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  1. I dunno, maybe it's because I don't give a rat's back end what players are whining about over in the feedback section?
  2. I laughed too and thought "Why the hell would anyone waste a slot on something a macro, or just hitting 3 keys in a row, can easily do?". Whenever I see them do something like this I wonder why they don't float it past someone who actually plays the game.
  3. I haven't even played it yet. I haven't liked Railjack from the beginning although I got one early and came back each time it's been upgraded. It's gotten better, but it's still not my idea of fun. I suppose once the bugs get removed I'll try it again, but I'm not expecting much. I just don't like space combat games and never have liked them. It's sad, at least for me, that DE picked one of my least liked gameplay types for the future of Warframe. But like they said themselves, that's why there are other games to play.
  4. Maybe our super advanced AI could pilot it and do some gunnery after we capture it...in between lines of witty repartee, of course. I wouldn't want to completely prevent it from fulfilling it's primary function. Oh wait, yes, I would.
  5. I still find it silly that an advanced, on board AI can't do simple things like turn on a fire suppression system, run preplanned evasion routes or use the Forge to keep supplies up. It can't even do what the computer in a current day vehicle like a Tesla can do. Yes, I realize it's a multiplayer game and with a team of 4 players, but who wants to be an order clerk, a fireman or hull repairman? Everyone wants to be an away team assassin, not in the rear with the gear. That's what Command Intrinsic should be IMO, not just some hired crewmates. Get rid of the AI if all it can do is p
  6. I've been playing for 3 years. 1. Lack of story. 2. Most of the new events aren't things I really enjoy that much, e.g, Railjack and Necromech. 3 Way too much grinding, and I'm a guy who likes grinding. 4. Too much RNG, and RNGesus doesn't like me much compared to others I play with. Adding a pity timer would be an easy fix. 5. Few things in the game offer a challenge anymore and every attempt to add challenge only creates bosses with invulnerability phases or bullet sponges. 6. And this should have been first, Melee is far, far too powerful compared to primary weapons. If I wan
  7. I went several hours running the Scarlet Spear event with the Extinguished key equipped from a Riven challenge. I kept thinking "Damn, when did these guys get so tough?". When I finally realized it and took the key off I felt like an idiot and when I ran the event again it was like a walk in the park.
  8. Bring back self damage. The way it is now is absurd, I can equip Prime Sure Footed and fire the Bramma or other grenade weapon at my feet, kill all the enemies around me and take no damage, no stagger, no downside at all other than looking stupid.
  9. Could very well be the case, I'll have to test that. Thanks for the helpful response!
  10. I seem to have discovered what my problem is, for some reason I remember glaives exploding when dual wielded with a secondary, and I can't get that to work now. It only works in when the glaive is wielded alone using the quick melee to throw and the heavy melee to explode. I can't get it to work at all in dual wield mode, not matter what keys I use. And that was my problem when I wasn't getting good damage, the glaive wasn't exploding and I didn't realize it. So what this may be is me missing that glaives have changed or maybe my key configuration has gotten messed up. Anyway, thanks to t
  11. Whoopsie, you're wrong! I log in and play almost every day. Not counting Xoris, what's great about glaives? I used Glaive Prime last night and thought it underwhelming. So maybe what you caught is someone who doesn't know how to mod or use glaives effectively. And while fun to play, I still think the Wolf Sledge is underpowered and could use some lock on and some rebounding.
  12. They're seriously lacking in both power and usability, at least IMO. They need more lock on, more rebounding and more damage. The Cedo's glaive does all those things, and what's more, it spreads status effects like a wild thing. Thrown weapons, specially glaives and the Wolf Sledge, need some of that love.
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