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  1. Would be amazing if we could get a "Skip a Lich" 1 time per week. I have been after a kuva kohm for a few weeks and feeling the burn.
  2. Kuva Flood still not giving a relic each time. Also, one of my lich took like 2 hours to spawn. Kuva Lich mission type is incorrect on Lua. 1 mission said it was exterminate twice, but was rescue twice
  3. I dont know if it was brought to the attention of DE, but players are avoiding their kuva lich in mission preventing possible spawning of other player's kuva lich and it annoying and frustrating that I would even just flat out leave the mission. Please implement a work around for this. Despite what i said earlier, I feel that the players are more divided from each other in lich missions. Can you guys bunch up the mission queues that are on "like" tile sets?
  4. Sorry if someone else had asked these in the past. -Will we see a more regular development time table for more story? -More weapons in the grineer/infested arsenal we can make? Corpus has so many in comparison. -in lua of space fighting, archwing will be used more possibly, so maybe remake current archwing mission to ease those that have a tougher time with it and transition it, somehow, to the big update that might be coming out at the end of this year. Like, I dont know, maybe a new archwing mission, "Hijack the Railjack," intro and permanent mission as an addition. -Along with the thought of more regular development for story, I really want to see more experimenting from you guys like what you guys did with the Harrow quest. Something more like that and/or mix it up. Maybe adapt the original idea that came before Warframe, that sci-fi horror metalgear entity. Show us that creativity you guys can do. There isn't many games I play or look forward to anymore for many years, the game industry has been a cold barren wasteland of things not worth my money or time even if games were to be given to me for free. Please, explore more in the "more." -Something more for vets in the end-game section?
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