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  1. I just wanted to ask why is there only 60 ranks for Nightwave? I still had more challenges and a few keys for the assassination mission, now it just sits at 10000/10000 and the rest of the standing is going to waste. Could the next episode have a bit more ranks over 60?
  2. Please can you increase the Raptor Sx spawn rate on Fortuna, for a bit better pigment farm?
  3. Just an update on the farm. Tried again everything, even thermia fractures and nothing, 2 raptors spawned during the fracture selling with the max alarm and then nothing 0 pigments. Even in the temple of profit nothing, 1 or 2, 3 or 4 if we are lucky, spawn at some point and then they just stop spawning. I don't know if the spawn is bugged or something, but I remember seeing more raptors before, now its just horrible to farm it, barely any spawn. I saw more Jackals then raptors. Dargyn pilot pigments were done in just a few days with both boosters. Please someone forward this to DE, its honestly a nightmare to farm it. At least a better spawn rate for them on the max alarm would be super helpful. Cheers!
  4. Can you add the little text box in the Clan UI just like with the friends UI, so that people can put a little message if they will be off for a while so that the Clan staff can know and not kick people before they come back?
  5. When will we get to see/play the third Orb fight on Vallis?
  6. Agreed. I just hope this gets some attention because it does feel unbalanced. Same thing is with the clan I'm in, maybe 5 people farm the pigments, and the raptor one is a pain. I can forgive the 20% drop chance for 5 pigments, but the spawn rate is terrible, rarely any raptors spawn while farming. And I thought Dargyn pilots were a pain, but this is on a whole new level hard
  7. After a few days of farming and trying every trick in the book, the raptors just spawn terribly, sometimes they just stop spawning after a certain point. Ok, the 20% chance (which I think its lower) for 5 pigments isn't terrible, the Dargyn pilots were the same, but at least consistent. So the problem with the raptors is the spawn rate, its just awful, after farming them in the temple of profit for the past few days, because its the best spot for now, and with a resource and resource drop booster I got a bit over a 100 pigments. So I hope the spawn gets better because this is torture or at least to put it on 50% because of the spawn, or if someone has a better way to farm the pigments please tell me the trick. Cheers!
  8. The Boss fight is awesome! And one question. What's going on with the third Orb on Fortuna? Will it come this year or its a work in progress still?
  9. Its not important how long clans are in the game and what one clan has and the other clans don't, the point is that we need raids back and clan events, I don't care if we are 1st or a 1000th clan on the leaderboard we just need something to play while we wait for upcoming updates of the game.
  10. I hope all of those statues don't give us xp in the future, and I hope clan events get available for all dojos, its not fair for many dojos not being able to play them, no wonder its a bit dead with events, because we don't have clan events. I hope LOR gets back, that was nice to play, even if I did it once, it was still nice. And a nice change would be to have some operator events, like mini missions that we can only do with the operator.
  11. Still wont play it, its boring. The better use of arbitration would be that all missions on the star chart start from lvl 150 (mostly survival and def) so that we skip the awfully boring 1h grind before we get there. If you ask me arbitration was a waste of time and that time would have been better used to implement this and to fix the pvp part of the game, its boring as watching paint dry, no wonder no one plays it, a better use of more open maps would probably make the pvp part more playable and more attractive, hopefully this gets a bit of attention, because it needs to
  12. Someone probably reported this, but I will also report it. So there are 3 bugs I noticed in the past few days while decorating in the dojo.. 1. The annoying bug while rotating stuff, when I rotate the peace to the desired degree it moves slightly to the left or right (or up or down) and isn't parallel with the axis anymore, and when I try to move an old decoration it also goes ballistic and gets offset from the axis (was here for a while, and its super annoying. Time to fix this) 2. Sometimes the decorations freeze and act like its not there, you cant interact with it, and then I need to place a new decoration in order to unfreeze it and move it. Also if I try to move old decorations while this bug is active, I cant, I can just click on them and they also get frozen. 3. Newest one. The scaling also gets bugged sometimes and moving the decoration also gets bugged, like you can scale it once and then it freezes and you cant scale it anymore, you have to either use the free scaling with the letter R or just re-enter the decoration mode (doesn't always work, the decoration stays frozen sometimes) also goes with moving decoration pieces, you click on it and it just floats in the air and doesn't do anything. Hope this will get fixed soon, especially the first one because its been here for a while and its starting to be annoying. Cheers
  13. Its good, and I really like the Shawzin. But can you add like a bass effect to it, and maybe one more sting to it? And another awesome thing would be to have drums as well, It can have great potential for some dope contests with instruments
  14. When will we be able to play as Space Uncle (Stalker)?
  15. It is. if we can blast enemies with guns with 150% cc, why cant we have a melee with at least a descent 60% cc without blood rush (or a riven)? Don't get me wrong, melee weapons are strong, but not even close to guns, and they need a bit of a boost. Or maybe it will come with melee 3.0, I hope it does because some melee are inferior to guns and need a bit of a rework or a boost.
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