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  1. --Q--Sintharius

    PLZ Limbo nerf

    What will stop them from just going back into the rift once it expires and do nothing? People that seek to leech will always find a way to leech.
  2. --Q--Sintharius

    PLZ Limbo nerf

    I'm in South East Asia. And no, as a player with Limbo being most used he doesn't need to have the only thing that keeps him from getting gibbed expires out of the blue.
  3. --Q--Sintharius

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    So the 3 nightmare mods not in alerts were a bug? All this time I thought they were intentional XD
  4. IGN: Sintharius MR: 26 Country: Vietnam Age: 23 Previous Clan: The Snow Bunnies (small dead clan, don't worry about it) Started playing when: August 2017 In-game time: 1732 hours Languages: Vietnamese, English Interested in applying for: Quasars Storm Discord: Sintharius#4284 Former Warframe Community Discord moderator and guide, have a few friends from Quasars. Mostly involved in helping players, modding and eidolon hunting - looking for an active clan after months of holing up in a dead clan :v
  5. --Q--Sintharius

    Prime Vault is Closing Soon!

    Unvaults will release new relics containing their parts into the drop table somewhere that you can grind for, except the accessories pack which are money only.
  6. --Q--Sintharius

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7

    Is the massive decay speed on Spores while traveling through Sanctuary Onslaught conduits intended? 2k accumulated damage dropped down to nothing... and with the 10 enemy ramp up cap it really hurts focus gain.
  7. Unvaulting Frost brings us Latron Prime and Reaper Prime too, and Twitch Prime definitely didn't have those. Edit: When is the unvaulting starting? It's already night here in SEA and still haven't heard a thing.
  8. --Q--Sintharius

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1

    Please fix swapping back to warframe from operator causes dual wielded throwing melee to disappear and become unusable - really annoying with my Euphona Prime + Cerata combo for eidolons >.>