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  1. (PS4)sebcreed

    Map Clearing Frames in PUBs

    I remember the first time I started playing this game, I entered an exterminate and this Ember ran through the mission and basically got all the kills. I told myself ''Man! What is that frame and where do I get it?!?'' One thing I did NOT do is come to these forums and complain that Ember is too OP. (Which she never was to begin with)
  2. (PS4)sebcreed

    Prime Vault Platinum

    Yeah I've traded plat from both Prime Access and Vaulted packs in the past, never had a problem with it.
  3. (PS4)sebcreed

    New Player Needing Help

    Go check out iFlynn's youtube ''beginner series'' guide. I think he's got the best beginners guide videos out there, where he explains everything from elemental to crit damage, what frames and weapons to get, and how to efficiently start as a beginner.
  4. (PS4)sebcreed


    Update is live for me
  5. (PS4)sebcreed

    Renown Pack XIV Available Now!

    Just release Fortuna already
  6. (PS4)sebcreed

    (PS4) New to WF - anyone willing to teach?

    I'd look up the Youtuber iFlynn. He's done the ''Ultimate Beginner's Guide'' which is quite extensive in explaining how to efficiently start the game, what weapons are good at what MR, understanding damage types, etc. Some of the info (eg Warframe drop tables have been changed) is outdated, but it's a perfect starters guide to Warframe. This guide would have helped me a LOT if it was around when I was starting out.
  7. 40hr download for me yay!
  8. (PS4)sebcreed

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    The new UI is absolutely horrendous. Everything takes twice as long to do. Changing mods on frames and weapons is such a pain to do now, to the point of being a chore and is just not fun at all. Please revert these changes, I want to keep playing Warframe, I really do, but if it starts being ''unfun'' I'll have to look for other games to play. I think I'm not alone here. Almost everyone hates the new UI changes.
  9. I have to agree with everyone about the new UI. It's absolutely infuriating! Please DE revert these changes back to the way it was.
  10. (PS4)sebcreed

    Promo codes!

    r/warframe - to get the reddit glyph Make sure it's all in lower case