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  1. I'm still waiting for Dawn Patrol, or Ima Goodslut, Richard Cranium, Mike Hunt or maybe Sandy Vagina.
  2. Someone copied a successful system? Shocking! Utterly and mind bogglingly shocking!
  3. Did they change the MR on the Ignis Wraith or has it always been that high? I seem to remember getting mine pretty soon after starting to play.
  4. The one Ayanga I got was with started with Saryn. I've been switching warframes for every new lich and so far, after 6 liches, I haven't gotten a dupe weapon yet. Of course my luck might be just random chance and the RNGesus smiling on me for a change.
  5. For me it's been anywhere from one to six. For me it seems random. I've tried all the suggestions, from killing things fast, optimizing the cache and switching frames, planets and weapons. Still seems random. My first lich took one, the one I started last night took one. But the one before that took six and the one before that, five.
  6. Go to an infested survival, use Gara or Frost with Ignis or Ignis wraith. Cast snow globe or Gara's glass wall, stay inside safe area and set everything outside on fire. If you don't have Ignis Wraith ask for one in chat and you'll probably get one. If you don't, say "I'm a girl" and you'll probably have 20 of them in 5 minutes.
  7. The RNG has been good to me for a change. I've done 5 liches and have 2 ephemera. On my sixth lich now and still haven't seen a dupe weapon.
  8. Riven mods are an emotional solution to an emotional problem. You can't solve that by applying math and logic to it. You have to throw the whole thing out and start over with math and logic. And then when the loudest minority starts shouting the first thing we'll see is an emotional solution.
  9. Radiation is good for the laughs, watching them all turn on each other makes me giggle uncontrollably. My current lich has a radiation dubba stubba. Can't wait to try it out. When they're shooting at each other, they're not shooting at me.
  10. And even if it's a crappy dupe I think I'd still take it on the off chance that DE decides to extend their "valence" system to allow additive combines. I think the chance of them doing that is about as great as I have of sleeping with a supermodel, but hey, it's still a chance. lol
  11. Since the Lore is dead, why not have a Tenno version of Amazon. Call it Prime Lich. Put in your order and the Overnight Lich shows up with your weapon of choice.
  12. This. There's no P2W in a PvE game. The only thing you can win by paying is a lessening of the grind.
  13. Because it's their game and they get to make the rules and this is the way they want it to be. Simple solution, stay out of region chat.
  14. My preferred way is I rank him from 1 to 2 on our first meeting, that way I've got two planets to run his missions on. I then solo murmurs for the first two mods keeping the lich at level 2. Then I go into public missions, this lets me guess the position of the two I do know while collecting murmurs quickly and having a full team to take him down if he's going to be a jerk about it, like the arsehole lich with the radiation Tonkor.
  15. They'll never do away with dupes, but they could add some code that says you can't get the same weapon twice in a row. That would be fairly easy on their end, allow them to keep the grind going, and not be so depressing for a player like yourself.
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