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  1. Don't know why a couple of people in here are complaining,the 5 min.timer is more then enough from start to finish it takes me 6-7 minutes from the moment i enter orb of vallis to the moment i'm back down in fortuna,just use more elements on you'r weapons.I suggest using a redeemer for melee it's a nice way to add 2 more elements with you,for secondary i use aklex prime(personal preference) as for primary i keep switching between tigris,rubico and vectis prime.I don't use any riven mods since they are a plague for this game.Forgot to mention use chroma don't have chroma ? get a chroma
  2. Hello,so i have done quite a number of orb mother takedowns,and my problem is that the amount of enemies and knockdowns that happen during the fight is absurd.I can't shoot sometimes with my arch-gun(Velocitus) at the orb-mother legs ca'z of the amount of enemies that surround me when i try to position myself better in that process i'l get knockdown at least 2-3 times.Also i don't have primed sure footed,i can't buy this also so that's out of my way anytime soon. Also about the element type the orb mother is vulnerable to : when it says Electricity and i have Viral on my weapon why don't i do any damage on that thing,i run Radiation/Viral on my primary and Corrosive/Blast on secondary,did a fight 5 minutes ago where i only shoot at the orb-mother 3 times with my weapons and rest i just hit the legs with arch-gun and kill those pylons for the rest of the fight i tried switching to it's damage vulnerability to something i can shoot with from heat i went from cold... and i'l be like well guess i can;t shoot now.I have also seen to be like a delay/cooldown before you can switch the orb-mother damage vulnerability. I would like to see or have those heavy arch-gun ammo or what they are called marked on the ground like sentient cores so i would go there pick that up reset my cooldown on the arch-gun i have not seen on those at all,i know i pick a lot of them up due to Vacuum,also why are we getting debt bounds from the orb-mother ? I can't see the reason why since you require rank 5 (Old-mate) to even start running the heists so why do i get those ? I would like to see that changed to the new systems Gyromag systems,Atmo systems and Repeller systems could also adjust the drop from the on the orb mother so you won't get as many but like at least drop 3 gyromag,2 atmo and 1 repeller, or at least 1 of each Now for the bounty's themselves why are the new arch-gun mods so low drop chance ? Take for example the mod Deadly Efficiency it has a 1.25% drop now look at the rarest arcanes from plains of eidolon : Energize,Grace,Guardian that are 5% source from the drop chance : https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html The Crisma toroid that drops from the orb mother is nice same with the new articula and the credits,but that's about it,so far wit the new fortuna update i'm pretty happy tho i really want to see the things i mentioned changed at least some of them.Also i might have not picked the best title for this topic sorry about that.
  3. What time will prime access be live, do we have a eta ?