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  1. I've had this happen a few times as well. You can fix it is by returning to your orbiter to reset the UI. Unfortunately, this isn't game breaking so I doubt it will get fixed anytime soon. It is migraine inducing though.
  2. Same problem for the Wolf Howl emote. Already got a thread created for it: Duplicate Protection Error. This is not just PS-specific either. Looks like this happened across all platforms.
  3. To date, I have gotten all Rank 1 - 30 rewards for each NW series before they cycled to the next series. While playing through NW Intermission III, I have not gotten the 50 Nightwave Intermission Credit reward for two ranks (Rank 23 - Wolf Howl and Rank 28 - Emissary Operator Collection). Not sure if anyone else had this happen to them, but maybe it's still worth checking.
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