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  1. I'm willing to bet that the reason why you can't get that palette anymore is because DE got requests from other people across the world who wanted their flag's colors and a goofy item description to be thrown in the game too. There are like 190-something countries, so DE probably decided it was a very redundant waste of resources (which it is) to make dozens of 90-hue color palettes for every nation on top of the Warframe and commercially themed color palettes that they were going to/have made. If DE kept just recirculating only one or two nationality-themed palettes then we'd have an ongoing dispute over favoritism towards some countries but not others. If you want to feel like you're repping the US or any country for that matter, I HIGHLY recommend creating a clan and making the clan's emblem be the flag you want to fly. That would look much cooler than just tinting your Warframe imo
  2. Since melee channel is now a dedicated toggle, we need to add animations and/or sound cues and/or UI to better distinguish between the channeling state while warframes are in a stealthed state.
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