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  1. Clan name : SATANS KAT Clan tier : Ghost Clan platform : PC Your Clan role : Founding Warlord Feature image Feature images (Album) https://imgur.com/a/t67CJhw
  2. What I would like to see is having an automated turret system in the command tree so they can deal with pesky ramsleds, which I think will be added but the crew will have to man the guns, if its not being considered, hope you add it. Giving us more Omni juice, the "Revo Reducer" avionic doesn't seem to work, at all, its like it consumes 40% more instead of reducing consumption. Give us something big to blow up with the Railjack, not just some foot work on a galleon. Give us maybe an opportunity to blow up a Grineer/Corpus planet, just for fun. Put in scenes where the galleons hit t
  3. Finally she may be useful after all this time...
  4. Update: Finally got a lotus pattern kubrow, took well over 50 eggs to get one. Rng was not on my side this time, or maybe it was the 2020 kubrow batch
  5. Nah, but I wish we did. Would make a nice piece for the orbiter
  6. I am not ok that the "Transmutation probe decoration" is obtainable via the Lavos collection only. Please make it a separate piece that we can buy with platinum
  7. Honestly, I really wanted a Cookie Jar decoration for my orbiter to be the drop on the DevStream.
  8. It does. Was it a random incubation? You didn't combine a lotus imprint that you had already with another imprint?
  9. I hatched 2 more eggs since, and nothing, 2 striped in a row . I will hatch more eggs, but this is ridiculous, never have I had this much trouble getting a lotus kubrow from a random incubation. I will continue making them, but if after 30 more eggs I get 0 lotus kubrows, than it is most likely a bug.
  10. We have Steel Path now. Double the armour, double the fun for you now
  11. I have spent over 40 Kubrow eggs, 1 every 24 hours, and not a single Lotus pattern Kubrow was made. Usually it takes me 5-20 eggs max for one to drop, I don't know if this is a bug or it got removed, but I only got Patchy, Striped and a few Domino pattern ones from these 40+ eggs. Anyone else who breeds Kubrows noticed this as well or is it just the 2020 Kubrow batch for me? Also I got a Lotus pattern one before, and I think something is wrong. It would be nice if someone can confirm if they got a Lotus pattern Kubrow since the Deimos update.
  12. So I noticed a repeating pattern about this, over 10 times (then I stopped counting) the whole UI got bugged out and you cant do anything aside pressing escape and then exit game, because someone pressed repeat mission while I was loading into my orbiter and then the whole UI disappears and you cant interact with anything other then the menu when you press escape, and only when you press escape and exit the game then return back everything is back to normal. Going to the dojo doesn't fix the problem either. So this is a bug that needs to be addressed soon or just to remove the repeat mission b
  13. No its not granting additional slots or anything, its more of a convenient way of making sure that you lock in the elemental types that you want for that weapon. A perfect example is Ninkondi, it has base electricity damage, and you want to make a corrosive combination with heat along side it (for example), so the problem is if you put a toxin and a heat mod in your build, you wont get corrosive and heat combo, you will get gas and electricity instead of what you wanted, which is annoying since you cant lock in one elemental combination so it doesn't get ruined if you add other elemental mods
  14. Ok, think of it like this. We have 2 little selection windows below or on the side where the mods are put in, we select lets say viral to be a first fixed elemental damage combination in the first window, then we have a second window that shows us what combinations are allowed to be put next with viral (radiation, heat, electricity) and of course the selection depends on what mods we put in and if the weapon already has an elemental damage without any other mods. In other words, nice little UI windows that we can interact with and select elemental damage types based on what mods we put in, and
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