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  1. Hello, i was trying to farm some toroids and while i was fighting some scyto and kyta raknoid spawned and i pressed my 4 on mesa and the kyta raknoid didn't took any damage and no it was not on it's invulerable phase.I have tried using numerous times in all possible phases of that thing nothing i just press 4 and mesa just looks at it,also tried using excal's 4 nothing happend 0 dmg.I thought at first i'm doing something wrong but i tried going behind that thing above etc. also i tried on more then 1 of them.The scyto ones the die no problem they take dmg.When fortuna got released i killed some of them in the first couple of days everything was fine.I tried fighting some of them last week same result not dmg.I'm not sure if it's a bug,feature of i'm just doing something wrong