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  1. tbh, they are pretty fast these days, and most of the time you get an answer after 2-3 days. But I would not bet on anything getting solved, even when it is signed as "solved". You will probably get one glance on your problem, then a copy and paste message, regardless if you are innocent, didn't mean it, excuse yourselves or want to resolve an issue. Once you get the perm ban, you barely get out of it, except you have the YouTuber influence, So yeah, you once mess up, there will be no redemption, even when you are the nicest. Now you may say, oh that is just a minority of people, w
  2. But PVE is boring in endgame. Everyone can beat a computer, also I do not like when someone is speaking for "everyone" including me. I can speak for myself and you should too. Do not dare to speak for everyone, when you actually don't.
  3. Ore Gaze for your desecration build and blood altar for your minion defense build.
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