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  1. when the 2 or 4 runs out i sometimes instantly die although i have 700+hp. anybody else with this problem?
  2. Help! When i go fullscreen mode i see only about a quarter of the image (since the update)
  3. Hey DE, is there any chance that you will ever fix the spawning of Vomvalysts in POE? As you are surely aware, they are spawning right under the Eidolon's ass, which is probably not how it's supposed to work.
  4. Yeah, it would be nice to get any answer from DE concerning this issue. Eidolon hunting simply isn't fun the way it is now.
  5. Hi, are you going to fix the Vomvalyst spawns in Eidolon hunting or is this the new normal?
  6. Hello, i fear Eidolon hunting has been royally screwd in the new update. Wisps don't spawn, quick charging doesn't work, eidolon shards spawn 10m in the air. Please rectify this.
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