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  1. Try a viral bleed build: Serration/Split Chamber/Point Strike/Vital Sense/Malignant Force/Rime Rounds/Hunter Munitions/Primed Bane.
  2. Geez, thanks DE for staying silent on my support ticket and making me miss out on events.
  3. So the 3 nightmare mods not in alerts were a bug? All this time I thought they were intentional XD
  4. IGN: Sintharius MR: 26 Country: Vietnam Age: 23 Previous Clan: The Snow Bunnies (small dead clan, don't worry about it) Started playing when: August 2017 In-game time: 1732 hours Languages: Vietnamese, English Interested in applying for: Quasars Storm Discord: Sintharius#4284 Former Warframe Community Discord moderator and guide, have a few friends from Quasars. Mostly involved in helping players, modding and eidolon hunting - looking for an active clan after months of holing up in a dead clan :v
  5. Unvaults will release new relics containing their parts into the drop table somewhere that you can grind for, except the accessories pack which are money only.
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