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  1. The mod "Parry" is still displayed as a Channeling type mod.
  2. Yep, same here. I noticed it actually resetting several times during one mission. I'd get to 10/150, then after a few minutes, it'd pop up with 10/150 again, meaning it had reset to 0 at some point, possibly when I paused? When I opened Nightwave mid-mission, it showed them both at 3/150 but after the mission they were both at 0/150 again.
  3. If I may interject with a somewhat random suggestion for full 3.0 implementation... It would be exceedingly nice to have an "unarmed" melee weapon when no melee is equipped, similar to Garuda's Talons are for her, but unmoddable, perhaps with base impact damage equal to the frame's base armor. Not meant to be at all a powerful weapon, but something that functions, at a basic level, for the tutorial segments before getting a melee, and to allow for melee-based actions such as blocking (perhaps with only a 1% damage reduction due to your arms still getting hit, just blocking your vitals instead) and movement tech such as directional slamming and slide-attacking. This is easy to implement too, as in a form it already exists, the "unarmed" weapon was used during the Hallowed Nightmares event, among other occurances. It would also allow stealth attacking without a silenced gun or melee weapon. It would, in theory, also allow those challenge-hearted to enter a mission fully unarmed aside from their own fists and Warframe abilities.
  4. I've also encountered this bug once. A thumper that was right next to me just up and vanished. If I had to guess the cause, since it was having some... difficulty with the rocky, bumpy terrain, it may have partially-clipped into the ground and, due to its size, maybe hit a despawn-trigger under the ground, possibly there to remove enemies that somehow fall through the world. But that's just a theory. A Game Theory! Thanks for watching.
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