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  1. It's happened to me no less than 5 times over the past 2 weeks, and it's seriously gamebreaking. The only known cause to this that I can give details on is, it involves trying to use transference to Operator as my Warframe gets downed. I'm not even sure if it's actually the cause, but it is related. Lag/latency may also be involved. Symptoms: All 4 Warframe abilities are disabled upon revive due to "ability in use" flag Transference is disabled as well under the same flag of "ability in use" When equipping melee, Melee Attack button is disabled (although using Quick Melee when equipping a gun is still functional) When downed, quick death/respawn is also disabled (must run the timer down) Interaction with the environment (default: X) also appears to be non-functional Only known fix: Warframe must die, hoping no teammate will revive him/her while the timer runs down (this can often fail badly due to some teammates not reading or noticing chat) This bug is extremely serious due to a significant loss of functionality with the Warframe (and complete loss of use of the Operator), and I really hope this gets or already has high priority in the list of bugs to be fixed in the next major update. EDIT: Falling off the map and teleporting to the last solid ground your frame was standing on is also another fix. I should've made this update months ago, sorry for being so late.
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