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  1. I ask the same question. It is probably a CSGO or a R6S veteran that barely plays Warframe and call them selves Warframe vets. That is the only explanation I have for the stupid mods that we have 😄
  2. Remove railjack,nightwave and archwing and never to be seen again More umbra forma farm locations To get nitain extract as an alert again instead of being in nighwave DE to listen to the community more often
  3. Its not the point if we will do it or not, its about the super bad system with kuva Liches and that the grind is super bad, even with the updates and fixes towards it. If it was done better, then the community wouldn't complain about it and try to tell DE that the system is awful and should do something about it even more. And I dont even want to start with the lvl 40 weapons, 80 formas down the toilet, someone could have made a fully functional dojo with that amount of formas spent on the weapons, which some dont even deserve 1 forma on it.
  4. Please, enough with the Kuva Liches, at least in nightwave
  5. Any news/updates/plans for the 3rd Orb on Vallis?
  6. Too bad mate, but Warframe needs a makeover, the gameplay style is just old. Maybe with time DE will make a nice scale for enemies after lvl 200 or a seperate scale for them when they reach that level, probably will happen in 2035. And the other thing is we are overpowered anyway so lvl 100 or 9999 doesnt matter honestly, we need a different approach for gameplay, to make it fun at lvl 100 and not just to waste half of the day to reach lvl 9999. And maybe thats the problem with this game, that its just too fast, if we had fewer enemies and the gameplay was a bit normal speed, it could be more fun
  7. Can confirm the bug, Most of the missing avionics are Zetki, and they were all maxed, if that helps with the search what happened to them. EDIT: And it seems all the maxed and equipped zetki avionics were scrapped for dirac
  8. Hopefully this will be done properly. Since the release of Railjack there wasn't a lot of thought about it and how boring the grind was. And hopefully the Affinity booster will work properly as well, and not just give us 3 extra intrinsics. And also I hope Railjack will be more solo player friendly after the revisit because not a lot of people will play once they gotten everything, aside from helping their friends... maybe
  9. YEE HAW! Are you happy red text now?
  10. Why were Zaw rivens nerfed? I can understand 2 or 3 being nerfed, but come on, haven't they ben nerfed enough already? And how about some new Zaw types, Cetus has ben lazy for the past year and a half
  11. I have my energy and emissive colors on black and its red/orange when hysteria is activated, and Im running the game on max settings. Maybe something is broken in game, but the red color is hard on the eyes, and if it is broken, hopefully a fix will come about that. And I do remember way back when I played with her, the color was always red/orange for her hysteria
  12. Just a small request for Valkyr change about the color for her Hysteria ability. Maybe the energy color in appearance to effect it. I honestly find the red/orange color hard for the eyes, especially at night
  13. 1. Nezha Empyrean Skin 2. Nova Atomica Skin 3. Nyx Pasithea Skin
  14. So I saw this thing on the internet, and said why not make this a new melee weapon type, we already have gunblades so why not make a gunchucks style one, could be fun
  15. Just no more Kuva variants, enough is enough, way too many formas have been slaughtered
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