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  1. Wouldn't have thought it would be a hard fix either
  2. Nothing in mine or partners inventories, as no rush repair drones refunded, no boosters, no legendary core added, no ticor plate or anything.
  3. Clan leader here with fully maxed railjack, reactors, shield arrays and engines of every house built and maxed out. My partner who is the same got no inbox message and nothing in her inventory. I got the dojo statue only.
  4. Will there be fixes for nightwave challenges being automatically completed? I couldn't do any last week, and haven't dared log off today just in case they are taken from me again.
  5. New week, logged in today. All challenges and dailies complete. Logged out and logged in three times, currently attempting my fourth. Seriously what is the point of playing when your nightwave is taken from you? Why is this still not addressed after well over a month!?
  6. Still experiencing issues, as are my clanmates. Luckily we finished nightwave, ie. rank 30. Regardless shouldn't login to find challenges done, and we've given up on dailies because there is no point. Whatever the issue is, it definitely needs fixing by no later than the next nightwave.
  7. Just commented on the main nightwave post, hoping to get some response. At this point though I doubt it.
  8. And it's still buggy! I also noticed no-one ever responded to the multiple bug reports over the feed the beast challenge. FYI I found out the only way to complete that was to do a mission after feeding it. Back on point though, are we going to get response as to any nightwave issues players are facing, especially automatically completed challenges with no standing rewarded? I myself have lost out on daily standing, and my partner has had to do a challenge twice, and my clan mate has lost out on his collect rare mods this week as it was complete upon login. Unless we're somehow messing wit
  9. So we're all doing something wrong? With a system we have no control over? Not accepting that.
  10. Got reports from a clan member last night that upon logging in for the first time this week that his collect 8 rare mods was listed as completed, and he had done a vallis bounty as well as a simaris scan, which he obviously had not done. He has not received 4500 points for this challenge and is understandably frustrated. Are these issues at least being looked into DE?
  11. Update: just logged in to find the daily challenges available to do, even though they weren't there on either of my two previous logins earlier today.
  12. Just want to add my two cents. I logged in today and yesterdays electrical kills and todays open 20 lockers are complete and I haven't even done a mission! Checked with my partners account who has also done nightwave up to date, and she is rank 17 + 1000 and I'm 16 + 9000, so I haven't been credited the points either. I know I will likely complete nightwave long before it is complete, but not being able to do the challenges and others get ahead? That isn't funny.
  13. Whilst I like my railjack glyph, must admit my clan logo would be nice. My only issue with this idea is that as the clan logo is uploaded as a small image, I think blowing it up on the side of the railjack won't do it justice. So why not both? You can have sigils on your frame and still wear your clan emblem on your shoulders with pride, so why not make the railjack like a military jet? On fighter aircraft you have a logo to represent the pilot callsign, ie. glyph of your choosing like now, and you also have markings for which squadron and country that plane is allied to. So why not
  14. I meant Icouldn't attach directly, I'm sorry that wasn't clear in my original post. I wasn't trying to 'pretend' I couldn't do it, I was posting at 10 minutes past midnight about to go to bed and wanted to post about the bug as quickly as possible, without providing an immediate and you as yourself described an unnecessary screenshot. So my apologies if my lack of specification or clarification didn't meet your high technicality standards. Sincerely, a tired out father.
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