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  1. Hi,like many have already said what is the point in having recycled content back as rewards instead of being to the shop for ,,intermission creds'' 1.500 endo is a joke you at least make it 10k you can upgrade a mod like vitality. The Saturn Six syandana and armor alongside with Ventkids thing for k-drive,Napalm Grenades, Wild Frenzy mods also the Eidolon Ephemera,Wolf Salute (emote or gesture) are pointless rewards since i already maxed out season 1 the first intermission and season 2. I almost see no reason for me to play this besides the umbra forma even then the fact that now it's 30 ranks rewards comapred to previous 15 and this time i'm only getting that and nothing else feels pretty terrible. Here is a suggestion those that already have the stuff from previous nightwaves to skip the said reward. For a example you just reached reward 15 witch is the eidolon ephemera but if you already have it you would skip it and instead get the 16th reward so it won't be that much of a chore. Since there are 7 rewards that already have technically i would only need to do 23 ranks.
  2. Hello,Here is my feedback on arbitration missions.So first things first,the random 300% Power strength on a random warframes witch might not even need power strength or the abilities are capped when reaching a certain power strength limit. Either make it so the power strength buff applies to only warframes that actually have use for it exmaple : Chroma, not something like loki. The Rotation length vs rewards are bad say for example you go in a defense arbitration and every 10 waves you get rewarded,The ayatan Orta sculpture witch gives 2700 endo when maxed,but that takes 30 defense waves,now compare that to vodyanoi where i personally get on average 700 endo every 2 and 30 seconds ( including loading screen and also sometimes more or less endo ) even if i were to get 500 endo every time it would still me more worth it,just because i don't have to get ,,lucky to get endo'' 29% for the maximum endo sculpture and 55% to get 2k endo, ( not going to mention how unlucky i got a couple of times ca'z i got 2 sharpshooters in a row ) The roation themselves are way to long,10 minutes on survival for a chance on what ? vigorous swap ? yeah i'l pass on that. The only decent missions worth doing are the excavations other then that,not worth it.Unless you go with the idea in mind of i'l make a squad or call friends and do some fun challange where you try to see who can last the most or who will die first. Now i know these are supposed to be end game content level difficulty ( call it whatever you want ) but endo rewards ? really... I already have most of the mods in the game maxed and currently sitting with a lot of endo in my inventory waiting for new mods to come.. It doesn't make sens to me why give endo to end game players when you know they already have too much endo or already maxed mods. Solo play is really annoying.Defense the target is a AI he's going to die unless you play something like nidus or oberon.Survivals are bad since not enough enemies are spawning = not enough life support ( not taking into account the fact that in arbitration life support is worth only 75% of the normal value.. ) Excavations are a pain in the ass unless you are forst but you are not that tanky, so a bit later on you are going to die trying to get that capsule for the excavator.Interceptions well ivara only that's all i got to say. The revive mechanic should have stayed the same.. It's supposed to be endgame for a reason.. you died,well you were not prepared enough or you tried to push yourself over the limit with said frame or to much greed.how some dark souls fans would say (git gud). Perhaps consider making the arbitration drones give damage reduction to enemies affected by it instead of making enemies invulnerable,Crowd control warframes are pretty much terrible everywhere.. you either take nukers or tanky frames depending on what's needed for said mission, example : eso nuke,defense if there is nobody to attack it then there is not reason to defend it. same goes for all the missions, arbitrations if you can't kill it take something they can't kill you and eventually you will kill them..
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