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  1. Anytime I use something, like pilot the railjack, exit the pilot seat, use transference, use melee, aim with my secondary afterwards, transference or use sevagoth’s 4 holding the w key doesn’t do anything and my character just stands there in place. I have to press w again to move and it interrupts the flow of the game.
  2. If it helps at all I think the main problem derives from the player having to load into the orbiter, and it seems the game crashes when it fails to load it. That or it seems to overload the game. Appreciate what you guys do, thanks for the hard work from home
  3. Pc players: we are the bug testers, console couldn’t handle it! when console gets an update: literally can’t play it
  4. Even on the one S, if you start up the game it seems it gets overloaded then crashes. Probably something to do with the coding for the Xbox one x but even that is crashing
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