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  1. The machete wraith only is hitting 1 out of 4 times. It also isnt procing the forced slash. This has broken any and all heavy attack builds with it.
  2. Oh my god thats terrible looking. Thats such a waste of interesting skin.
  3. The S&A prime has a extra fx when using the day of the dead skin. It also makes you glow as if you have charged a heavy attack every time you attack. Looks cool but it gets annoying. Also can drop frames at times.
  4. How this has not been added yet is beyond me. Its super annoying to no be able to use a skin on a prime warframe because it ruins it. Many Immortal skins are butchered with the prime parts added. One such example is Loki. His Immortal skin looks and colors great but the added prime parts cover the entire length of his thigh region covering much of the cool patern. Another problem is that many of the prime parts dont color in mind of the skin causing them to look out of place. A example of this is the Nekros imortal skin. The metalic bits if the prime parts are set to the same dye region a
  5. Why would you need extra ammo on a pistol that does not dump unneeded ammo into a foe. The arcane works against itself. On top of that its not even a very meta arcane used mostly for dumb fun. Thats what we need more of in warframe.
  6. Pistoleer was bugged to trigger on any kill with a secondary not just a headshot. This was for the better as it allows many more types of secondaries to use Pistoleer to its fullest ,and since it was fixed id love to see the arcane changed in 1 or 2 ways to help it stay a QoL arcane. First idea at rank 5 : 40% chance for 102% ammo efficiency on any pistol kill for 15 seconds. (Cant be refreshed) This change is just what the bug did but slighty reduced chance of happening. Second idea at rank 5 : 25% chance for 102% ammo efficiency on any pistol kill for 10 seconds. ( can be
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