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  1. I don't like glaives but i really feel bad for the people who do, involved time/formas/plat into their rivened Glaive Prime build only to get stabbed like this. Also, i REALLY think that this "different variants have different dispo" system has to go. The whole riven system needs a rework imo, but this part is really the most nonsensical and unfair one.
  2. Nice, i knew something was missing from my Ogris cannon. Still, you should really let us sell Cedo/Lavos BPs to father for more cells, the investment to reward ratio was really, REALLY bad for that event and while this wouldn't completely fix it, it'd show at least some respect for people who played OV.
  3. -no update on necramech hover controls for keyboard -no update on Storm Shroud and Bonewidow's shield going down when you transference out -no update on even economy -no update on being able to sell lavos/cedo parts for even currency wonderful...
  4. Yeah, the main issue was that NW was designed as a replacement for these little random mission challenges, and it sort of works, but someone decided to also use them as a replacement for alerts on top of that, and they've been failing to do so pretty consistently.
  5. So you're making a pause... before a pause, right. It better be really short, or you could just bring back alerts instead of having weeks that are completely dead of content.
  6. I can't do it anymore. I posted some (proper) feedback early on, but i really feels like nobody reads these. That event is just soulless. it's going back and forth forever, it's like getting stuck on ground team scarlet spear and having to run around back and forth, and the time/reward ratio is so skewed it feels like a chore more than anything engaging. The mechs works in regular tilesets, but you basically NEED loopholes to keep them in working order, the fallen ones might as well be beartraps with how slow their rebuild animation is, if you accidentally slip into one, good lu
  7. Ironbride is ridiculously bad because it takes a good 5 seconds to activate with some ridiculous hobbling forward that has no purpose before you can hit anything, while the Arquebex is ready to shoot in about a second.
  8. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? It's pretty easy to understand what to do, but it's harder to keep track of rotations and score targets. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? It's pretty cool! But the verticality of the new corpus tileset can get annoying really fast (note that i don't have the necramesh super jump mod) and getting stuck on tiny ledges/items can be annoying. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? I have my one mech, but it's more the opposite, they're littering
  9. This is exactly why i haven't brought (and probably never will buy) the Korrudo.
  10. People could already buy the damaged necramech parts from other players, skipping a pretty big part of the grind, i think it was a nice middle ground, having to run a few vaults to get the standing/bps and not grind the parts (especially for weapons).
  11. dealing 0 damage to an enemy because you didn't hit it square in the eye WITH AN AoE WEAPON IS HORRIBLE FROM BOTH A GUN FEEDBACK AND GAMEPLAY PERSPECTIVE.
  12. Really, just having the sentinel/pet follow the mech more reliably, letting them benefit from pack leader and letting us benefit from... them and their mods existing would fix nearly half of the issues. Then 1/4 more by reverting the hover controls for keyboard players. Then 1/4 more for letting them get healed, at least like objectives and not deactivating their defensive abilities as soon as you transfer out (don't forget that Mechs have a harder time recovering energy than warframes)
  13. The gameplay of that new event is (mostly) fun but you really have to admit a few thing: -It is SLOW, way too slow, having rotations be two kills instead of 3 would help a lot. -It is POORLY IMPLEMENTED, having the option to extract at 3 kills instead of when you meet your quota of points is just a headache, and just messes with your squad if someone (and of course it's going to be the host) didn't read the fine prints. -The reward currency is REALLY LOW VALUE, it really feels like a scam to get people to sink more time into it. Do you have subliminal ads playing in the backgrou
  14. I heard it as only affecting his 3 that has a cooldown reducing effect, but we'll see. Still, i hope this is just a gimmick and not testing the waters to throw that on other warframes, energy works well enough and can lead to interesting ressource management (or absolute joy when it's not limiting you at all because someone with Trinity shows up), while cooldowns really are a "sit in the corner and suck it until your punishment is over" deal.
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