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  1. "gun stance" sounds janky and weird, but "custom loads" sound like what we'd want and an appropriate equivalent for the melee stances. the issue is DE would have to make innovative and interesting effects for that.
  2. Invigorations sound pretty cool (but i do own almost all the frames), but this, THIS This is a straight up INSULT to anyone who uses the helmnith system. At least have the subsumed frames count since i'm pretty sure you can't farm that.
  3. Sounds pretty cool, but i'd remove the timer on Hard Reset , there's really no need for it when you're already suffering the inconvenience of not having your pet/sentinel. Instead, you could make it start accumulating charges only when you don't have a live companion if you are worried about stack holding.
  4. "we want to make guns better, but first let's nerf the only really good gun in the game" What are you guys even smoking? Melee nerfs, mod incompatibilities, arcane bandaids... You straight up admitted that the gun/firearms mods aren't good enough but instead of buffing them directly you add a better version with a high drain and a wind up gimmick, amazing... And even more fun, you broke the corrupted mods by making us unable to equip them with their normal ones, when those could have become a staple of gun tweaking/optimizing. Give us an extra mod slot or two, buff the
  5. Here's what DE should do: Buff all guns across the board, both yours and the enemy, to make things more deadly Leave melee untouched Add new, interesting mechanics (perfect reloads, anyone?) to make guns more fun Here's what DE will probably do: Nuke melee into a slow, unusable mess Put a few bandaid mods on guns with obscure incompatibilities Leave the gun stats as-is and call it good enough
  6. Are these limited to 5 again? RNG combined with hard caps really suck.
  7. I really miss old railjack avionics with their constructor variants and everything, it feels like we lost so much interesting combinaisons with both their simplification during the previous pass and now with the restrictions brought by the plexus (mod capacity and the sheer price of upgrading these mods, polarities, that weird "class" system for the tactical avionics...). I remember that you got rid of the variants because you found the menu was too cluttered (a simple submenu would have fixed that, but this is beating a dead horse) and i find it really ironic how the modding UI for the p
  8. I guess this isn't the priority, but the Necramech getting stuck in grineer PoI is really annoying.
  9. Weren't friendship doors supposed to get rolled out? Why did you add "super friendship space gates" then?
  10. Ash and Harrow would have made more sense, Oberon really has his place as one of the first frames you'll be able to farm/build and you decided to softlock it behind the 2nd relay? bad idea.
  11. They realized that one person was more than 50% of conclave players.
  12. I don't like glaives but i really feel bad for the people who do, involved time/formas/plat into their rivened Glaive Prime build only to get stabbed like this. Also, i REALLY think that this "different variants have different dispo" system has to go. The whole riven system needs a rework imo, but this part is really the most nonsensical and unfair one.
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