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  1. As one Chinese inspired warframe adjustments/skin moves out (soon? Nezha) could we have mention of the other? (Wukong) :D.
  2. I was all getting excited to post my idea about reintroducing Nezha's sash (Armillary Sash from lore*) but not sure I even care to post a thread on it now, these changes all sound great and solve all the concerns I had with him. SO I guess I'm actually sure, I'm satisfied lol. Small question on Pyroclastic Flow (fire walker Augment), because fire walker is now a duration based spell (and one could boost that duration with mods) will there be a way to end fire walker prematurely if one desired to trigger the flow now rather than perhaps much (lol) later? I guess similarly (augment issues) I assume the chakram augment will drop more orbs rather than heal more or something like that. Not really in the cards of a rework but for divine spears an augment that may be interesting is for each enemy that dies a new spear is called forth (using remaining duration of the ability itself for spear life). Anyway, enjoyed reading 😄 Finally an aside, please send Wukong love ... ❤️. *Could still make a Syndana inspired from Nezha's Sash though~!
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