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  1. Bring back self damage. The way it is now is absurd, I can equip Prime Sure Footed and fire the Bramma or other grenade weapon at my feet, kill all the enemies around me and take no damage, no stagger, no downside at all other than looking stupid.
  2. Could very well be the case, I'll have to test that. Thanks for the helpful response!
  3. I seem to have discovered what my problem is, for some reason I remember glaives exploding when dual wielded with a secondary, and I can't get that to work now. It only works in when the glaive is wielded alone using the quick melee to throw and the heavy melee to explode. I can't get it to work at all in dual wield mode, not matter what keys I use. And that was my problem when I wasn't getting good damage, the glaive wasn't exploding and I didn't realize it. So what this may be is me missing that glaives have changed or maybe my key configuration has gotten messed up. Anyway, thanks to t
  4. Whoopsie, you're wrong! I log in and play almost every day. Not counting Xoris, what's great about glaives? I used Glaive Prime last night and thought it underwhelming. So maybe what you caught is someone who doesn't know how to mod or use glaives effectively. And while fun to play, I still think the Wolf Sledge is underpowered and could use some lock on and some rebounding.
  5. They're seriously lacking in both power and usability, at least IMO. They need more lock on, more rebounding and more damage. The Cedo's glaive does all those things, and what's more, it spreads status effects like a wild thing. Thrown weapons, specially glaives and the Wolf Sledge, need some of that love.
  6. Use Zephyr and the "reduced gravity during aim glide" mod. That makes getting from platform to platform a lot easier, at least it did for me. Even one of them would have helped a lot. Both of them made the jumping really easy. I guess now Chroma and his extra jump would help too.
  7. It needed to end 3 months ago, all I can say now is "Thank God for the mute button". DE needs to stop throwing new stuff into the game, hotfixing it in the first day or two, then forgetting it exists for months on end. That, along with some of their other nonsense, has pretty much driven me back to ESO. I still log in and do the daily sortie, but as soon as I see it's not a Riven mod I log back off.
  8. I've got both and use both. I tend to play Bonewidow more as I just think it's more fun to play and easier to stay alive. I like shooting things, so keeping a tanky enemy hanging from Meathook and using the Mausolon or Kuva Ayanga is a good and fun way to play without having to worry about micromanaging energy and abilities. I don't know what else I can tell you except "Get both".
  9. On a certain Infested Defense map and the Ignis Wraith that takes about 5 seconds once the room fills up. Any warframe can do it without mods. Now throw in "With a sniper rifle" and I'll see the need for Loki and the mods.
  10. It does NOT work in full screen mode, you have to switch to Borderless Full Screen or Windowed modes for it to show. Edited to add: I just gave it a quick run in Ophix Venom using the crosshair in "crosshairs 7" folder of the icon pack that looks like an animated Google Chrome icon. I sized it to 75% and set it to the middle of the screen with no offset and it worked perfectly. Really makes the aiming point stand out and doesn't really interfere with anything else. Great tip OP, thanks!
  11. As much as I wouldn't really enjoy it, I'd play "Tony Hawk, Warframe Edition" if it meant getting Rivens faster than the Daily Sculpture Sortie.
  12. And while they're at it, they should make one for Nightwave and her successors, hit squads and Stalker. Or we can just ignore the ones we don't like.
  13. Scarlet Spear started out giving way less rewards or things costing way too much...or a combination of the two, I forget which. After enough whining they eventually changed it and gave everyone the amount they would have gotten. I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same here when they get back from holiday. Of course they've been on holiday for 10 months with no end in sight, but hey, that's the way the world is right now I guess.
  14. I soloed it with Inaros Prime. Gave the operative my riven modded rattleguts secondary and I used Cedo and just revived him whenever he went down. Moron stood in the middle of one or another radiation hazard for most of the time. Not that Inaros cared mind you, but it was still a "WTF dude, get out of the radiation!" moment.
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