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  1. Over time, I've met many Frosts while solo queuing in public matches. Although I usually don't run into problems in most missions, conflict almost inevitably arises when against Infested. I've made many complaints throughout my Warframe career of Frosts misplacing Snow Globes (especially lining them up in a row), but for some reason, regardless if it's here on Warframe Forums or on the subreddit, I keep getting lectured on how to use Frost right as if I'm the one responsible for not having fun. It really gets at my nerves because how am I supposed to play a frame that I don't play??? I have no
  2. It's happened to me no less than 5 times over the past 2 weeks, and it's seriously gamebreaking. The only known cause to this that I can give details on is, it involves trying to use transference to Operator as my Warframe gets downed. I'm not even sure if it's actually the cause, but it is related. Lag/latency may also be involved. Symptoms: All 4 Warframe abilities are disabled upon revive due to "ability in use" flag Transference is disabled as well under the same flag of "ability in use" When equipping melee, Melee Attack button is disabled (although using Quick Mel
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