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  1. I do kinda hope it's Nekros. He's a solid frame don't get me wrong, but I think any frame that needs 1 or 2 augments to even be sustainable isn't great. Not to mention shadows kinda suck. 😞
  2. I'm not gunna hijack the OPs post/thread here, post it if you want on your own topic and I'll talk about it. but not here, would be a bit rude. Or we can just disagree and leave it at that.
  3. Gunna be a big no from me on that one. I'd hate to say it but it really sounds like a big downgrade. 😞
  4. This rework for him is actually great and sorts all his problems easily. Good job! I think the only thing I'd add is to give rumblers a bit more damage, maybe have it depend on how much rubble you have or weapon mods? they do need something extra for sure.
  5. When Fortuna was released, one of the features I was pretty excited for was MOA companions, the utility of a Sentinel and the durability of Kubrow in one little package, with a nice hat too! I like robotic followers, especially big and bulky ones, think like the Automaton DLC from Fallout 4 for an idea of what i mean. For a while I thought they were great, especially when new brackets got added in, but after the novelty and fun factor wore off I had noticed quite a few glaring issues. it's really sad too cause I really wanted to enjoy using them! So here is a list with some of my issues with them, hopefully you'll see where I'm coming from here. 1) The various parts to build the MOA companion, are really just for cosmetic reasons. The changes in stats to them are so minor it's really not worth mentioning. I mean sure, you could build it to get the most out of either armor, health or shields to fit with your Warframe but since it has such a small change in stats like +15 extra armor or +15 extra health, in the long run isn't going to help out that much sadly. 2) MOAs don't really have anything that makes them stand out as a companion compared to the other options we have. Sure they have a few cool mods here and there like Security Override for hacking various objects and clearing lockdowns but that's really it, there isn't a MOA mod set yet and even though they can now use the Synth mod set now, which is nice! but it's not really enough, it just feels like filler. I think the worst part of this is that they originally did have something to make them stand out: if you look at the Fortuna Reveal (the link should start you at the right section but be sure to pause to see!) Instead of Gyros they had Gears, which seem to add in a extra ability for them to use ontop of everything else. I thought that was a cool idea and wonder why they didn't stick with it? Time maybe? 3) MOAs have a slight dependency on sentinels, especially when it comes to mods and weapons, since MOAs pretty much use the same gear, you often have to build sentinels to get stuff for your MOA and personally I don't think that's right. I mean it does let you get new things to try out. MOA not your thing? Maybe the sentinel you built for it's weapon for it might be a option. It's difficult though because I don't think stronger MOA only weapons are the answer, as you'll just anger people who just use sentinels. This is all what I can think of at the moment, I'll add more when I have it in mind. It's just a shame, MOAs are pretty cool but they offer nothing really new of yet, Maybe pets 2.0 may add something to them? who knows! Anyway thanks for reading.
  6. These really do sound like you problems and not the content itself... I mean I agree with the lack of alerts now kinda sucks since they did often have some useful stuff like Oxium.
  7. I think that's more of a preference. To me, considering how fast we get rewards now I don't think it's a problem at all. The more the merrier. Easy is relative to each person but I agree with you on some parts however, I do think there should be a limit on the number of revives you get in Arbitration rather then the current continuous revives. It's actually surprising how many I see get downed completely either from a build error, a mistake or just getting caught at the worst time it happens but i don't think "easy" is what I'd call it. Again this is just preference and completely subjective. Personally I think it's cool we have other options now, but let's look at your example: "seriously do we really need an arcane version of pack leader" Build depending, it's a option not a replacement. Let's say you have a melee Inaros with a a hunter set build and a Kubrow, Now given how tight our pet builds can be with link mods, damage mods and the hunter set itself, where are you going to find space for Pack Leader without slotting something else out (which is a option) The Arcane gives another option on methods of healing your companion outside of the mod on top of Inaro's other healing methods and he still gets to keep the original set of mods on his pet. Like I said it's not a replacement, it's a option. I get where you're coming from but frankly I disagree, I think it's a huge plus all around and I find Arbitration very enjoyable now. But hey I get your points and it's a interesting set of thoughts so thanks for sharing!
  8. I get peoples concerns and off puttings with this aura, but I really don't think it's as bad as people are making out. Sure stat wise it's not perfect, and it's for sure frame dependent, but I think it's a pretty okay aura, not powerful but useful on certain frames. Though putting on a nuking frame with no means of healing yourself for sure seems a bad idea. I currently have it on my Nekros during Arbitration already and it's been useful so far, Allies have a small way of healing themselves ontop of whatever means they already have, plus it keeps me just under the health line between kills, despoil and drawing in more health orbs for energy/health and triggering my Arcane Pulse! I think it's a handy little aura really but do agree that the mod should have a bit of a safety net with QT and like however, nothing worst then accidentally offing yourself!
  9. Does seem a little excessive to say "I ain't going to play" cause of loadout slots? I mean I get your reasoning! but seems a little bit of a overreaction surely?
  10. Revenant to me is very interesting, concept wise both in his looks and powers he's pretty great! "Rise from the broken remains of the Eidolon to seduce a army of thralls"? He had this undead-like commander vibe to him which I think on paper come across really well but in practice eh.... I really wanted to like Rev, everything was looking great! I got him day one and everything. And I gotta admit, it really wasn't doing it for me. I was looking forward to the whole minion aspect he had but his strengths ended up being something else and that's fine. I don't think he's a bad frame at all, he's got problems true and does seem a little confused on what he is but he's for sure not bad.
  11. Are there any plans to improve minions abilities? Most are fine but could use some quality of life stuff, like Nekros shadows making attempts to keep up with him (Like Nyx's mind control minion does) without casting so much.
  12. Any news on looking at Revenants kit or augments for him? Seems like he's been forgotten. 😞
  13. (1) Are there any plans for Revenant's skills being reworked? He just feels like he's been left with a kit that doesn't work with what he's meant to be. (2) Are there going to be any Atlas changes coming with his Deluxe skin like Nezha had? (3) Are there any plans for Nekros' setup to not be so dependent on several syndicate mods & Augments in order to be effective? (Health Conversion, Shield of Shadows, etc) (4) Are there any other Summoner / Minion Master-like Warframes planned? Tis all I got! Have a good one!
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