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  1. If you don't want your battery to drain from using his 2... Keep Moving, use Mach Rush Liberally to reposition like his main game is stick and run... which it is
  2. At higher levels as far as Gauss goes you want o stick with Redline and use Thermal Sunder for a Condition Overload Primer with a weapon like Tatsu or Paracesis with Cleaving Whirlwind equipped (for the 300x extra damage form Broken Bull's Spin attacks). Also DE no head shots with Akarius? I think that needs to be a thing... Like Alt fire=Manual Aim would be appreciated
  3. I didn't know that Warframe Supports SLI now. So this calls for some experimentation thanks for the info ^.^ From what I can gather from event Viewer the Memory dumps were do to my Ram and Processor being over burdened which points directly to Script Latency (I've been poking around with Computers and programming for 30+ years btw)
  4. Um... Lets see My rig: Main Board: MSI X58 Platinum (socket 1366) CPU: Core i7-965 Extreme edition 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws X Series EVGA GTX 650Ti Boost (2 Gb) x2 (yeah I know that SLI/Crossfire isn't supported with Warframe so I have it turned off) Both GPU's and CPU are Water Cooled so Dust and Thermal throttling is a non issue I updated my Drivers last week (no new Updates since then) and I keep the guts of my rig Pretty well Spotless P.S. I used Everest Ultimate to Stress test the crap out of it the other day, so I now know that the problem isn't on my end (temperatures don't even begin to approach 120F under full load with a 10% overclock=4.1GHz on the CPU and a 15% OC on the Graphics card) My rig is a little dated but still Rock Solid P.P.S Before you ask, My connection Speed is 12 MB/s
  5. It would have been Nice if Me and quite a lot of other players would have been able to take part in this event... but as it stands, the Orb Vallis is unplayable due to Huge Lag Spikes, Crashing to desktop and on more than a couple of occasions (at least for me anyhow) caused a physical Memory dump (AKA the blue screen of death) Seriously DE, better texture and scripting optimization is Key in any Open World Sandbox (PVE and PVP) game and you Obviously didn't do any homework before implementing Open World elements in yours.
  6. Not gonna argue with you on that ^.^
  7. Um... Yeah, while I like the new alert system I think that there should be more Daily Challenges, as I did the Daily (deploying a Sigil??? Really???), and Weekly challenges in one go, the Fugitives are a nice twist (100 extra standing isn't that much in the grand scheme of things) but like other players... I like to do things as efficiently as possible, then move on... Maybe splitting the Challenges up evenly would would be a better Idea so that everyone always has something to do to gain ranking, and not have it be a Painfully slow grind like say.... Hema Research? Anyhow other than the points I brought up, Good stuff, and did y'all take your inspiration from Fallout 3's Three Dog? She's a hoot ^.^
  8. Standing for challenges = Wolf Credits, and you'll more than likely be able complete them more than once
  9. Is that Last part Supposed to be a Joke? I'm hoping it's going to be an exceedingly difficult fight, I just think that it's a load of crap that DE is forcing people to max out standing with Solaris United before you can go kill that big F***er
  10. Not necessarily, I imagine it's going to be a quest like The Archwing to unlock it, but I guess we'll find out when it drops.
  11. Um, you have to be max rank to do the Orb Heists... No thanks, I think I'll just wait for RailJack to drop. Nice try though
  12. The unlinkable Zaw thing is a Bug I have it myself. Most of my clan mates can link Zaws in chat it's just me and a couple other clan members that have it... Hopefully DE fixes it soon
  13. When are we going to be able to Hunt Orb Mothers?
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