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  1. Please, can we get better water decorations for the dojo?
  2. Awesome. Now, can we get better lighting control for the dojo? The lighting in some rooms is just...yuck
  3. I hope Corpus Ice planets will get a rework soon, and then infested corpus ships
  4. Perfect, then you will be ready for the third one :D
  5. Can we please get the third Orb on Fortuna finally, its been almost 2 years?
  6. Kitguns are showing as not mastered yet when I look at my profile, the exp is there though, just a visual bug showing they arent mastered
  7. And how about a bit of a change with the Necramech mod drops and damaged weapon parts? The drops are just horrible
  8. And what about THAUMICA drop rate? I know its a rare ore but its drops once in every 4 years. Can it get an increase in drop rate please?
  9. Can you put SCINTILLANT as an offering somewhere? Its a pain to farm from bounties EDIT: It came to me. Maybe like 25 mother tokens for 1 scintillant?
  10. @[DE]Rebecca Just to make sure, once we implemented an ability to a warframe, it will stay the same level? No need to level it up again? And what about augments, will warframes be able to use augments from other warframes or will it be too OP?
  11. I gave it a like because there was some Limbo love here
  12. That is why I said a long time ago, reduce the enemy amount in missions and just change the the whole mechanic of gameplay and if we weren't so fast and OP then the game would be more enjoyable. I really think its time for Warframe 2
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