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  1. Atm if you look at someone's profile only configuration slot 1 for your operator is shown even if they are using configuration slot 2 or 3. A few people have asked me to look at their profile because of it so I thought I'd point it out.
  2. the point of end-game imo is something that can't be done at least not efficiently by newer players I found Eidolons to be a joke at this point in turns of just doing them, doing something like a 6x3 that's hard for me at least
  3. Ya right wanting to put some sort of effort into the game and get a suitable reward oh no what an elitist The game has been catering to new players for years but hey what's another 20 years
  4. I find being rude to people that are not as "good" as you pointless but DE imo has not given the "vet" community anything as of late to do and or play thats challenging that would need 2 brain cells to do, So i can get why people can seem rude on this topic when told get over it
  5. I felt the same when she said that, I understand that not being able to get the new thing can be frustrating but every game has some sort of content (loot and or cosmetic) that a new and or "casual" can't get and warframe was like that at some point not anymore sadly
  6. MR means nothing in the game other than efficiency in syndicates I know people that are mr 0 that have played for almost 2k hours and are way "better" at the game than someone who is mr 27.
  7. They are adding a new eidolon that might also drop focus so there is that and I'm pretty sure focus is a long grind type thing so that's why it's very "little" focus per hunt, You can max focus at like 250 caps so it's not that long depending on how efficient you are in hunts
  8. I grind stuff day one (if I can) cuz I like staying up to date and I wanna play x new thing before it gets made easier and as for the event I like being competitive from time to time so that's why I'll be doing it
  9. my man you just became my new best friend and true epic gamer of the year
  10. even less of a reason to play with people epic !!!!
  11. I just wanna game with people and use two brain cells instead of one
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