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  1. Cool rewards, shame they're in a grabbag (again). Seriously, i'm pretty sure everybody hates this extra layer of RNG.
  2. DE's old and trusted way of inflating prices... comparing a consumable produce and data (weapon skins) that was sitting around and catching dust is really idiotic.
  3. Anything that's not basic ressources (or easily farmable with these) and not a grabbag.
  4. Grab bags wouldn't be so bad without the 5 drops hard limit, this is pretty much a guarantee that you'll miss one of the items.
  5. Just remove nightwaves and make some kind of automated "alerts 2.0" system, you guys clearly can't keep up with the NW side-stories, even the intermissions need intermissions now.
  6. "This is similar to bad games, deal with it." What's next? Ads during loading times? And just like with the notoriously bad Deimos Arcana update, all the feedback got ignored, amazing...
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