you to move around, or just focus on doing some capture and extermination runs and don't worry about killing, just race and catch up. Then, for mobile defense, survival, and md or interception, then challenge yourself to outdo others or yourself. You'll have fun and gain lots.


    It will be hard to go back to other games once you get used to it because they will feel so slow, basic, like you are doing so very little.

    People who actually care to listen and have compassion or care are the ones worth interacting with. The people who don't care to understand beyond their own world aren't going to be worth a lot. 

    Have fun and good luck!

    Its always good to hear from someone who knows how it is this is a great motivation thank you so much !!!

  7. 1 minute ago, ACULonSeer said:

    I immediately rebound my keys to mirror my destiny 2 setup and ithe works perfectly. I'll look up my bindings later if you want

    That would be awesome .
    Again its not because i want it easy its more my brain cant process the different keys i must use 

    Do understand for anyone  who has no attention disorder it sounds like bs 
    Had to deal with that my whole life so iam used to that 

  8. Can keep up with the game , where others jump i sprint around to the destination .

    Where i have to i just pray i make it ...

    Main reason i never play fighting games as they are horrible on mouse and keyboard, where this movement system is based off imho.

    First i refuse to ask for a dumb down i just need some help to solve the gap and make it a bit more easy to process for my brain .

    This is no case off git gut i have attention disorder so this RSI provoking movement system(keyboard)  also hurts my brain and lets my frustration levels o.d. 

    Are macro's ok or wil this get me banned ???

    Thanks for reading !

  9. Very sure they work on it even if it was only leaving people out is lose potential income but DE is enjoying it to share the love off the game.

    Have the feeling that the sudden doubling off the "players" hit them with surprise ??? (speculation

    Would love DE to give updates on this subject with Dev streams even when it is just a "we work on it" .


  10. I bought him i like him but i recommend you do some research on you tube , seeing is buying or not ...

    Everyone like or dislike different Frames and they are all right in their own truth , i suggest you either check out on YouTube to see how he plays or get your hands on a regular one and give it a test run .

  11. On 17-11-2017 at 1:28 AM, CaptainStrawberry said:

    The Operator's transference powers grow so strong, they can materialize their Warframe's sentience as an astral projections and thus we have the focus on the Warframes on the sacrifice. - speculation

    This made me think the sacrifice could be giving up physical the body to become more powerful making the operator a shadow projection (ghost like)and a shadow could be related to Umbra as its latin for shadow (if iam not mistaking).


  12. 8 minutes ago, gamerxd1234 said:

    They said on twitter that everyone will be refunded.

    Copy paste from twitter for your convenience ;


    Tenno! It looks like an asteroid cluster has wiped out our Great Fashion Frame Sale! 

    We're aware of issues with sale prices in the store. Know that you will be refunded any overcharges and we are working on a resolution asap!

  13. My first encounter was great 

    The flickering announced him but he did no showed up ,so i was looking around and did feel like someone was watching me ....

    Than i did run away as i did not know how good he was ...again my first encounter .

    Than i was in a walk way he show him self but did not rush , to me the signs off a true heartless confident killer .

    I did kill him but to me the encounter did feel good.

    Maybe after more encounters this changes my feelings towards this first encounter ? 

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