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  1. To be fair it is a 1 ability. Usually to make use of 1 abilities you need an augment mod which would slot into and take up a mod slot. Its cost is low, its duration is long, so this simple buff to void damage makes it a "yeah I have the energy to cast it" option. Though I still wish the 2 worked with it.
  2. I think it would be super cool if, while Xaku's 4 is active, the pieces of the body that flew off occasionally re-attach, so he is slowly rebuilding himself over its duration. Since it can't end early now. The visual effects on his 4 are kind of gross to me, and with the changes he will likely be in that form often. It'd be nice if there was some more visual appeal for the sake of fashion frame. Someone else mentioned a "Void energy" silhouette and I think that would be really cool as well.
  3. So for the operator bug (You can join a squad, and as you re-enter your frame you can walk through walls as long as you aren't the host) YOU CAN USE THIS BUG ON DEIMOS TO CLIP INTO THE VAULTS So, most of the time the game will teleport you back, HOWEVER, YOU CAN CLIP THROUGH THE GROUND AND FLY USING THE ARCHWING IN ORDER TO ENTER THE VAULTS AND CLIP THROUGH ORANGE DOORS. This has been extremely easy to replicate and while the final vault is very difficult to clip into compared to the orange ones, it may be possible. If someone could get video evidence for me that
  4. I don't come to the forums much, but I really like this frames abilities so I thought I'd give some feedback. I don't want to type a wall of text here so I'll just say what I think needs to be done as simply as I can. Xata's Whispers, 1): Void damage is not strong enough for the current damage increase to actually help, I feel it should be a significantly higher damage buff and it'd do fine. It also feels like the damage from void interferes with what my weapon is built for? Especially status, I don't know if that's a bug or just the void procs overlapping other status. However, I really
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