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  1. That's why it's great being an Inaros player, I've got 3 powers that can be replaced without missing them, Pocket Sand is the only one I use with any regularity. Same with Nehza really, other than going fast it's 1 is pointless, 2 is fun but other than dropping health orbs it's not that great, 3 is it's main (IMO of course) and 4 is powerful but, again IMO, pretty situational.
  2. It's good, but as someone else said it's the same dance just on a different dance floor and with different partners wearing different clothes. IMO it's a bit more polished than the two that came before it when they were released. It's also smaller with a bit less traveling between mission areas. Unfortunately, at this time it lacks any kind of boss enemy. There's no giant striding the landscape, daring you to have a go at them. But maybe that will get added later. But for right now, there's a lot to do, a new (if somewhat annoying) story and new (if somewhat annoying) characters to intera
  3. As a gun guy I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the idea. I like it just as much as I like the idea of DE buffing Primary weapons so they'd be more...well, primary.
  4. While I think there should be a way to buy your way out of the Lich, it's been months and it's not happened so it's probably never going to happen. One of the guys I play with thinks level 30 is "high level" and stays down on Saturn and below. Several weeks ago he got a lich playing with me and I had repeatedly told him, "Don't hit X on the larveling" and he did it anyway. I've told him, it will take us an evening or two to collect the mods needed and go kill him, "I'll put him down and you click X on him" and he doesn't want to do it. Oh well, at least he's over on Neptune or Pluto and isn't
  5. Thanks again for the reminders of why I only play solo or with friends.
  6. In a way you're both right;. DE should get their act together before releasing a major update. And you should realize that's never going to happen and avoid farming your brains out until it's fixed. Or at least recognize that you love the self abuse (because that's what it is if you keep it up after it's obvious to everyone that drop rates are broken) and stop whining about it.
  7. It's been weeks since I've seen a log in plat sale on PC and I've been waiting for one. They seem to drop at rather odd intervals.
  8. Sure we can have that...right after we get Command Intrinsic.
  9. And yet they have no problem spawning right on top of the purifier, pylons or other similar spots where they get mass murdered. Funny, how that works, isn't it?
  10. Replace "mech" with "railjack" and it would be a word for word copy of what I said a month after Empyrean was released.
  11. I played Xaku for the better part of an hour without a potato and learned all I needed to. He goes into the Maw as soon as he hits 30. Go back and play guns like the Xylok or Stug and tell me you needed a reactor in them to tell they were complete crap. Same with Catchmoon primary. I got suckered in on that one, I hit 30 with it, no potato and no forma and thought "It can't REALLY be this bad!" and then a reactor , a riven and 5 forma later thought "Yes, it can REALLY be that bad!".
  12. Would I like them to be more fun? Yes. Will they be changed to be more fun? Probably not. And the reason is money. DE and other FTP games lock needed content or materials behind frustrating or just annoying mini games. Thus pushing casuals, the easily frustrated and those without a lot of time to play and don't want to waste it fishing, hunting and mining, into spending money. And honestly, I think DE does a pretty decent job of balancing it. I've seen far worse.
  13. If you use Excal Umbra will it follow your mech around and fight? I don't have a mech yet or I'd try it myself.
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