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  1. That's not a bug, its the perfect hide and seek hiding spot 😄
  2. Its not the combo thing, its the fact that you wont go out to melee bash enemies when you are camping on lvl 300+ just so you can get 120 seconds for the disc, you want to stay in cover and just throw the disc and shoot, that's the problem with the disc now. And I didn't say to lose the combo thing, it can (will) stay, but the base timer should be 50 seconds on the first throw without a combo counter just like before. It was a nice weapon for camping in survival. Solo non camper players wont understand how zenistar was practical for a team/solo camping survival chill gameplay, not to mention to keep all of the loot and mini life support in one place so that you don't run around the map to grab them.
  3. And Zenistar disc timer fix like it was before?
  4. Primed chamber isnt that special, its just a flex mod, and it should be at Baro and I think DE made the right decision by adding it to Baro' stock, and no it shouldnt be a reward to top 10 or top 100 people, no one cares about the stupid leaderboards only the ones that like to flex and dont have a life care about the useless leaderboards. And the community should stop complaining about the stupid mod, its just a mod, simple as that. And people who bought the mod before Baro brought it, its their fault for being stupid and buying it in the first place.
  5. So an idea came to me, why not make those specters in the orokin lab spawn on the railjack when the command tree comes, or to make them a utility for boarding parties. They are sitting there in the lab and are useless, would be great if we could research them and deploy them in railjack missions
  6. How about some new dojo decorations? Like trees, vines (from the earth tile set), some water decorations without any obstruction on the edges (just a simple cube of water with fishes), some live animals…? News about the third Orb on Fortuna?
  7. And we need buffs for the lame weapons, some are just other garbage
  8. If DE keeps nerfing everything, then what is the point of endgame? Might as well cap off everything at level 150 and be done with it
  9. If DE nerfes the riven for it, then I don't care about that, as long as they don't nerf the actual gun it self. The gun works fine without a riven, and once people see that, they jack up the price of the rivens, so its partly the players fault on one hand for nerfs. But as I said, as long as the gun it self doesn't get nerfed, it will be ok, as for the riven, that I don't care if it gets nerfed
  10. Same old story. DE gives us something fun then nerfs it. I say we start using kuva kraken so that it gets nerfed
  11. That is why we need him back. Not only was it endgame and fun, but you had to put some effort to kill him, especially when levelling up
  12. That would be a good idea. Killing grineer to make him come after us
  13. I know, and that is kind of boring. It would be nice if he would hunt us, and just pops out of nowhere, or even have and event for him when he would hunt us, like every other month he starts spawning or something. And I think the 50 creds could be used on something better then a beacon. As I said, it would make a nice feature
  14. I don't know about the rest of you, but I shore as hell miss the Wolf. It would be great if he spawned in missions like the rest of the assassins. Since there are kuva larvling, why not have it that when we kill 5 consecutive larvlings we get his mark and then he hunts us. Would be a nice little feature to have, so that we don't have to spend nightwave creds for the beacon
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