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  1. Still a big lack of range, and i feel like Deny should be a proper beam a bit like Transcendence (but probably with a much shorter duration).
  2. bad decisions, the bait defense phase's time felt right (but it do agree it needed more reinforcements) and the antitoxin phase feels WAY TOO LONG, you just made that mission slower, this sucks.
  3. How about having the base abilities scale with the MR, with MR15 being equal to the normal value (what's on the warframe) ? that way you won't have to worry too much about MR8 rookies having way too powerful stuff and high-MR veterans still get something worthwhile.
  4. Honestly, i'd tie this system to having mastered (so raised to 30) at the very least 75% of all the base frames
  5. The only way i can imagine "very experienced mr8 players" is mr25+ people on an alt account doing some kind of low-mr challenge, sorry. The system isn't even out yet and it's already getting nerfed? This is as bad as the new weapons getting the lowest riven dispo. The most annoying in all that is that DE got it right ONCE with the melee rework (buffing basically every melee weapon) Arcanes? nerfed and more expensive. Weapon variants? sometimes the prime is barely better than the base, and with the nerfed riven dispo ends up being worse. Explosive weapons? AoE nerfed, any
  6. Looks like the Corinth joins the Aksomati in the "base weapons better than the primed variants", showing how busted this system is. Kuva weapons getting the stick is just shameful, just enforce their MR requirements and let them be the powerful lategame weapons they're supposed to be. And there's some weapons i literally never see (mire, dragon nikana, plague strikes...) getting gutted, this is silly.
  7. Well this sounds stupid, i don't use the Xoris much because i don't like the glaive stances, but i do have a statstick for abilities that i love dearly, i do see the convenience, but that's about it, and you're trading convenience on some abilities with... not being able to use a good melee weapon. The exalted weapon thing sounds more like a glitch than anything. But this is a good opportunity to remind DE that exalted weapons have been missing on 10 mod points since they stopped using statsticks forever ago, as their built-in stances don't bring any.
  8. Or we get the worst of both worlds: the non-prime is better with a riven than the prime, and the prime is only marginally better anyway. Oh wait, that's already what we have.
  9. Having rivens be additive (and apply before other mods) would be a real game changer, and would probably achieve their original goal of making every weapon viable, but that's an huge can of worms.
  10. Well that sounds bad. First, it kills "new weapon hype", since (unless one of the new weapons is as broken as the Bramma) the disposition will be so low being lucky enough to get a riven for one will be worthless, both in value and FUN. (and if the weapon is broken, a gutted dispo will not make it any less OP, as we've seen.) Also, the separate dispo for variants is counter-intuitive, inconsistent and pretty bad overall (i have no reason to "upgrade" my beloved Aksomati to the prime version with the gutted dispo, for example, even if the prime variant is supposed to be better.), and
  11. This man speaks the truth. Also, bring back self damage, just have the projectiles go trough allies and add a safe distance indicator near the crosshair, that's all we ask!
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