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  1. Immortal? If you mean like how the demios cat/fox thing does then sure! hell maybe give a small sort of "revenge buff" if your pet goes down, something that fits the breed of pet you have. Either way, mods like this, while helpful in tough situations, are just bandaids! They will still need a total overhaul and I'm pretty convinced now that Pets 2.0 will likely not cover enough problems to change peoples mind on pets overall. I hope I'm wrong but the longer this continues without Pet changes of any kind the harder it's going to be to make pets useful. this augment while it will get
  2. I'd love that, I don't honestly have a issue with the current way RJ is set up right now with it being a boat towards a mission, but with the work I've put into my Railjack and crew (Liches when they can do stuff) I'd want something just Railjack! A Survival mode would be great and with those kind of rewards you suggested would be a good incentive.
  3. Kuva wise I'd love to see the Javlok get a upgrade, everything about it just slaps the right way and honestly it needs a upgrade! (also maybe auto fire.. *cough*) Granum wise... I'm not really sure, I'd love a Supra, that weapon always was fun to use? but I'm quite happy with the line up we already got! I do wonder though if that Sword and Board is going to be upgradable to rank 40 or just 30. Love S&B weapons.
  4. I am curious to see if there is any interesting changes to this Kuva variant of the Hek, some of the weapons got some slight changes to their design like the Quatrakk (It's one of my favorite guns and I can never spell it aha) Nothing major or breaking, just something different? or maybe keep it the same and spike the fire rate like they did Kohm?
  5. I was never sure on Nercamechs and Railjack at first, I just thought they were gimmicky things that will be forgotten about or something, but I can say I was totally wrong. Railjack is pretty fun, especially now with the Corpus update and Command! though it does feel like a weird fit with a game like Warframe which isn't a space sim, still I enjoy breaking up my grinds with a bit of Railjack, I just wish there was a survival mode with just Railjack or something. Are there games that do Space Sim better? Sure. but I do think Railjack does a pretty damn good attempt at it if you give
  6. I can never do decent intros to these things so I'll just go over point by point. Well firstly: the Command intrinsic is a damn good addition in my books, especially for the first iteration! The crew members actually feel like crew! There are a few kinks to workout, sure but overall I'm pretty happy with it! As I said, crew actually feels like crew! they are quite fleshed out, even if they are syndicate members. I do have some gripes however with how they interact with the ship but otherwise it's decent! I'll go over it role by role, long verison in the spoilers!
  7. Ooft, one of the cool things I was looking forward to with this update and it's looking like they're getting shafted! I have a feeling we don't have all the info here but judging from this: Converted Liches are getting a sour deal yet again. :( I had such a cool Lich I wanted to use too! dang. Thing is, I don't mind Liches being a "defensive powerhouse" on the Railjack, I think it could be pretty cool having a stonk defender while you're about doing other things, BUT! They shouldn't take up a crew slot if that's the case. I think either one of two things should happen: They ei
  8. You think so? I gotta disagree but I get what you're saying. Have you tried not having Despoil on with a high power strength build + Shadows? Between the corpses and the shadows, the energy cost is insane, even with a high energy pool, it drains faster than it can be replenished sometimes and in the heat of a high level area/SP that can be life or death. Despoil (and by extension Equilibrium) eliminates that problem completely, it isn't just opening up more resource management, it makes it not be a problem in the first place, along with other mods that work well with Nekros but have massi
  9. Nekros is a interesting frame right now, he's one of the most played frames for really only one reason: looting. There is nothing wrong with that really, but it shouldn't be the only thing he's good at? Once you boil down his skills, he's really niche and so augment dependent it hurts! I think there are plenty to be said about his passive and 1-3 skills but I think the real problem is with his Shadows of the Dead, it's a mess of an ability to the point where I've seen people in public games just straight up leave just because they have a Shadows Nekros! (This is while complaining a
  10. I do get where you're coming from Gears, I really do. Revenant doesn't seem like a frame that fits his theme if you get my meaning, and while I loved the idea of what was shown he ended up being vasily different to what I expected, crappy but fine. But despite all that, he does work, his mis-mash kit while quite weird and wonky in ways, has proven to be quite effective and I hate to say it he's not a bad frame, he excels in solo, has decent scaling, and has one of the strongest defensive skills in the game, and while he does need some tidying up, I highly doubt we'll get any sort of re
  11. I agree with OP, I'm sad how the devs gutted the Amalgram mods as they did bring in some interesting combos. I I am still bitter about the Javlok one. OOOFT.
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