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  1. You'll need to wait for the next mainline update for it to be put in game if it meets the criteria. When it's processed you'll receive an inbox message telling you it's coming. It took about a month for ours I think, so just be patient.
  2. My partner did. I managed to get around it for her by changing one thing at a time, like one colour and going in/out. Stupid and unnecessary but it worked.
  3. What happened to the mastery symbols, and the mastery rank sigil? I just have a box on the front of my inaros now. Also why am I seeing kitguns unmastered under primary in my mastery progress? Do primary kitguns grant mastery or is this a UI bug? I have mastered the kitguns only when they were secondaries.
  4. Well that's a underwhelming week of drops besides Thursday....
  5. Well I have farmed pretty much all the frames again, but I like this study idea.
  6. Yes. Provide as much information as you can, screenshots where possible. If you took part in tenno trivia mention that too, as that would prove you were not only watching but were logged into twitch.
  7. If you still haven't got things in your inventory, update the ticket saying that even though the script has run you still don't have your items. If you can send screenshots of the inbox messages for received twitch drops before and after tennocon that will also help. If you also participated in tenno trivia mention that and your twitch name, and that will prove that you were watching and logged into twitch. In short don't spam tickets for the same issue, just provide more evidence to the ticket you have already submitted.
  8. Remember to check your inventory/arsenal, it won't pop up as an inbox message. If still nothing then you'll need to submit a ticket via the warframe support page.
  9. Have you both checked your inventory/arsenal? It wouldn't come as an inbox message.
  10. Can confirm my clan just all received Hydroid prime.....and for some reason a second athodai? On behalf of my clan we're grateful that you have resolved this issue, but we hope and implore that you can resolve this issue for those who could not login and did in fact watch twitch, and those still going without.
  11. He was watching me!? That's more stalker like than the stalker 🤣
  12. I'd advise putting your posts into the main thread, better visibility for DE. The link is in my last post.
  13. I'm actually surprised the deadlock protocol doesn't come after the sacrifice lore wise, as parvos mentions the impending threat from tau.
  14. And with them giving khora parts built out on streams this week, who knows they might give harrow parts next week 😂
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