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  1. Thx for the hotfix! Btw, you still havent fixed Eidolons. 1) They are still made out of air, you dash through their chin, instead of hitting against it, which is terrible. 2) For over 2 years now, ridiculously, Vomvalysts spawn directly under the Eidolon at the beginning and the end of the healing phase. They're supposed to rush towards the Eidolon, coming from all directions. 3) For over 1 year Vomvalysts move at about 20% of the pace they are supposed to. I'm sure you can fix this easily, since any other enemy in the plains moves at their correct pace.
  2. Lavos' Elemental Imbuement makes this frame quite demanding to play to begin with. Why would you put another complication in the form of a way too restrictive cooldown system on such a warframe? Viral Rush could be a good, fun to play ability. Instead, because of it's 5 seconds cooldown, it is an endless source of frustration. Countless times i found myself wanting to cast it, but having to wait for 1 or 2 seconds until i was able to cover another area with it. Also, It's visually too intrusive. You need to either reduce it's cooldown to 3 seconds or increase it's base duration to
  3. ...and Eidolons are made of air again. No chin dash etc. The same mistakes over and over and over again......
  4. C'ommon DE!!!!!!! Give t_p her adaptive exposure toggle, NOW!!!!!!!
  5. The wiki says so, too. Still i dont understand why other people get to high levels much quicker. Maybe it's about playing in a squad and the amount of enemies killed? I always do these kind of runs solo.
  6. I did a Steel Path 2h30mins Pluto/Palus survival (solo), reching enemy level 700. I was told the level should be about 4000 after 3h30mins. What could be the reason for the level going up so slowly?
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