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  1. I still don't like this nightwave thing, and the fact that nothing will be done about the resource wasting "challenges" (using formas and building/gliding modulars) is just... bad, to say the least. also i agree with others, change the "5 different bounties" to bounty STAGES, please. the "60 min survival" and the "60 min kuva without air support" always appeared together so you could kill two birds with one stone, making it a fun and worthwhile challenge. i think it should have been left alone.
  2. I think the (temp) banning is going a bit too far, just reset the scores and move on, it's not as if there was really anything to win by being at the top of this event. And maybe, just maybe you shouldn't do events AT LAUNCH like that, you know there'll always be an issue or something in need of balancing after a launch, so why not have a week or two of "warm up" to clear this and then once you know the gamemode is ready (and people are ready for it) you open the leaderboard and do a challenge with rewards?
  3. Shame on you! you force people to play in groups yet you break synergies? what's wrong with you?! For a long time people didn't care about the Chesa kubrows and the silver grove specters once they got all the mods they wanted from them, so add a failsafe for that if you want, but leave the rest of the content alone. I'm glad i farmed for the Hema before this stupid change, it was bad, but i guess it'll be twice as bad for the players who didn't do it before this update
  4. i think the fight feels just right, it is short and brutal.
  5. How about nightwave prestige tier giving you one random (3 days long?) alert with a guaranteed wolf spawn (or a beacon to summon him)? it'd fix the two biggest flaws of this whole event (wolf's abysmal spawn right and prestige tiers being worthless). Hell, if people can organize themselves to group up and having everyone run their "wolf alert" this might even make his droptable feel less horrible (and adding a few wolf creds as a guaranteed drop).
  6. These drop events suck pretty badly, just like everyone i got mostly credits and a little trash, they don't encourage anything (skill or community, you could be "watching" a guy idling while sleeping or helping a champion farm you get exactly the same drops) unlike the very first one where you could at least optimize it (even if you consider watching multiple streams unfair) with achievement runners or helping players who discover the game as they'd also get the early game achievements. Warframe is a game of farming, and finding ways to optimize that farm, why use a drop system you can't optimize either on the streamer or the viewer side?
  7. RIP Arca Bouncemore i still love you.
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