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  1. The existence of Repair-drones makes it almost impossible to give any meaningful feedback. I feel like this kind level of paying for progression is too much. There isn't anything comparable to this in the rest of the game. If these items are going to exist then the cost of repairing things with in game resources needs to come down a hell of a lot, and we need a system similar to Valence Transfer. Idk I'm really struggling to understand rational behind this economy. It's like the Riven system but worse somehow.
  2. Stances/Redeemer: I haven't been able to play with all of them but High Noon specifically feels nice now. Opening with a shot from forward into the double shot from neutral provides a fun and effective loop. Combined with the awesome mod changes I feel like the Redeemer Prime now has really good options. Assuming the other stances got a similar treatment I am quite happy. Ember/Vauban: Glad to see your adjusting the effects from the new skills. Performance improvements do some much for my overall experience and I hope you guys can find a good medium for these these skills. I feel like a little more could be done.
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