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  1. Having played reworked ember... I don't hate it, but there are some things I hate: It seems that ember's fire blast and meteor are full body animations... just.... no. WHY? Basically nothing in this game should ever be an animation lock. Have we not learned this by now, devs? Also... the animation for meteor is seriously... lame. It's like we're trying to chest-bump Jesus whenever we cast it. But the most hated thing: Immolation! The energy drain is just... super aggressive when it tops out. It also REFUSES to go down no matter how many times you fireblast if you've been "too liberal" with your application of arson. It is basically to the point that, if you are not going to be casting... like at all... sure, go ahead, pop on immolation and have the damage resistance, but if you are going to be casting, take it off and leave it off because it's just going to be the most annoying thing ever, threatening to eat all your energy all up if you don't like... STARE at it. It's like "We gave you a Ferrari, keep your eyes on the dashboard!" The indicator seriously needs to be in the middle of the screen... and even then, it doesn't matter, you fire blast to get it down and it just shoots right back up cause you've been too aggressive with your fire magic. I honestly don't know how to fix the power's current mechanics without making it OP. The meter should probably just be turned into ember's passive. It can be natively "full" and refills automatically over time. With each cast, it goes down along with the bonuses it provides to the defense/offense of her abilities. Simply make immolation a self buff that scales off of the meter's current status (as all her powers would) and call it a day.
  2. I am back! And my thoughts on Vauban's rework are first and foremost: It seems like it's really hard to judge his abilities without seeing what happens when heavily modded. Range/duration/power could aggressively affect his kit in ways that might make him super good... I hope. Tesla Drones: Seem interesting. At first, I was far more excited thinking they would follow you around indefinitely and they would simply shock anything that came close to you, but the current design might work just fine/better in some way, we shall see. Minelayer is... eh. Ripline Mine: Not mobile. Seems like it only grabbed 2-3 enemies, which is suuuuper underwhelming, and if it prioritizes targeting nearby enemies, that "if something is outside of Bastille, you can pull them in" bit could easily be sabotaged by enemies that are already inside Bastille and are closer to the mine than those outside. I don't know if the mine already behaves this way as the footage is limited, but it seems to me that if it is limited in the number of targets it grabs, that when a target dies during the duration of the mine, it should reach out and grab someone else in range with the free'd up ripline. But over all, it just seems redundant, Vauban's 4 has been turned into the ultimate CC with sucking in and hold on tap. So other CC powers in his kit seem like "why bother?" to me. Nail Grenade: Not mobile. Seems like... Why? With immobile enemies, it is hard to gauge it's CC potential, but the damage looked like absolutely nothing, and again, there are other CC's in the kit so that I am not sure how this is not redundant. If it were primarily a damage mine, maybe that would make sense. And maybe modded for damage output, it might be just that... but on it's face... eh. Boost Pad: I agree with basically everyone else on this one, it just seems like a troll power and as far as team mobility support, it doesn't provide this function nearly as well as those on any other frame. I think an interesting alternative would be a portal pad or a tesseract pad, or whatever you want to call it. This pad could do bi-directional teleports between two points allowing one to hop back and forth between two places. This could essentially provide the same mobility properties that Nova's wormholes provide, but would specifically allow one to go back and forth between both ends for the duration. It can drop a portal mine directly in front of Vauban and one where he was aiming. I feel this could make for easier maintenance of trap locations and would fit in with the "Tower Defense" motif he seems to... essentially.... still have in this rework. Damage Amp: I agree that this will probably end up being his default option that all players go with given what I've seen of the other mines and their seemingly redundant utility. Also, how exactly does this perform? Is it a stationary mine that will zap any ally that comes close with a damage buff or is it like the Tesla drones and it latches on to allies? In which case, do multiples have to be laid down for them to latch on to each ally? Orbital Strike: Seems fine I guess. The charge up on it definitely looks iffy and like it requires CC to be effective, for by the time it goes off, mobile enemies could have easily moved out of range. Which I suspect is kind of the point... a forced synergy (but not overbearingly so) of you having to use his other abilities for this to be effective. Bastile/Vortex: Seems fine, but I would suggest allowing the "hold 4 to change from Bastille to Vortex" to also allow you to switch back out of Vortex to Bastille as well. Overall: Considering this as the mission statement for his rework: "When revisiting Vauban, we aimed to retain his status as a crowd control powerhouse, while increasing his mobility and lethality to keep up with 2019 Warframe’s lightning-quick pace." I would think that Vauban's redesign was supposed to move away from the "tower defense" aspect and keep him and his abilities mobile. Mine layer and Bastile/Vortex seem to be decidedly stuck in tower defense mode, and Tesla Drones start off mobile and "keep moving" but transition into sticking to enemies and holding the enemies up at the location they were triggered. So the drones seem to sort of go with mobility but then become potentially counterproductive once latched on. I feel that his Bastille/Vortex abilities largely hold down the fort on retaining his "crowd control powerhouse" capabilities, while his mines mostly are all redundant in the shadow of his ultimate. With his CC crown held on tight by his ultimate, I think it would have been far more interesting to double down on the "drones" concept in the rest of his kit. If he had been given drones that could switch between modes, I think that could have worked out really well. Drones could be set to attack mode and would fire on his targeting reticle whenever he attacked. They could fire long ranged weapons when Vauban uses a gun, they could turn into spinning blades or lash out with whip arms or something whenever he attacks in melee. If we bake the Tesla concept into them, they could fire railguns at long range targets and shock melee targets. Having the attack mode drones only attack when Vauban attacks would prevent them from being "set it and forget it" attackers. They could be set to defense mode in which they would actively move to take the hits coming toward Vauban, body-blocking for him until they run out of hit points and are destroyed, or perhaps deploying energy shields that provide over-all damage reduction. They could produce a second shield bar that sits on top of Vauban's shields. Once depleted, the shield is completely offline until it fully recharges leaving Vauban's shield to take the hits, but once redeployed it allows Vauban's shields to regenerate underneath while it takes hits. Or maybe the drones fire "shield restoring" beams at Vauban that give him a constant shield regeneration rate, even while under fire. A similar effect to "hp regeneration" abilities except this one only applies to the shields. Lots of possibilities for a defense mode. They could be set to mobility mode where Vauban could stand on the drones and they let him hover-skate around. (I.E. keeping the legs moving rather than going full on hover-board) or maybe they attach to his ankles/wrists/shoulders (depends on number of drones and their size, etc.) and give him thruster boosts to movement. This option would allow him to essentially retain his normal animation set just with boosted effects. They could also substantially enhance his jump in this mode, maybe even enhance his wall latch, deploying tethers to the wall to keep him latched longer/maybe even indefinitely. I think that replacing the current Tesla Drones with the potentially still Tesla-themed "Support Drones" described above paired with Vauban's other skills would keep a healthy and delightful balance between Vauban's old "tower defense" kit and the mission statement of getting our boy moving and improving lethality. Mine layer is confusing because it has traps that are completely outclassed by Bastille/Vortex and it has support/team support/utility powers that are just... suddenly, randomly in the kit. I suspect that this should either go one way or the other. Make this a full on tower defense trap power or a "utility/team support" power. If going the all traps way, remove tether mine and stick in more consistent traps like a gravity amp trap that creates an area of effect that sticks weak but fast enemies to the floor and slows strong heavy enemies. This could be a tar trap, a oil slick trap, a time dialation (all actions slowed) trap, whatever. Make Nail Grenade aggressively a damage over time AOE trap. A portal pad could be a team utility/enemy trap that lets allies travel from point A to point B and from point B to point A depending on where they enter, but it teleports enemies in opposite fashion so that they walk freely over the first portal point, but if they touch the second portal point, it sends them back to the first. This would allow Vauban to set up "trap paths" that the enemies go through over and over. The portals should be deployed in pairs, one directly in front of Vauban's position, the other where he aims. Finally, Might add a spike damage trap (the Nail Grenade providing steady DPS) that will detonate with high damage when triggered by enemy presence, but then takes time to recharge for another hit. Or this could be a high damage "turret" that hits hard but slow and prioritizes heavy units within range but will target light units with no heavies around. If going the team support route, portal points are still good. Damage amp mine (totem) could literally amplify the damage the team outputs the way it does currently, or it could fire on any enemies that the team members in its influence are attacking. It could literally be a weaponized totem pole sticking out of the ground or a attack drone hive. A team support totem "rally point" or "resupply" could fire shield reinforcing beams at anyone in the area, or might produce gentle healing pulses, or ammo restoring pulses, or maybe it does all three of these things at the same time, but each effect is quite subtle so as not to be OP or step on anyone's toes. Or if we are trying to get away from the stationary point defense type mechanics, Vauban could just launch drones that will attach to any allies within affinity range and provide them with the attack and or resupply effects depending on drones launched. Anyway, I think the above suggestions also just feel more "engineer" than Vauban's current rework kit feels. I also have waaaay more ideas or mix and matches of what's above, but this has already turned into a short novel, so I'm going to leave it there.
  3. There are way too many posts in this thread for me to read it all to find out if a dev has already addressed this, but is the overheat "lose all energy" thing meant to be our energy that we cast our abilities with, or do you mean the bar loses it's "immolation energy" and drops back down to the basic buffs? Cause the first would be ridiculous, the second is not that big of a deal. Also, if this has been asked and answered, the main post needs to be edited to clarify so people are not expected to search through the whole thread for that answer. Also, also, it is silly to have a dev workshop that addresses TWO warframe reworks in the same post. Now the feedback for both frames is all mixed in together. Please make individual workshop posts for each warframe in the future so that the feedback is more consolidated. If Vauban's rework is mostly spot on with only a few places that could be polished, while Ember's rework is universally panned as a dumpster fire, the few bits of constructive criticism for Vauban will be buried in the rubble left behind by Ember's meteor shower. (not saying that is the circumstance here, just an example) Ember: Assuming that the answer to my first question is the sane answer of, "Of course we meant her immolation energy, discharging all of her 'normal' energy would result in forum fires!": Abilities #2 and #3: I will start here due to the synergy and possible controversy. I realize the devs like to kill any stupid-simple abilities that let you almost completely set it and forget it, but I am no fan of the "forced synergy" they have been trying to bake into some power sets. They take a power set that had one map-clearing nuke and useless everything else and go "okay, fine, you can still do this, but only if you cast ALL of your useless abilities first to make the nuke work." They seem to be getting better about how far this goes and making the useless powers less so. In this case they don't seem to have gone overboard like with Saryn's first outing. And arguably, making the player periodically cast their 3 to prevent overheating isn't THAT intrusive (assuming sane consequences discussed above). However, I think it becomes disruptive/immersion breaking for the player as that ability is a CC ability that knocks all the enemies back, and knockback isn't always desired. So making the player babysit their thermometer like: TYR: Manually discharging capacitor bank A. BEKA: Manually discharging capacitor bank B. TYR: Manually evacuating pion reservoir A. BEKA: Manually evacuating pion reservoir B. TYR: Venting complete. BEKA: I never thought I would miss an AP solenoid valve this much. ^Andromeda reference^ Where my nerds at? Seems... meh. I think a simple fix would be instead of knockback on fireblast, it should give the CC that used to be baked into accelerant and cause the enemies to be stunned in place as their armor melts rather than being blasted away. Maybe a name change to "heatwave" or "heat stroke" or perhaps "Heat Syncope" in honor of Princess Hibana :D (devs love them some animu -"Fire Force" reference, for the uninitiated.)... or any name that doesn't suggest "blast" and the requisite "blown away" will do. Could even lay into that with the visuals and rather than the flailing "I'm on fire!" have them slump a bit like they are overwhelmed by the heat and surround them with the radiating heat waves. Be as fancy or not as you like. Ability #1: Fireball is, to me, -as nearly all #1 warframe abilities are- useless. This usually doesn't bother me too much, as "1" is not an easy key for me to press while maintaining directional control... though as I write this, I am sitting here thinking that maybe I just need to modify my keymaping more aggressively than I already have to remedy that situation... But personally, I would prefer for the "toggles" and decent duration buffs to go to "1" so I can set it and forget it/periodically bother with it, then use 2-4 for powers I need to actively/spamably cast. But again... I can probably fix this by just editing what keys do what like I did with the carpel tunnel inducing defaults for bullet jump. I'll try that eventually. But yes, the #1 power seems to usually serve the roll of "eh" on most frames, especially the "elemental projectile" types, given a single bullet from any weapon will likely be more effective. Aside from that, I am not terribly fond of charge mechanics unless they are going to REALLY pay off. Charge mechanics in this game seem to take this: And make it this: Unfortunately ^this^ is actually an extremely generous analogy when considering the actual effective difference between the two in the game this is pulled from, but scroll a bit further and you'll see where I'm going.... If I am going to have to be all: Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Then I best be getting / seeing / feeling like: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is way fast paced. Charge mechanics need to really pay off if they're going to dare to show their face when one shot from a pistol can take out most... everythings Lotus: "Tenno, that large, inter-stellar, troop transport is about to get away!" Us: "*Pulls out standard issue -though fully modded- Lato* *Fires one round that grazes the hull in a heavily armored, non critical location*" Troop transport: "*pop*". ^Mild Hyperbole^ ...or... thoroughly accurate? It's been a minute since I've used a Lato, so you tell me. The Ultimate: The change to the ultimate damage mechanics doesn't bother me so much, depending on how it actually performs once I get my hands on it. It looked boring in the stream. After setting them on fire, they seemed to burn for a really long time... like the type of warm, gentle fire one might roast chestnuts over. And Scott's like "if they weren't stationary, they would run around and spread the fire." I'm still over here feeling like this ultimate should leave behind smoldering piles of ash on impact, but... we'll see. Maybe that's what Vauban's ultimate does, and we couldn't have such a blatant reskin. Though thematically, I find it strange that Ember apparently summons meteors. Technically, meteors aren't intrinsically "heat" or "fire," they are ROCKS that become hot as they careen through the atmosphere being heated by friction. So Ember's power set now involves earth-bending, which she uses to drag rocks out of orbit to smash her enemies with. Frankly that seems more up atlas's alley. Plus the whole "works indoors" means she's also acquired some spatial magic to open portals for her earth-bent space rocks. And she has a TREMENDOUS range, as the relatively tiny atmosphere contained in a ship/facility would be insufficient to heat the meteors as seen, so she first bends them toward a planet with a suitable atmosphere for pre-heating and then portals them from said atmosphere into the ship/station before they strike the ground. If she was a bit more: That would be preferable... but, this is a nitpick... I guess... My immersion is like "I'm dying over here!" but... it's fine. And, of course, we could not have such a long (and thus fabulous) casting animation as that, but the current meteor summoning animation paired with great orbs of -pure- fire (no crunchy centers) spawning from the ether and obliterating the enemy would totally work. So generally, I shall miss my lazy world on fire for the "run through" map clearings of day-to-day, not-so-hard content, but overall, (assuming this energy penalty thing isn't silly) this rework seems quite interesting and I look forward to trying it. But not to having to probably completely re-forma my build. Booben will have to wait his turn. As I said, he should really be waiting in a completely separate thread dedicated to his separate rework... but whatever. I shall fill another page of this thread for him too... maybe. I think fewer gifs will be required to illustrate my thoughts on him... but no promises. Also, after composing this at the end of my consciousness cycle, I need a rest. And if you've read this whole thing, dear reader, you probably do too.
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