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  1. There's no fearmongering here, I'm afraid. I know the game won't suddenly be injected with more microtransactions or require the EGS launcher or anything even annoying. I fully understand that Tencent won't impose any major changes on DE on any noticeable timescale. They'll make it as easy as possible to ignore that their hard work and all the goodwill of their community is now supporting a company for whom human rights violations are acceptable day to day realities. This isn't about Warframe. It's about refusing to support Tencent. What I'm saying is that if the staff of DE walked out and
  2. My heart goes out to you, DE. Stay strong, and know that players like myself have your back. We know that your hands were off the wheel back when you had to desperately reach out to investors and Leyou picked you up. They seemed to be good for you until now, but you're out of the frying pan and finally into the fire. Accordingly, I hope that you'll stand for morals and human rights and make your way elsewhere. Know that you have my support anywhere ELSE you go. I trust you've laid plans for this day and are capable of gaining your independence, whatever way is necessary. With great sadness tho
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