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  1. Myself and my partner actually enjoyed Nightwave, thought it was cool and gave us something mostly quick to do in our off hours. Generally for us it's fine since it usually works around what we want to do anyway. "Okay, there is a challenge here for Rescues, well today's sortie has one and I need to restock my specters so sure we can do that" or "Oh there is a elite challange here for 60 mins in Kuva Survival. Well Kuva is always useful, plus it would let us test the strength of our builds for a long period of time* with a bit of added pressure." That's just a general run down of how talks went. *Personally I do agree that 60 mins were waaaay too long, and really not fair to for everyone. Heck we even enjoyed fighting the Wolf, we thought he's cool as heck. Sure he's not perfect, he's waaaay too spongey and immune to status effects but we thought he was pretty damn cool to fight. (Again not saying he's without problems which seem to have been mostly addressed!) It's not a perfect system least to begin with but I gotta admit the new changes to the next season like the catch up mechanic seem really useful! Not to mention other changes listed look like they are listening and changing the biggest issues. With all that said: Nightwave for us was fun. though not really stressful in what we did, Not exactly frustrating, hardly pressuring, Time consuming sure, but that's fine, We don't really feel disrespected either. But I for sure feel disrespected by you OP for speaking for me. We enjoyed Nightwave and can't wait to see the new season.
  2. Are there any plans to improve minions abilities? Most are fine but could use some quality of life stuff, like Nekros shadows making attempts to keep up with him (Like Nyx's mind control minion does) without casting so much.
  3. I think one of my worst was the release of the Tatsu and it's stance "Wise Razor" Had the Tatsu crafting nearly immediately, had all the resources. So I tried grinding out the Coolant raknoids for it, I knew it had a small chance but after a day or two, no luck... so I went down the transmuting route. After burning through so many mods and cash I finally had it! The Wise Razor Stance for the Tatsu in all it's glory! I got it on my next coolant raknoid kill a day later.
  4. Nyx's Mind Control minion seem to make a genuine effort in keeping up with you, They move and shoot for the most part. Man I wish Nekros had that. ha.
  5. I get the feeling this augment was meant to add a bit more CC to the Reave, unless I'm wrong when a enemy is Reave-d (Is it Reaved?) Doesn't get stunned or anything, you just drain their health/armor/shields for yourself and that's it? A Shame through, I use a Zaw, would love to have some extra lifesteal on top of everything but heyho. Not exactly the worst augment we had, but for sure not too bad.
  6. I... gotta admit, I do find myself liking this idea. It's highly unlikely to happen, but damn I'd seriously love this.
  7. I always love how Revenant always brings out the most colorful interactions, it's always a back and forth with "He's great" or "He's Trash" both have interesting points really. 😛 But I think it's pretty clear he's a bit of a mess. For me though: Revenant just hurts. I wanted to like him, I brought him day one cause I really liked what I saw in both skills and aesthetics. On playing him though I was just utterly disappointed. I still am to this day if not more so! To the point I actually regret buying the plat for him which is for sure a first time ever for me and this game. I think what annoys me the most about him is his skills, on paper on their own they look useful... ( "Wow a ability to convert a enemy to my side and spreads around on their damage? cool!" or "A charge based shield that stuns? great!" ) But on use in gameplay, they just don't pan out that well, worse still is that nearly all his skills counter the use of others without any real gain and that's not even taking the bugs into account. The biggest gripe I have is Enthrall, his I guess "Resource Generator". a skill that I'm sure was a nightmare to create and balance for his release. (I'm just guessing there) But how did they come to the idea that 4 was enough? If you look back in Devstreams with him, Rebecca did say they were trying out 15-20 Thralls at a given time then we didn't hear anything about further changes to Enthrall till release. All we got were changes to his Passive and his 4th afterwards. I could be wrong there if so please point it out. So 15-20 to 4 is a insane downgrade to start given how fast they die. Now I don't have a issue with them dying, Thralls are meant to die, But I want to get some use before they are murdered by either me or more likely my team, unintentionally or not. So on release we got 4 Thralls that don't really draw that much aggro and semi weak pillars. (quite useful when grouped but man that is hard.) it felt like there was no real reason to use this ability at first, It was far better to just kill a target rather then Enthrall. Credit where credit is due however: Quite a few of the changes after his release were nice, Pillars are now turrets pretty much, not perfect for everyone but I like it! We got a increased Thrall cap from 4 to 7 cool cool and they also draw a lot of aggro now, which is pretty nice but also draws a new problem of casting logic but it's completely manageable! At that point I was pretty okay with Revenant, he wasn't perfect by far and needed a lot more attention but he was pretty fun to play solo which I get the feeling that was the intent? Then we got a update which was a step forward and backwards for Rev at the same time, the ability for Pillars to Enthrall a target! Great! Perfect! But those Enthralled via pillar don't leave pillars themselves, What? Okay. And also you can't tell what is a normal Thrall and a Pillar Thrall. Great. It was already a challenge to micromanage Thralls, but now we have a guessing game on top of that? it just massively impractical.
  8. I tend to use specters a lot, especially Trinity or Harrow with my Nekros. I do feel like they have been forgotten a bit, I'd love to see them use skins and colors but I doubt that'd happen. Still they have their uses, it's quite surprising I don't see them often.
  9. Well there is plenty to unpack in that one! It's roughly a 3-5 second stun from what I can tell, long enough to get a few finishers or another action if the ball(s) hits. Nothing more. Sure there are some bugs as was pointed out and I would liked it to worked similarly to the Mesmer skin stun instead but it is what it is. Also comparing to the Battacor seems a bit unfair given they both do different things the only similar thing they both have is the requirement for the special attack and that's pushing it already. But let's roll with your Battacor example: As you pointed out it fires a "Super-opticor laser" upon 3 kills, while you only need 1 (up to 5 or 9) with the Tatsu for its CC and a finisher. Whats interesting is that the Battacor isn't a guaranteed kill, you have to aim and there are plenty of factors to make sure you miss: movement, obstacles, janky hands, just to name a few. The Tatsu if it wasn't for the bugs would have a near guaranteed CC since they are homing and fairly fast, the only thing they have to deal with is obstacles like doors for example. it's not perfect true, but it's handy. it's just a extra small feature, a gimmick if you will, like the Cobra and Cranes shield throw or the Santci Magistars heal on charge attack. I agree with you partly on the Tatsu's CC balls: they are at the moment "awkward" especially since some of time they get confused and just spin but I pay it no heed really. Personally I think your exceptions were a bit high, not unwarranted but just too high, I have a feeling given your example and post you were expecting something along the lines of on hit CC like Cobra and Crane's special ability right? I don't think you're wrong in any parts of what you're saying (apart from the Battacor), but I am thinking you were expecting too much for what it is.
  10. I think it's meant to be a opening for finishers and very light CC not for damage. it's pretty consistent too from what I'm seeing, but Lone_Dude is right, the projectiles have some interesting bugs with them. I like it though, it's a cool little passive.
  11. I use it too, but haven't had this issue at all. 😕
  12. I feel a bit daft for asking but... what exactly is the problem (this time)? I'm not seeing it in the video.
  13. I love how any Revenant thread always brings the best out of people. 😛
  14. Any news on looking at Revenants kit or augments for him? Seems like he's been forgotten. 😞
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