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  1. F*ck that Nightwave challenge
  2. Locking her behind the Highest Vox Solaris Rank is ridiculous and a very concerning trend i barely managed to farm Baruuk because i hated the Heist (also the Boss fight) and was quickly burned out and now you expect me to Grind another Standing level AND farm the new Boss for her parts? I'm very frustrated with this decision, i didn't mind farming difficult to get Warframe parts like Harrow, Equinox, Octavia, Nidus, Mesa and so on because most of the Missions are short, fun and can be done solo(!), farming Toroids and the Profit Taker AND later the new Boss is not (at least for me). At the moment Warframe feels like it's getting too much for me, there's the new Nightwave with her time consuming Weeklies you HAVE TO do of you want to reach the highest reward tier, theres the new event where you have to farm 100 of the Thermia fractures (looks like a Personal Goal, please correct me if i'm wrong) the Toroid / Profit Taker Farm. I'm sorry for ranting i'm just very disappointed.
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