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  1. I've been doing the ground missions solo with Frost, a Kuva Chakkur and a Catchmoon. Catchmoon for the Aerolyst and weaker enemies, and Chakkur for the Condrix and tougher enemies. I usually quit after the 8th Condrix because after that the time involved isn't worth the added credits, chasing the stinking Aerolyst around the map as it runs from me, gets out of range of the nerfed Catchmoon or embeds itself into the landscap so it can't be damaged just adds way too much time and annoyance into the equation. Plus that's when the Grineer with AoE weapons come out to play and will destroy the fragile oplink even through Frost's bubble.
  2. Here's your answer. "It's still not working right".
  3. I'll have to try it. I've been using Frost only because he's better at protecting the stupidly fragile Oplink and staying alive doing it than the others I've tried. Also his powers will freeze the sentients and make them easier to hit. And I tend to quit after the 8th Condrix. Not because it really gets that much harder, but by then I'm tired of chasing the damn Aerolyst all over the freaking map or trying to lure it back out of being embedded into the landscape where it can't be damaged. It's faster to just quit then and come back and do 8 more.
  4. Lotus is going to be rehabilitated and come back as leader of the Tenno, guaranteed. Removing her, and putting something else in her place will only add to game complexity. Lotus is leader up to a certain quest, then it's someone else? And Gift missions, Dex missions, etc, etc will have to change names after a quest is fulfilled, but not before? Or the new player experience and all animations have to be remade? Steve said the game is already so complex that it's daunting. No way they add that on top of the mix. Lotus will return as SpaceMom. Hell, I can see it in Reb's face every time they talk about Lotus. She gets this smarmy, "I know something you don't know" yet pleased look. Never play poker Reb, trust me on that one. lol
  5. And I think all of us here already know that from the 20 other "DE Screwed Up!" threads going on at the moment. So other than making him feel better to add to the dogpile, what was the point?
  6. What's a "defauler"? Nevermind, apparently it's a male phallic symbol. Someone should inform Google and Webster, or at least the Urban Dictionary.
  7. Don't worry DE, I got this one. 1. The sentients are attacking because they're angry at how they were created and used by the Orokin and they see the Tenno as the hand of the Orokin. Anger is a great motivator. 2. They're establishing a beachead in the Oort cloud, close enough to launch an invasion from, far enough away that it won't be noticed and attacked until they were ready. The fact that it was a miscalculation and didn't work doesn't mean that's not why they did it. 3. Grineer are fighting us instead of helping because, when calculated, the average intelligence of the Grineer is "not a number". Also, we're worked against them too much to trust us. And they're not very bright, they build space ships but can't build an energy weapon? Yea, that's the Grineer in a nutshell. 4. The Syndicates aren't helping because, like New Loka and Steel Meridian they've either been wiped out or, like the Perrin Sequence are busying packing their bug out bags and selling their stock holdings so they can get out of the coming war zone without losing their asses. 5. Little Duck is overseeing the operations because everyone who might be better at it is also smart enough to see the writing on the wall and has already bugged out. There now, feel better? 😉
  8. I'll endure it if for no other reason than it gives me the opportunity to get the arcanes I want without having to endure pug groups in eidolon hunts and the RNG giving me all the ones I don't want instead of the ones I do.
  9. Simple solution, don't play their event. Or even better, only play the Murex missions with a Limbo. When everyone stops playing ground missions then someone at DE eventually will notice and some changes will be made. But of course, like the dog in the burning cafe, Reb and Meg will play it on Primetime on the dev server and tell us how great it is. And then they'll nerf whatever weapon we're using the most.
  10. When people realize you can do nothing in space missions and get a ton of points, ain't no one going to be doing ground missions.
  11. My suggestions for the next hotfix are simple. 1. Bring the rewards for ground missions into sync with the Railjack missions or you won't have any ground teams to send codes. 2. Lower the cost of everything back to what you showed on stream. 3. Raise the health of Oplinks or let them heal between waves. 4. Some Railjack teams are reporting how easy it is to play missions while pretty much AFK with Limbo. Fix that or again, you won't have ground teams to send codes.
  12. Oh, I get it. Which items in the event store am I grinding for. Sorry, I guess I'm just a bit thick tonight. Thick and cheeky, not a good look. 🥺 My first desire is always new weapons. But when I saw the cost I said "Frack that" and decided for some arcanes I don't have since I hate Eidolon hunting and have only done it a few times. Then I realized how many arcanes I'd have to have to hit max rank, did the math and repeated my "Frack that". Maybe I'll grind for Arcane Nullifier, maybe that will make Eidolon hunting a bit less of a PITA.
  13. Now there's some truth to that. I've had asthma my whole life, I've had some experience with failing to get enough oxygen. It's not fun.
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