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  1. I am becoming increasingly irritated by the way while playing melee, I keep finding myself standing with my gun in my hand. previously when playing with a melee weapon, press F to select, and that's it, melee all day. Now it's impossible to stay like this, when jumping, rolling, all sorts of actions, re-equip your rifle/whatever. This isn't 'flow', it's the opposite, it's breaking up actions with intrusions.
  2. Ok, you have fixed amalgam mods being linkable in chat, but have you fixed the issue where the only reason to link them is to say, 'look at this S#&$'. After a day of playing new content, my biggest concern isn't what to do, or how, but how the hell can I get the credits and endo back that I wasted maxing out the first 2 amalgam mods I earned. Please tell me.
  3. Just noticed this 'You are now able to extract from Survival, Excavation, and Defection missions independent of your squad.', which may be the single best thing in the whole update, ty, at last.
  4. Stay Frosty was not impossible, I got it, though I didn.t know till I checked after this fix what it was for.
  5. Levelling K drives is just insanely frustrating, why do you earn so little xp? Please rethink this, I really can't imagine I would ever have the heart to forma one, or indeed build and level another one. K Drives are fun, but the levelling is quite the opposite,
  6. So, it's POE all over again, just a reskin. Same obnoxious grind system, which I'm pretty sure you claimed to have learned not to do again.
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