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  1. Can you please change the forma challenge for Nightwave? Like instead of to use 3 forma to use 1? Please consider to change this, thank you.
  2. I can see so many nerfs coming up after the contest xD
  3. Just saying, it could be fun, but also there can be some tweaks just so its not op when shooting beyond the rift, like secondary fire to be like a shotgun because of the range and not to be too op of a gun. Just and idea, it can always be made to have some restrictions so that its not misused
  4. Just a random idea that came to me while playing. What if Limbo got a custom primary weapon? Here's how it works. The gun has primary and secondary fire, primary fire works like every other weapon (full auto) but the secondary doesn't, it can fire beyond the rift (while cataclysm is active), basically the opposite function of Limbos cataclysm, you can shoot enemies beyond the rift, but here is the catch, you cant shoot enemies with secondary fire that get caught in the rift, only the ones that aren't caught by the rift, and if there is no cataclysm you don't do damage to enemies with the secondary fire (doesn't work if Limbo is in the rift by pressing shift, only if there is cataclysm), also secondary fire is semi. This is just an idea that came to me, thought I post it here and see what people think about it, could be a fun change to the game... maybe :D Cheers
  5. @[DE]Megan Will nitain extract be more simple to farm or at least to be able to be farmed from other sources other then the ghouls? To wait for in Nightwave is annoying. I don't think its fair to new players to wait for Nightwave and the ghouls just to be able to farm nitain. Please make it a drop from other missions or to be able to farm it more efficiently. Thank you
  6. @[DE]Rebecca Please bring back quick melee. The new melee system is great, but quick melee was the backbone of the whole melee system, just a simple button for quick melee would be enough, pls consider bringing quick melee back. Thank you
  7. Who ever wins the Dojo contest, I congratulate you 🙂 There were a lot of dope dojos
  8. When is Nyx Delux coming out? Will it be this week or next?
  9. Any plans for making new zaw types? Will zaws ever be able to use skins? Are you planning on bringing back Quick Melee?
  10. Clan name: KINGDOM OF EARTH Clan tier: Mountain Clan (Rank 10) Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Architect Feature image: https://imgur.com/KJtVI63 Feature images:https://imgur.com/a/JLCma6w The Dojo theme is based and inspired from random cool things. All of the Dojo is well decorated and nothing of that would have been possible without the help of every clan member and their plastids and polymer bundle. There is also a description of every room in the images.
  11. @[DE]Megan Tecton Sparring Skin is broken on Prisma Obex, there are no crystals when the skin is applied. Pls fix this. Thank you
  12. Any information or updates about new Zaw types on Cetus (like dual swords, nunchucks, sword and shield, whips. etc...)? How is Atlas Delux coming along? Will there be an Orokin open world? And if so, can it be on Lua? Can someone make an alternative helmet for Limbo, to match the Delux skin a bit more nicely?
  13. @[DE]Megan Please fix the Day Trader challenge fin Nightwave. Thank you
  14. I know it needs to change, and I am not against that, but we need at least a button for quick melee, its super important for speed runs. And I understand both sides, but there can always be a compromise. All they have to do is put a button only for quick melee and leave the rest as it is
  15. I mean the new melee system is fun, but, some melee weapons cant be used for speed runs now because of how the stances work, and when attacking it slows you down. So that is why the stances need to be changed, to keep the momentum going and not slowing us down in a speed run
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