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  1. Basically took the words out of my mouth with that. I just wanted to enjoy the game the way I enjoyed it. Not be forced into something that I don't enjoy. I just hope DE takes a look at this a bit better and adjusts this nurf, otherwise I'm just going to headout and play something else. I go where the fun is, I have had my fill with every mmo being the same fun sucking disappointment.
  2. Okay for starters I never came to argue with people, I just wanted to right some wrong opinions based on facts. As for me saying all melee is bad, I never said that. This thread is based on the atterax and spin to win nurfing. Using melee combos isn't bad, its just not fun or useful when dispatching compared to the spin to win. Thats the big issue, is forcing someone to play something that isn't fun so of course we are here to voice our opinion, they said that based on feed back they would look into the changes and adjust them. So I am here voicing my opinion. No one has to be salty just because they dont share the same view, this isn't preschool when you dont get your way and just say something ignorant. I just want the adjustments to the spin to win to be rolled back and the melee combos in this update to be as they are. I have no problem with them, I just have a problem with a senseless nurf. Just because I never used combos doesnt mean I wouldent of tried them.
  3. So normal people use slash to bypass armor, the boss itself isn't difficult. Its actually more difficult fighting multiple enemy's with shields at higher levels. Also no, this isn't about combo's its just spin to win. The entire point of atterax and this thread, but of course you seem to be bothered about being wrong and want to call people dense when you'r shown to be. Look if your high it might be better to not, I dont know, not type here?. I'd call that dense.
  4. Thats not exclusive to this game thats for sure but for the first time I actually wanted to voice my opinion instead of letting people come on forms and complain about something that doesn't need to be changed. I have come across a lot of over powered weapons in mmo's or games and never once thought to be a massive A****** to go out of my way to make sure that was removed. There are times where it might be a problem, but this isn't one of those things.
  5. It's spin to win, its not using combos, are you high? Look you can see yourself out of the conversation because thats actually not even a difficult boss, if the attrax is killing 70/80 why would kuva flood on hades be difficult. Also if your trying to come at me with aiming on a aoe gun, you might want to actually play warframe, last time I checked I never aimed with my scimitar. Also some gun's just looking in someone direction is enough to kill them. Also, no if you asked a normal player to macro spin to win on something they would struggle. Its not that simple and a lot of people don't use auto hot key since it comes up as a cheat. Most people to bypass that use keyboards with built in macro software, the fact that you would have to do something like that instead of hit one button to fire a gun is already more work. There is no way around the fact that its more work to do that but that isn't my gripe, I was describing the fact that we can do that just as easily.
  6. I know man its like you can't think of other mechs that make a game harder other then just making it difficult to kill by increasing health pools or reduced damage? Crazy!? Look I know you want to be in this conversation but let me lay down some old school knowledge, making enemys bullet sponges or super strong with no mechs never ever makes a good game. Its the reason division 1 was abounded by the majority of the player base (to give a example). Mechs to a enemy are the soul reason people stick around, you want to make things harder, then add them into the game. I actually cant kill eidolon with spin to win, (crazy I know). There's actually a good number of enemys in warframe that implemented mechs, so spin to win was completely useless or unusable. That was fun to me to see a game where I was spining then bam, mechs. I enjoyed that because it was fun and challenging. There's nothing challenging about spining on mob's that don't die, just like your reasoning about spining on them to instant die.
  7. I've tried multiple builds in the past hour and with my crit chance at 100% + my crit multiplier at 7.5x + status chance at 100%+. The cap is at 220 I belive x12/220 for combo and I used to just eat thru anything at level 70/80. Now its its not enough damage at all, I was doing onslaught to test my builds and just round 2 and It started to be completely useless no matter the build.
  8. I have riven mod's, not only are they expensive for atterax but they also don't up the damage enough. Its a solid nurf, they made sure of that.
  9. You can have both, and I've used my gun in a hour long mission without melee, so ammo has never been a issue. I've posted up in a corner just shooting and collecting ammo. Melee is 100% not needed to acquire ammo. Also if the mech you implement isnt fun enough for people to use, then dont put it in or fix it so spin to win is less fun and people use combos. Thats absurd and like taking away someones enjoyment because there not enjoying something you want them to enjoy. I'm pretty sure you see the problem in that.
  10. Thats the thing thou, there is no "problem" with aoe gun's or aoe melee that one shot things. Thats whats we gamers call fun, I worked my ass off for those mods that made atterax fun and usable. So I'd like to enjoy the fact I can wipe the floor with mob's, its fun for me and everyone else that went out of there way to get it jacked up to do this "brain dead" mech. The forms isn't something that should be looked at as complaining either when it comes voicing our opinion about a update. If you destroy something people enjoy you lose people, instead why not just try to accommodate to both partys by not nurfing mods/weapons and just adding onto it. Otherwise its just a slap to the face to people who enjoy something.
  11. Except guns do the same thing, I've seen people push one button and sit on top of something and shoot the ground that aoe's everything. You don't even need a macro buddy, its one button, thats true brain dead. It actually takes some knowledge to macro. Its also fun, "I know weird right?" to be able to use melee in that fashion. It served no purpose to nurf spin to win, if all they wanted was a better combo mech.
  12. Its all good man, I'm actually going to quit the game today anyway, this melee update removed every bit of fun I had in it. I just did a refund on my month sub with discord since warframe never dished out rewards. I recommend people do a refund as well.
  13. The real sad part is that you get people like you on the forums that don't play the game and try to change it in game mechs by voicing there opinion, when they have no real knowledge on the topic, or in you'r case just be a total $&*^ with no real opinion. I mean I've seen game companys make similar changes, like vindictus when they removed spin to win on a couple characters and lost so many people they ended up merging east/west and Eu servers together. Now you look at nexon and there bad decisions based on forums instead of actual play time and educated players on the matter. But yeah meme it up, I'm about to jump ship since theres no real enjoyment now in the game.
  14. Because its fair to have gun's with aoe that have distance as well, while being used in open world along side arc wings. But yeah lets nurf spin to win because it actually fun and less brain dead then shooting at everything.
  15. Need to be compensated since its advertised as every month and its been two months for me since, with no rewards, that's false advertisement. https://www.warframe.com/news/get-monthly-rewards-with-discord-nitro-game-perks - Every month. https://www.warframe.com/news/get-saryn-and-a-suite-of-skins-with-discord-nitro-game-perks - Jul 3, 2019 Discord Warframe Site
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