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  1. Never have, just Terry caps. Doubt I ever will either.
  2. Great...soooo looking forward to it and having my RJ which already worked fine gimped with mostly needless changes and increased grind. My anticipation is palpable... /s
  3. See, this is just dumb and a kick in the nads for solo play. I sure as hell never asked for this. All RJ needed was some refining/expanding of what was already there. The more I hear about what's to come the more I wish they never bothered. For every little improvement they've made there's an even bigger negative being added. Definitely not looking forward to this hitting consoles in another month or however long it takes.
  4. Dunno, I never had issues getting enough. Only had a few as bounty rewards, most were simply found floating around in the vaults themselves. Definitely keep an eye peeled, strong chance you've just missed a bunch that would have been easy to grab. Booster helps too, ofc.
  5. Don't disagree on the identity thing. That being said it is a thing I don't see changing any time soon, if at all. Tbh it feels more like a balance bandaid than anything else so DE doesn't have to fuss as much over frames with just plain bad abilities. Still thought it worth mention, though as you said prob a better discussion to be had on it's own.
  6. He's ok, rough and a bit janky but ok. Personally not a fan of the imbuing of elements as with my control scheme it's just annoyingly cumbersome on a controller. Also dislike that he's basically an anti-Helminth frame. Can't really swap any part of his kit out without sizeable repercussions and VR isn't a great ability on other frames. Shame but I don't see myself ever touching him again without a heavy redesign.
  7. So pretty much worthless it would seem. I'd say I'm shocked but I honestly don't find it too surprising, sadly. Oberon being moved to RJ is also assinine. Harder to obtain for new players. Reg Ash is fine though, manic farming isn't fun at all. Athodai...part of me says yay (I can get it now) and part of me says nay (Spectra V farm says hello, I suck). Oh well, like the rest of the RJ changes it's 2 steps forward and 5 steps back...business as usual :/
  8. Can't speak to Steel Path as I've not used mine there but I find my current build (HS, BD, LT, Carnis, Frostbite, PP, Scorch and a SC/Elec riv with PPAM for Exilus) does well enough vs Corrupted 175s in the Sim. Ideally I'd like better rolls for my riv as that elec is kinda annoying working a build around. I've tried different ele combos and they all perform more or less the same for what I can fit with only a 5 forma build. Current one with the vir/rad only just slighly edges out the others in terms of ammo economy. Dunno, it's really a tough call. That said it is a very fun weapon though I s
  9. Free is still free and a far cry better than the zero slots given out prior to NW's introduction.
  10. I find Glaive P with your typical heavy attack build works pretty well. You can pretty much do the same with most top end glaives minus the ridiculous slash procs the Glaive P puts out.
  11. You're wishing on a monkey's paw I'm afraid. Were this suggestion taken into consideration the likely outcome we'd end up with is the reverse with melee needing ammo of some form. Pardon my jest and cynicism but I can't help it sometimes :/
  12. Yes, the issue being if a prime frame is permanently available then the noggle will be unavailable since it'll never have a purchasable pack anymore via unvaulting...same for the glyphs. Accessories can still be released as is but they've always been tied to their specific frames in the past with unvaultings.
  13. For that particular one, yes. Would be the same in regards to the Mutalist variant as well. You'd need a normal Cernos riv to be able to use it on the Prime that you have.
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