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  1. Noooo friend, I was referring to Oberon and the build I was using and how much energy that guzzles!
  2. I usually prefer supportive frames myself, always the healer or buffer in quite a few regards! I sometimes get replies for playing Protea as a sort of support. Dispensary with the augment is handy since I use hounds, useful for other players who lose their sentinel or hound as well. The shield boosters are pretty great, especially on Hildyrn and other shield based frames! I also started using the metastasis ability, (can't recall the full name aha) the one that drains energy, gives health restore for me and energy for nearby allies, it's not a crazy amount of energy that is given out, I really just treat it like a medpack or something, but every little helps! You know what though? I've really enjoyed playing Oberon as a stupid support/buffer/melee/(expensive) frame! Smacking on his Smite augment (Gives rad damage to allies), along with the healing augment (I forgot the name aha), and finally coupling that with War Cry or Gloom, gives you a pretty durable, heavily armored, support! I loved using it for a time! Why stopped? two reasons: Protea, as I looove engineering/building classes/frames (TF2 Engie just to give you a idea) and ENERGY, the build SUCKS energy like crazy and it can be a nightmare to balance. Even with HA and lowering shields, It is crazy hard to keep energy going.
  3. I've gotten... one out of... 14? Not even the one I wanted either! My partner once again got 2 in a row. :| The worst bit of RNG for me with the sisters was getting a set of Diplos, 30+ runs one day and NOT ONE DIPLOS, I ended up buying one for about 50 or so plat. To make it even worse.... The coin/larvaling thing dropped a Diplos... RNG is PAIN sometimes.
  4. You know, I'd love more shield combo weapons, Spear & Shield, Flail & Shield, heck even a gun and shield would be totally swell, if not maybe a little broken? or just a bloody great flail, that'd be nice.
  5. I've used a LOT of weapons during my runs as Nekros, always was handy having a Nidus "Golem" with me, here are some of my favourites. Acceltra is pretty decent, specters hit often with it and they do quite a bit of damage, not the best but decent enough. Torid. big chunky infested toxin lobber. Specters fire them pretty decently, they stick to targets, proc toxin fairly decent but the real upside of it is that long lasting toxin cloud it leaves behind, procs toxin quite consistently and at higher levels it really hurts. Cedo is a good choice is you're able to spit out status effects, they pretty much use that shotgun like a sniper and the damage is solid. Buboncio is supposedly good, toxin procs and slashes procs, I've not seen it in action myself but apparently it's good!
  6. Operators for sure are one feature I'd like more stuff for, maybe with the Paradox? Although, I think Specters should be more looked into, maybe adding in the ability to customize their appearance and such, I also feel something should be done with the specter armies they had in the Solar rail from ages back? Also converted liches hahaha :D :D :D :|
  7. Feels like an age since Command came out for Railjack, and while I love the system, I gotta ask if the feature that allows Liches and Sisters become actual crew members still coming? Or are they just doomed to rarely be used? Right now, Converted Sisters and Liches are getting a raw deal still, despite being a bit more useful with the "on call" feature, they don't really offer much of anything but that's another thing completely. The only thing I've seen about it was a update on the Trello board for update 30 simply stating: "5/4/2021 Edit:This is still in the works but requires attention from our animation team who have their eyes set on other top priority tasks!" I quite enjoy collecting Liches and Sisters, I have some great ones that I'd love to use as proper crew, but as of right now, normal/elite crew from Ticker just completely outclasses them.
  8. I've been a bigggg Protea player since she came out, just hit the right notes with me! Wasn't sure if her playstyle would fit in a fast pace game like Warframe but I've not really had any issues barring a small bit of survivability. I do agree with that there are other frames that do what she does better, depending on the map / mission but for my style and what I want? Protea just wins for me. I will say though, never been a big fan of shields in WF, always felt squishy with them, though with that said, the Parasitic Armor ability gives Protea stupid good armor! What do people use for survivability?
  9. Sadly it's just RNG, I'm on my 5th sister? (god that is still so weird to say) not had one yet, while my partner has gotten 2 ephemeras in a row... frustrating? sure, but sadly not a glitch. :( You're very effective at killing them though from the looks of it!
  10. You know, that just makes me love the idea more, thanks for the mental image. :P
  11. Errrr... well then. Can't say I'm too surprised this happened, always did find it odd that Helios could be a sort of stat stick for our melee weapons, really shot yourself in the foot though by not addressing the same issue with the Vigilante set for Primary/Secondary weapons and also posting this so close to the release. I think the best time to have brought this up was during the Arsenal Divide Workshop, by stagnating this seemly small but critical bit of news (any news that affect builds/mods/etc should always be critical) and being pretty inconsistent with other "oversights" really doesn't put you in a good light, it would have been better to dump all this kind of information in the workshop along with other oversight corrections. But all in all, this change, this oversight correction, is a good one, it corrects a error that should have been patched before (because it really didn't make any sense) and hopefully makes you see that weaker melee weapons still need a little more to them to be viable, hopefully this is a starting point for a better change down the road. If anything else, these kind of changes also just highlight the fact Sentinels (and by extension, their weapons) need a overall look at, they really don't have that much going for them compared to the Smeeta and what not. Sentinels/Companion weapons should not just be a stat sticks or a means to melee mod hop. I can only hope this change is the vanguard of a new workshop for companions. With all that said though, there are a LOT of overreactions here by people, and I mean a lot. I can fully respect the anger, the annoyance this brings, especially since this post/news could have been done MUCH EARLIER IN A CERTAIN WORKSHOP. There have been quite a few posts that have been nothing more then banging their chest and making noise over something that I hate to say, was really just a exploit, totally should have expected it to be shut down at some stage, granted it should have been much sooner since the devs were clearly aware of it for a long period of time, but quite a few posts here are just... cringe. Like I understand you're frustrated but come on... some of you are acting like it's the end of the world.
  12. Oh snap, I had no idea! I thought the pass they made was just on melee weapons, Thanks for clarifying!
  13. I still think they need to make a large pass at every weapon like they did for melee a long time ago, adjust stats and damage.
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