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  1. Umbral forma for sale on the market. That is my wish for TennoMas that great saint ChromaClaus should give all good Tenno. The cosmetics are an after thought for me, I've gotten a few that I really liked, like that recent Ivara one, but whatever.
  2. Right, because I don't want someone deciding how I get to play a game I'm "lazy". Love the elitism coming out you, getting mad because someone else doesn't want to play the game that YOU decide they should.
  3. "Force people to use different load outs" Predicated upon your opinions of what is best for the game. How about, no, never. You don't get to decide how I get the play the game. You play how YOU want to play, I will play how I want to play.
  4. I encountered a pretty nasty bug while streaming my go through of the Kuva Lich stuff. A Nox became thralled, I brought it down, but could not mercy it and get a murmur off it. And since it would not die, though it was technically dead, it sat there and kept putting out the toxic death cloud of a dead Nox. And also seemed to prevent other thralls from spawning since it still existed.
  5. I would have pegged Inaro's Prime (eventually) with Prime level pocket sand, bow to him or be forever blinded! We're trying to forge the godliest of Warframes, not another Old Blood update lol
  6. So who is going to forge the one Warframe to rule them all?
  7. Well, apparently I'm sick in the head and incapable of forming my own opinions unless I play Conclave, or shell out money to see a movie which I can see will suck from the previews. I wouldn't say I'm evil, but hey, I'm the most evil thing to exist on the internet. A guy with opinions contrary to others. We should team up or something.
  8. I like this mod cause it can take heat off of me when I deal with a lock down on non-stealth frames, however, it's pretty useless when I'm trudging around on my Ivara. I mean what is this "Visible" status you speak of?. Pretty sure they aren't gonna nerf this mod for giving you 15 seconds of stealth if you complete a hack.
  9. "Do you want me to demonstrate how I turn mountains of Grineer into a cybernetic pile of ash and pain on you?" "N-no!" "Then stay out of the way and don't make me regret rescuing you" I think my Tenno would make any one of these annoying rescue targets cry uncontrollably.
  10. Oh boy, another idea that proposes punishing players for doing something another person doesn't approve of. So how do you account for Gift from Lotus missions that give rivens?, does an account with too low an MR that gets a riven from there deserve to be banned? I've ended up with rivens that were above my MR, why should I get banned?, what did I do wrong?. Why do people think the solution to "fixing" a problem is to wreck everything in the game based around opinion and punish people who haven't broken any rules. I swear, it's like killing the patient to cure their cancer.
  11. "You mean my sister who treated me like crap is dead, and I get to command armies at my leisure, but if I bring my sister back with Kuva things will go back to normal?" "YES MY QUEEN" *Shank* "Yeah, but then that happened, now the rest of you get me a Taco!" Pretty sure that would be how it goes down, and, y'know maybe the Kuva Lich stuff isn't to revive her sister. It might be meant as a plan B for her if the Tenno decide its time to off her. They've already proven they are more then capable of doing so.
  12. Okay, things I like about Warframe. Pretty big list. I love the action, the fighting, I love the freedom of the movement, I love leaping through the air crashing down on someone and ripping them apart. I love seeing how powerful my builds can get, I love how the work put into them pays off and I can nuke a field for the time I invest. I love getting good groups who can cooperate with each other and simply enjoy the game for what it is. I love a great deal of the designs of the Warframes, I'm a fan of the Guyver and Sentai/Power Rangers, which this art style fits in. I love how good the game looks on a basic level. Last night when I was re-leveling my one weapon on Fortuna, the alert meter shot up like crazy and a jackal spawned in. I obliterated it in seconds, it was awesome. I keep playing Warframe, because I actually love the game as a whole. There are just parts of it I'm not crazy about. I'd probably really like the Kuva Lich system if they ironed out some of the crap with it.
  13. "What about all those cool fires we started Tenno?" "MOUNTAINS OF GRINEER FLESH BURNING, SCREAMING!!" "We were cold Tenno, space is cold"
  14. Correction: If this last update is any indicator, I expect pain, loads of RNG based pain. In the future. But, I'm gonna worry either way. This hasn't been a great roll out for what is meant to be a major update.
  15. If this last update is any indicator, I expect pain, loads of RNG based pain.
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