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  1. Thanks for the update! Toggle option is sorely (literally!) needed for the 'hold melee for heavy attack' feature. Is Nyx on the list for reworks? She currently doesn't seem to fill any niche in the game, or is outright counterproductive to many game modes due to how Chaos works. Will we ever be able to get improved decoration controls for our dojo and orbiter? Please allow objects and the camera to clip, and let us see and set what the x/y/z position and rotation axis values are numerically. I assume the objects require an 'anchor point' on a preexisting object to place. If that's correct, maybe let us set the anchor point like normal and then use the relative positioning to have more granular control within a reasonable distance of that anchor point? I can only guess how it works behind the scenes, but currently it's extremely frustrating to do anything fun or impressive like you love to show off on your live streams. You clearly want players making cool stuff and enjoying the system, and it's even monetized so... please for the love of Ordis can you give it the TLC it deserves? And please keep up the work on Empyrean. I know it's earned a lot of well-deserved criticism since its launch, but your players see and feel the potential it holds and I know you can get it there. Deeper systems, better mods, archwing rebalance, new game modes, more interactive offship objectives and compelling rewards we can take off the content island like umbra forma. Maybe potatoes and exilus mod adapters, then new weapons and things later? Possibly even a warframe or two! You've got this.
  2. I can't say it matters too much anymore though. You get them far faster than you need from thralls as it is, and the relics cannot be stolen anymore. I just keep collecting more and more, seems to be at a rate of roughly 5-10 per lich, and each lich only consumes a single mod worth of charges. Obtaining relics is almost automatic and self-sustaining as soon as you spawn one, even if you start with none.
  3. Maybe there could be an option to consume any kuva lich weapon to contribute a small % extra bonus, even if it's only 10% of the listed value. So for example, I have a 55% Kuva Twin Stubbas (I do, in fact!) I get a 30% Ogris duplicate. I consume the Ogris to give the Kuva Twin Stubbas +3%, now it's 58%. This would allow players to eventually polish their weapons to max, without creating an enormous crazy nigh-infinite long-grind that puts players at the mercy of RNG and creates 'have' and 'have not' groups in addition to completely excluding players who don't have the time, patience or cash (once trading is implemented) to attempt it. It would also ensure that none of the weapons, no matter how bad their roll, are unwanted. I'll be honest. I'm very concerned about how valuable the really high 55%+ rolls, but ESPECIALLY the few 60% rolls out there of the most-liked kuva weapons will end up without something like this in place, once trading liches becomes a thing. Also, please bring back kuva drops from thralls and shared murmer progress from liches. Please? Those were excellent decisions that got rolled back seemingly in a panic and I just do not understand why.
  4. I've already watched two teams extract while a player desperately tried to kill their lich and begged the team to wait. Why should people bother when we have no incentive? Giving a big chunk of murmer progress incentivized the effort and was a good idea. Why should we waste the minute(s) of time helping a random player? There's not even a good chance our lich spawns, and if they succeed in killing it the run is instantly dead and you may as well abandon just to get to a new one faster unless extraction is already up or you got a ton of murmers. First, we lose kuva which briefly made grinding liches dual-purpose so the "bad" RNG didn't feel like a waste of time to 'undo the damage'. But at least the rate of lich completion was increased a good tick. Now we lose that, too. It's enough to make me think I should just polish up what I have, and put it aside until things settle down and stockpile + contract trading is added. PS: Grendel changes feel good so far. Can we get his Nourish to show up like Minelayer though so we know what buffs he has available without wasting time and energy attempting to cycle to nothing? Or maybe just let him cast all available buffs at once when he nourishes. Preferably both. Thanks!
  5. Thralls dropping kuva was really enjoyable and gave me a reason to interact with liches without feeling like my time was being wasted. Eventually, I'm going to have all the weapons, and "good enough" rolls on the ones I like, or at least I'll at some point give up on the RNG of trying to get anywhere near 80% bonus damage. Then I'll have no reason to ever touch them anymore, since they won't give kuva. Even if my weapon was a lower-percentage duplicate (which I have right now on only my 4th lich), I was still earning kuva during the process of getting rid of the "miss" and it made it feel like suddenly it wasn't frustrating, wasted time anymore. Now, we're back to the bad feels. Unless the duplicate kuva weapons can have their bonus % somehow combined (like maybe half the listed percentage gets added to your existing weapon's bonus percentage, up to the cap) which I highly doubt will be the case, this puts kuva liches back into the "suffer 1-3 hours at a (wasted) time cleaning up after a bad RNG roll increasingly more often as you progress until your kuva weapons are 'good enough' or you give up" territory. I strongly recommend tuning the kuva back to an acceptable amount, whatever that's deemed to be, and putting them back. The ability to play high-level content and farm kuva at the same time, while long-chasing illusive high-percent kuva weapon rolls AND playing any assortment of mission types was briefly BRIEFLY one of the most attractive game design loops I've seen in Warframe in the two years I've been playing. 500 seemed generous, I'll admit. Maybe 400? 300? 250? Whatever the 'right' value is, I'd take it. I just can't understand why this was rolled back so insanely fast. Edit: Dropping kuva also benefits players who join their friends to HELP kill a kuva lich, even if they're not participating in the system. Having it not be a strictly closed loop may be a good thing for the game in general and player coop.
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