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  1. Railjack Transporter rooms. I have been encountering issues in missions that require that the team assemble at a location to begin the next (normal ground style) part of a mission. I think it would be nice if we rip off Star Trek and have a transporter room on the Railjack so that players don't have to find their way to the same door instance... or whatever is going on that prevents players from entering to start the mission. Doors that won't open can be penetrated by the archwing slingshot, but it doesn't necessarily stick everyone in the same door instance... or something, or perha
  2. Having played with a fully AI crew, I believe it would be prudent to make the Archwing slingshot and the forward artillery capable of 360 degree targeting. This functionality could be unlocked through gunnery intrinsic like with the gunner positions, but yeah... the AI are terrible at lining up the front of the ship at crew ships so that you can board them or hit them with the artillery. Perhaps rename "forward artillery" to "main artillery" or "heavy artillery" or something to that effect. The inability to board or hit crew ships with the slingshot or the big gun because the AI won
  3. I really like that new Railjack is shifting more toward each individual getting to preserve their preferences and play style, but I think it doesn't go quite far enough. All of my suggestions below are based on the premise of Railjack technologies being morphogenic. They reconfigure based on the Plexus they interact with. Think of the Plexus like a Voltron Bayard. When you plug yours into a station, it configures the weapons/etc. based on you. Manufacturers could still be a thing, they just don't make literal components. They design weapon/generator/hull/shield configuration coding t
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