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  1. I have worked with Saryn for a little and fiddled around with her. The sruvivability has gone up, which I am very thankful for. Without any CC like Frosty or Volt as an ability caster frame, she suffered in surviving. The armour buff certainly helps. Now to the abilities. Molt. Still useful and the speed boost is actually very helpful in 'oh S#&$buckets' moments I find. It is noticeable with some power strength. Toxic Lash. The buff and adding the damage to everything is very helpful in popping spores with certain weapons and just a damage boost to any kind of weapon. Miasma. This is the ability I use the least due to it's energy cost and general uselessness against any 'endgame' enemy before and after the rework. increasing the range and decreasing the cost, as I have seen in reading the PC rework, is something I am looking forward to in the console build. The viral proc is better off on Miasma, but it is not something I can use constantly for the viral proc, which is all I use the ability for along with the CC. Spores..... I understand the need for how it was nerfed to the ground... but I would have much preferred the status chance for the corrosive proc to be higher, as I would much rather have the proc itself than the scaling damage. I still use Saryn as a CO melee warframe, as her spores build has, and still is, a niche build specific to one situation. That niche has now shifted as an auto-turret in defensive situations to enemy squad-killers. I would much rather use Saryn as a frame suited to CO melees and damage support at this point in the rework than use her for her Spores meta. Her spores have too much of a delicate balance between wiping out squads and having to find a new target, vs. not dealing enough corrosive procs over a wide range. I feel too many concentrate on spores as the main damage dealer and not enough as a 'helper' ability as Saryn was originally intended to be, the poison goddess to spread toxin and viruses over a large area then wipe them out with squadmate help or with CO weapons.
  2. Overall impressions, D-pad cursor movement is very slow. Sometimes have problem in loadout screen with selecting arcanes to equip on Warframes. Was able to fix this problem by double tapping select button very fast, but it doesn't respond half the time.
  3. First of all, I am excited about these changes!! The stat increase helps greatly with Saryn's survivability and squad placement as a 'mage-fighter.' A few things I am concerned of what would happen though. The current 'Max-range Spore Saryn' has the bonus of spreading a lot of spores over a large range but did have scaling problems against 'end-game' level armour. The current revision presents problems I can foresee. Enemy density will be a huge factor in how bad (or too good) this turns out to be. For example, Sanctuary onslaught would not require recasting at all through each wave but spreading spores may be a problem on some tilesets, notably the huge Corpus Ice defense tileset. Such missions might render Spores useless, while Hydron might solidify Saryn as meta for certain missions with high enemy density. I am also concerned as to whether Spores will still spread toxin procs as well, as it has been a problem in the past? Also, having the damage ticks/sec beign positively affected by duration would be hepful, but may be OP due to the nature of corrosive procs. As for Molt, I am content at the moment with the changes, as long as the proc shedding and regenerative augment is not changed. One thing that I may be too hopeful for is the decoy to actually draw enemy attention more (have had the decoy completely ignored once). Again, same for Toxic Lash, I am content with the changes for now, but I don't see the augment being used anytime soon, as we can put gas damage on weapons for the same effect. The removal of energy gain does not bother me, as there are other ways of gaining energy and Spores, which will be changed, was the main energy intensive ability. I do use Molt a lot for the augment, and does require a lot recasting on my part in sticky situations, leading to some energy problems. This is the only part of the kit I am concerned with over energy problems. Miasma is a problematic ability. Parts of me agree with bringing back a more nuke-type skillset back for Miasma. But due to the damage type, I would actually prefer a more CC oriented ability. I would prefer to have a viral effect spread out over a large area, one of the pros of Spores before this revision, but a higher range would need a lower damage output. Because of this I also would like Spores to be able to carry Viral procs too, if Miasma will be the same as the revision. This revision of Miasma seems like a hybrid of pre-revision Spores and a nuke Miasma. I would prefer a more CC + proc oriented Miasma. All in all, I am still looking forward to a revision of my favourite poisonous lady!!
  4. Can we use Let It Go or is there too much copyright issues?
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