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  1. Thanks for the update. The bug where you could not start a mission after you returned to a relay was a pain.
  2. The change to see the mission progress while being in pilot mode is a great change, thanks. Would you check the bug where you cannot start a Railjack mission if you return to a relay from Railjack?
  3. Thanks for the hotfix, but lower the plastids required to build the systems. Plastids share the uncommon drop from phobos with rubedo, the last on is easily obtainable on earth.
  4. Warframe PC Drops (hwcdn.net) alternative link: Sevagoth | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom Sevagoth Drop table for those interested.
  5. Oh a Rush repair drone, ty for the drops. I'd not watch the streams but it's a better reward, also RNG in a twitch drop sucks.
  6. @RhidonSomeone asked about why the gladiator set didn't work with exalted weapons.
  7. Complaining about the people that complain. Adorable.
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