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  1. The Argonak's highlight with the new mod equipped turns enemies a solid filled color instead of being outlined Disruption enemies committing suicide in the "docking bay" section of the tileset. They run off the edge of the platforms into the center docking area one after the other. Not sure why or what triggers it but its really funny to watch.
  2. The pay off is status. Love from your fellow Tenno. Making tank frames even more valuable is good, because then more players will bring them and there will always be a tanky boi available to revive you. They are essentially adding a new objective. Something else for these immortal frames to engage with. Simultaneously the squishy frames can now enter and test themselves without having to worry about guaranteed perma-death. Sure you may get some nasty people who won't revive you from time to time but I think it's an improvement overall.
  3. My problem with reducing/normalizing the time between rotations: Players who already enjoy Arbitration and want to enjoy the experience for as long as possible will be the ones punished. Public groups WILL LEAVE at 5 minutes if given the opportunity. Forcing players to commit for a longer mission is good for the people who actually enjoy the game mode. This correlation people make between boredom and mission length is non-sense here, because it's not rooted in Arbitration. My Compromise would be: After the first rotation C reward, all following rotations arrive at the standard rate. The high level players who are playing Arbitration now probably don't NEED endo, or any other non-fortuna/poe resource in the game, so why do we play? Almost nobody commenting here understands this. Most of the complaints revolve around mission time and rewards. I do care about rewards don't get me wrong I like rewards, but the main thing I want out of the game at this point is to test my might. I can't get the feel for how my build functions in a 5 minute mission or if I'm dead. If the team can't revive me without dying themselves so be it. Today I learned. These changes are for people like me. DE understands the veterans. The ones who really enjoy the game. Yes, the mode could be more dynamic with more interesting challenge mechanics. That's another discussion entirely though as it's not a problem exclusive to Arbitration.
  4. This is a good step forward for Arbitration. The scaling change alone makes it a win in my book. Initially when this mode was announced I was hopeful for at least a Survival with a higher starting level to cut out the ramp up us high level players suffer in star chart missions. The drones are still questionable of course. Methods of increasing difficulty are debated, but for me the drones are okay for now. I think there should be a bigger discussion around that.
  5. Overall I'm enjoying the changes. I was a LMB melee mode player and after trying the new system with the toggle on I've actually decided on new key binds instead. Using mouse wheel down for melee attack in this new system has worked out well for me so far. Using aim for combos and the auto-blocking feels weird still, but I don't think that it's necessarily worse than the old way. Enemy slams are auto-blocked when holding a melee and sometimes we're sent airborne in a block-glide which is kind of strange to experience. These kinds of quirks are interesting to me. The effects are crazy. After some more adjustments to graphics settings I'm at this place now where the game looks quite different amazing. It's a more visceral experience. The fissures in the event hit my frame rate a bit but everywhere else it's top knotch. I know a lot of people are having a tough time with this transition. Maybe add another toggle in the options for the old block mechanics? If you're holding melee then RMB blocks and auto-blocking is disabled. edit: I do feel for the quick meleers in the comments. I'm just not sure I want to go back to using a button to full switch to melee. I want to know what else is coming with the full melee 3 release. Quick melee wasn't exactly bad and a quick fire weapon would make that system a lot better. This seems like a big issue here so I'd like to see it explored further.
  6. This doesn't bother me at all. How mad are you?
  7. Definitely, fun factor is a big part of why I bothered to make this post in the first place. For me the profit-taker fight is more enjoyable than the index. I'm not saying that it should be a superior credit farm necessarily or that it was intended to be an alternative even, but it as it stands now it's already the best one we have and it could be better. Any bump that further justifies my time spend fighting the Orb is a win in my book.
  8. THIS! It's not quite as good as high index unfortunately, but I will take it. I've been hoping for some kind of alternative to index for credit farming and this is an excellent opportunity to make that a reality. If we can get the profit per time invested from this fight a bit closer to high index that would awesome. Maybe another 25k maybe more? I'm not sure how it compares exactly. Somebody help me out here 🙂
  9. Fetch isn't working on Venari since this hotfix. It was working fine after the previous one.
  10. Archwing in the Vallis is pretty borked now actually. It like turns on its own and generally doesn't move right while sprinting.
  11. I noticed that the Glaxion isn't listed here yet my Riven definitely changed. It was over 200% damage and crit chance and now its about 150%.
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