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  1. True, forgot about that augment. But still, it wouldn't hurt to get both mods.
  2. Loki and Limbo actually would benefit from it a lot, especially limbo if you are going for a max cataclysm duration build, which is kind of handy for excavation missions to cover the whole duration of the excavator while it is digging, it is a bit off for 5 seconds to fully cover the excavator. But, who knows, maybe there will be more duration based frames in the future that could benefit from that extra 15% duration. And it really wouldn't hurt to get a new drift mod, duration (and maybe efficiency), even if not many people would use it (or would), it will still complete the collection. And honestly, it is not like we will get something super OP that would hurt the balance of something
  3. It doesn't have to be a drift mod, it can be called something else and it can drop from somewhere else. Plus it wouldn't hurt to have a bit of extra duration, even though it will be 3-5 seconds, and like someone said it can be useful for someone who wants a full duration build. Now that you mentioned it, we don't have an efficiency drift mod neither, now that could be useful. However, if DE wants to make a new drift mod and implement it in the game, it would be super nice.
  4. This mod would be a nice addition to drift mods, maybe a new puzzle on Lua or it can drop from Lua spy mission or maybe in Lua disruption mission. Maybe +12% or +15% ability duration and maybe +15% magazine capacity (when the mod is maxed)?
  5. Yup, everything is broken. Like always, nothing goes as planed :D PS: Even the official Warframe site is down
  6. Maybe an increase of drop % wouldn't hurt either
  7. At least you could have made it 90% so that it's a sweet spot between the old 60% and newer 120%. And because, lets be honest, hordes of enemies attack us (survival, disruption, defence...) so we will use melee anyway to dispatch them quickly or a radial primary or secondary, or a cc warframe. Please consider making it 90%, the mod looks nicer with 90%. Also please give Lenz and Kuva Bramma 10 arrows magazine capacity at least, if you want us to use guns more.
  8. That thing was a fail from the start, not only was it (is) a waste of time and resources, and just because it's simple it's stupid and boring, they would have been better of putting the lore on the wiki how badly this was made. DE could have done a better job of just making a mini quest or a cutscene or anything better in fact than what there is now. In the future for new warframes the card should be obtained just like with Sevagoth, via the quest. This is a sci fi, action, role playing game, not a fairy tale, plus it would be more beneficial for the games image to have a quest and not a fairy tale.
  9. New Syndicate weapons and maybe a new Syndicate as well? New Zaw types on Cetus (dual swords, whips, two-handed nikana, blade & whip, nunchucks etc)? Third Orb on Orb Vallis, any info to share whit us? 6th Operator School, Penjaga, any plans to make it?
  10. I was kind of hoping for Fusilai Prime to come with Gara Prime as well, to be a full package deal with her signature weapons.
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