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  1. hey the thing that bothers me the most is Hildryn here is the breakdown: farm Hildyn? cant why? dont have thermia why i dont have thermia? had no time to farm it like stupid as i didnt have time to do so many runs and felt it is useless after few runs (found out the thermia purpose a day or so before the event ended but still had no time to farm it) solution? add Hildryn prime so it will be easier to farm it from relics...(not cause i want a prime version of its just will be much easier to get it using relics when i want to famr it or can farm it....) another solution: dont bind permanent and ordinary (not prime) warframes to events that appear who knows when..... sorry to say it but from all the frames i got this one is the most stupid farm routine why? = there is no progression you cant get it due to no one is farming it most ppl who did buried depths event didnt even know how to kill the orb had few groups free roaming trying to kill the orb that walks around the north part of the map..... also a bug in fortuna: after switching host (leaving squad or leader leaves the map) the alarm beacons (the ones put by corpus) instantly explode when deployed thank you
  2. please do something about gyromag systems as offering to vox solaris this is incorrect way of doing things for this specific item! think about it: i need to farm the item to allow me access to it ( a little duck "reason" why would someone want something that he/she has unlimited access to that item) i dont even mind farming 20 of each toroid as an offering but doing so many profit taker missions to get 0 systems as a common drop?! you got to be kidding.... suggestion: replace this item for offering to progress to next rank or make it available to purchase from somewhere else but not the same npc (lil duck)
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