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  1. That thing was a fail from the start, not only was it (is) a waste of time and resources, and just because it's simple it's stupid and boring, they would have been better of putting the lore on the wiki how badly this was made. DE could have done a better job of just making a mini quest or a cutscene or anything better in fact than what there is now. In the future for new warframes the card should be obtained just like with Sevagoth, via the quest. This is a sci fi, action, role playing game, not a fairy tale, plus it would be more beneficial for the games image to have a quest and not a fairy
  2. New Syndicate weapons and maybe a new Syndicate as well? New Zaw types on Cetus (dual swords, whips, two-handed nikana, blade & whip, nunchucks etc)? Third Orb on Orb Vallis, any info to share whit us? 6th Operator School, Penjaga, any plans to make it?
  3. I was kind of hoping for Fusilai Prime to come with Gara Prime as well, to be a full package deal with her signature weapons.
  4. Why does Octavia have that "Ram style" helmet? It's nice but it would be better on Oberon
  5. Valkyr Delux? I think she deserves a better skin after all these years.
  6. I would just like to see the Defense mission get replaced with a short disruption mission, to make the Sabotage mission a bit quicker, and that hacking mission (Volatile) to spawn the disrupting drones a bit closer so that they aren't half way to Mars. One more thing, the npc that is repairing the Railjack needs a medal or a 300g Milka chocolate bar, the chap is doing better work than a full human team, Well, that's my feedback
  7. Dope. Now if only we could get some new, better, water decorations. that would be even more dope.
  8. Honestly, I thought Ash and Volt would be in Railjack, or the relics Baro brings at least...
  9. So I noticed a repeating pattern about this, over 10 times (then I stopped counting) the whole UI got bugged out and you cant do anything aside pressing escape and then exit game, because someone pressed repeat mission while I was loading into my orbiter and then the whole UI disappears and you cant interact with anything other then the menu when you press escape, and only when you press escape and exit the game then return back everything is back to normal. Going to the dojo doesn't fix the problem either. So this is a bug that needs to be addressed soon or just to remove the repeat mission b
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